You know what I hate…(the first in a series)

and boy is it a long list of things that irritate the absolute cr@p out of me lately…. call it becoming a cranky old man….but i digress. for the sake of this post, I have one particular irritation in mind.

Ever met someone new, and within the first few lines of the conversation, they are already calling you “sweety” and “honey” as if you are old sweethearts of the rodeo.

I barely tolerate it from old “friends” who throw it in conversation every now and again…

But how the hell do you tell someone brand new to kindly refrain from referring to you by anything lovey-dovey when they don’t know you from Joe….(i don’t even know if thats the saying…but still relevant).

No women should ever refer to a guy as anything cutesy ESPECIALLY if they are not in a relationship…

btw…this girl shall be referred to as “New Girl” in all future posts she may appear in… because right now she irritates me too much for me to call her by her actual name….

Yet strangely….when a certain someone else calls me something endearing i begin babbling like Rain Man….

Go figure….


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2 Responses to “You know what I hate…(the first in a series)”

  1. thisishowwedoit Says:

    Does it also stroke ur leg tho. Sometimes it slides up next to me and sweettalks me and squeezes my leg…

  2. Sugafoot Says:

    Hey Cutie 🙂 …. *I think I vommitted in my mouth a little)

    Yeah so I am going to go with the advice that most people will most likely throw rotten vegetables at, I say find out why she feels the need to approach people in that manner, maybe she was cut down previously in some way and she fels she needs to use this approach to get the nescessary attention (or maybe she just has issues like the rest of us 🙂 ) but I would ask her honestly and in a friendly watywhy she speaks to people like that … yes this has to be done right or you may crush her to bits or peeve her off, but I say try help the girl rather and fuel the fire :)….

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