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I won’t ever do that again…but I probably will

July 30, 2009

Guys have been known to do pretty stupid things for girls.

In fact, I in particular have done some way out there things for girls, so much so that people just shake there heads whenever I like someone…in the anticipation of “here he goes again”.

It’s not that I do things try and impress someone, far from it. I simply do the things I do because there are just some people I would do anything for without hesitation.

Is that what being whipped means? Surely not… to be whipped I would actually have to be in some sort of relationship that involves seeing someone on a regular basis, handcuffs or at the very least a Facebook relationship status change.

I’ve undoubtedly hardened up in the last few years (2 years), probably to the point of coming across as mean and uncaring. There are those that assume this is a result of a series of (self inflicted?) incidents that happened involving a girl I was madly in love with a few years ago…perhaps they right. Perhaps not.

For the record, nothing ever happened with said girl, and we haven’t spoken in months and months…then the other day I received an accidental email from her…it stung seeing her name show up in my inbox… but instead of me wanting to use it as an excuse to reply back and find out how she was, I wanted to send back a nasty reply…that’s so not me.

In two weeks it’s her birthday…and I’m seriously considering wishing her on the day. There is a bit of history with us and her birthdays, but I’m not the same person I was even a year ago…

If I were to wish her, and she sent something nasty back…would that make me want to retaliate?

If I just ignore it, would I regret it?

I’ve long since given up on love and relationships, and honestly feel there is no need for one in my life anymore…even though I do like certain people, I feel no need to push the matter, or even try and find out if anyone likes me the way I deserve to be liked. (I’m a freakin awesome catch by the way) – even though im lonely as cr@p.

Anyways, the point of this blog is…would you make an effort for someone who has completely abused and rejected anything nice you’ve done for them in the past? And if you would, what kind of person would that make you?

Yours in good faith,
Moral Dilemma in Joburg


Does this offend you yeah?

July 29, 2009

I’ve never been shy to vocalize how much I hate South Africa, and how embarrassing its actually become to live in this cesspool of a country.

One of my major irritations is the lack of responsibility and service delivery that exists here.

Being a major movie/music fanatic, I buy a cr@p load of DVD & CDs, its my life, i love everything about it… the packaging, the booklets, the open of the case, to the actual product itself. I genuinely take pride in my collection…

I also try buying the best edition of the movies I heart that little bit extra. This often means importing a title since the local pressings of everything have become an absolute joke.

However… it doesn’t mean I don’t buy local. I do. A lot…but my frustration with the quality control on releases is reaching boiling point.

After coming across another glaring error on DVD packaging tonight, i decided to go through my 1300+ collection of DVDs to see what errors I could spot.

US/UK/AUS DVDs I found a total of 0(zero) errors.
South African releases….well..after hitting the “15 titles with mistakes” mark I honestly couldn’t continue. Do local distributors have anyone working in some sort of quality control position? or are they constantly on a lunch break…

Here’s some of the highlights of my browsing:

1. Christmas with the Kranks – the back cover lists one of the features is: “Putting up Ligths on….” what are Ligths? A Yiddish method relaxation? ah wait…they meant Lights…yes, that makes more sense.

2. Meet the Parents – the back cover tells me I can look forward to watching trailers for – Wimpledon & Meet the Fokers. Two classics.

3. Quantum of solace – flip over to the credits on the back cover – and we see QOS is actually “The Simpsons Movie” copyright 2007…ah, but surely thats just on the slipcase…no no…on both the slipcase and dvd inlay.

4. The Golden Compass – once again back cover alerts me about the “sneak peaks”…. those sneaky mountains.

5. Homeboy – I was sure this starred Mickey Rourke…but no, luckily the DVD corrects me by letting me know its actually starring Michy Rourke.

6. Homeland Security -a great little movie with Antonio Banderas but apparently on the dvd and backcover its actually going to be called by its other name: My mom’s new boyfriend…

7. Mad dog and Glory – On the back cover it lists the star of the movie as “two time Oscar winner Robearo”….no thats not a Brazilian football player turned movie star -Pele had that covered in Escape to Victory- instead, Robearo is: Robert De Niro ….

There there are a stack load of titles that also have no clue what the running time is…so the just put “xx min” essentially tell us “we’ll be effed if we know how long this movie is, just keep watching till it ends”
This would be ok in some instances…but distributors are now getting into a nasty habit of not putting chapter cuts into the dvds, so even if you push that handy display button on your DVD remote…there is no timer.

I really could wax lyrical about the problems…especially the lazy work that it going on with Box sets….

Again, i’ve been vocal about some of the other problems I’ve had on the likes of Facebook and Twitter… incorrect dvds on the discs….missing content, incorrectly promoted features…

*sigh*…this is just another case of “grin and bare it”…

I really do hate South Africa….passionately…

There is no pride in the quality of our products…so how the eff can our campaign be “Proudly South African”

Is this the day I officially boycott SA products?

Tell me if you’ve come across problems like this…or if I’m just a pedantic SOB.

New Slambang trailer

July 29, 2009

hey gang

here is the latest trailer for SlamBang…due out….one day

Did I ever tell you about…

July 28, 2009

I used to be a pretty patient guy…actually, that’s a huge understatement… I used to be the crown prince of patience. I would rule the kingdom of patience with an iron…yet methodically slow…fist.

I have however also had an annoying tendency to recognize and pick up on people’s habits, quirks and mannerisms.

There used to be such a fine balance between the two…I was aware of everything, but i was also patient enough not let the irritations of people get to me.

Today’s gripe is aimed directly at those who keep repeating the same stories and jokes to me. Constantly. Without fail. almost daily…

Newsflash…I find very few “jokes” funny in life…. i have a very twisted sense of humour, so if I happen to laugh at your bad joke, its not because its funny, its because I’m hoping that’s the last time I’ll ever hear it. This faked laughed should in no way encourage you to make the same joke every single day we bump into each other, and/or if we happen to be in the same place you made the joke the last time.

We’ve all got one of those people in our lives whether its a family member (normally an uncle), a business acquaintance or even the local IT guy…

Now let me point out the difference between a recurring joke that at least 2 people find funny, and a repetitive unfunny joke which is worse than Chinese torture (no offense to the Asians, I happen to be a big fan of yours, especially the food.).

Funny recurring joke: Anything that has a pop culture/film/comedic reference to the current situation you are in. (except Ace Ventura jokes). These jokes are often used to mock a third person who is unaware of being the object of the referral.

Unfunny repetitive joke: nik naks and or celery in the mouth as vampire teeth. “are you watching porn” jokes at work, Swine flu jokes whenever some is feeling sick, and finally…drunken story jokes….they are NEVER even in the slightest way funny to a guy who doesn’t drink.

For the record…I happen to be a very funny guy… I just choose my moments…

Smallville…. now that’s a funny show…

You know what I hate…(the first in a series)

July 27, 2009

and boy is it a long list of things that irritate the absolute cr@p out of me lately…. call it becoming a cranky old man….but i digress. for the sake of this post, I have one particular irritation in mind.

Ever met someone new, and within the first few lines of the conversation, they are already calling you “sweety” and “honey” as if you are old sweethearts of the rodeo.

I barely tolerate it from old “friends” who throw it in conversation every now and again…

But how the hell do you tell someone brand new to kindly refrain from referring to you by anything lovey-dovey when they don’t know you from Joe….(i don’t even know if thats the saying…but still relevant).

No women should ever refer to a guy as anything cutesy ESPECIALLY if they are not in a relationship…

btw…this girl shall be referred to as “New Girl” in all future posts she may appear in… because right now she irritates me too much for me to call her by her actual name….

Yet strangely….when a certain someone else calls me something endearing i begin babbling like Rain Man….

Go figure….

Interview with our director

July 22, 2009

hey SlamBang fans

here’s a cool interview with Mark the director of SlamBang that took place at the festival the movie premiered at, towards the end you’ll get what you’ve been craving for…. some footage of me.

You’re welcome.

Slam-Bang World Premiere tonight!

July 15, 2009

At the beginning of last year, i was fortunate enough to act in a South African movie called Slam-Bang (, and was one of the most enjoyable filming experiences I’ve had thus far…

Today the cast and crew received an email from the producer saying the much delayed movie is finally having its World Premiere tonight at a Canadian Genre festival called Fantasia. If you happen to be a Canuck or just in town…please support our effort

details are here

If you like the movie…spread the word….if you don’t …just pretend there were worse films there please…

Also, i’m one of the four main characters, so i’m highly ticked off I got bumped from the casting credits on the above page for some actor who nobody knows of, and most certainly didn’t deserve top billing over me….That’s Showbiz right?


He’s ba-ack……

July 14, 2009

After the longest bout of writer’s block known to man…I do believe I’ve made a breakthrough…what shall follow….is The Burg unabridged, unashamed and for the sake of another word started with “un”….UNLEASHED.

I consider myself a fair guy, and I will not just use this blog as a forum to strip the idiocracies (i think i made that word up by the way) of life to their core (see the apple above to complete the pun), but  I will also heap praise upon those that deserve it.

My life has become a constant obsession with recognizing the declining stupidity amongst society…and maybe…just maybe…if I can make one person more self aware….it will have been worth it…

I promise to pull no punches, and also to roll with them, so please feel free to feedback as honestly as you want… but be warned… stupidity may result in annihilation.

Have a nice day.

Your friendly neighbourhood Burg