He’s ba-ack……

After the longest bout of writer’s block known to man…I do believe I’ve made a breakthrough…what shall follow….is The Burg unabridged, unashamed and for the sake of another word started with “un”….UNLEASHED.

I consider myself a fair guy, and I will not just use this blog as a forum to strip the idiocracies (i think i made that word up by the way) of life to their core (see the apple above to complete the pun), but  I will also heap praise upon those that deserve it.

My life has become a constant obsession with recognizing the declining stupidity amongst society…and maybe…just maybe…if I can make one person more self aware….it will have been worth it…

I promise to pull no punches, and also to roll with them, so please feel free to feedback as honestly as you want… but be warned… stupidity may result in annihilation.

Have a nice day.

Your friendly neighbourhood Burg


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