Did I ever tell you about…

I used to be a pretty patient guy…actually, that’s a huge understatement… I used to be the crown prince of patience. I would rule the kingdom of patience with an iron…yet methodically slow…fist.

I have however also had an annoying tendency to recognize and pick up on people’s habits, quirks and mannerisms.

There used to be such a fine balance between the two…I was aware of everything, but i was also patient enough not let the irritations of people get to me.

Today’s gripe is aimed directly at those who keep repeating the same stories and jokes to me. Constantly. Without fail. almost daily…

Newsflash…I find very few “jokes” funny in life…. i have a very twisted sense of humour, so if I happen to laugh at your bad joke, its not because its funny, its because I’m hoping that’s the last time I’ll ever hear it. This faked laughed should in no way encourage you to make the same joke every single day we bump into each other, and/or if we happen to be in the same place you made the joke the last time.

We’ve all got one of those people in our lives whether its a family member (normally an uncle), a business acquaintance or even the local IT guy…

Now let me point out the difference between a recurring joke that at least 2 people find funny, and a repetitive unfunny joke which is worse than Chinese torture (no offense to the Asians, I happen to be a big fan of yours, especially the food.).

Funny recurring joke: Anything that has a pop culture/film/comedic reference to the current situation you are in. (except Ace Ventura jokes). These jokes are often used to mock a third person who is unaware of being the object of the referral.

Unfunny repetitive joke: nik naks and or celery in the mouth as vampire teeth. “are you watching porn” jokes at work, Swine flu jokes whenever some is feeling sick, and finally…drunken story jokes….they are NEVER even in the slightest way funny to a guy who doesn’t drink.

For the record…I happen to be a very funny guy… I just choose my moments…

Smallville…. now that’s a funny show…


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2 Responses to “Did I ever tell you about…”

  1. Brett Schewitz Says:

    funnily enough, the vampire teeth joke IS an Ace Ventura joke (“do i have something in my teeth?”)

  2. Burgsworld: The Essential Collection – Part 1: Rants & Opinions « Burgs World – A guide to cutting through the stupidity of life Says:

    […] Did I ever tell you about… Ever heard the same story one too many times? I have… […]

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