Does this offend you yeah?

I’ve never been shy to vocalize how much I hate South Africa, and how embarrassing its actually become to live in this cesspool of a country.

One of my major irritations is the lack of responsibility and service delivery that exists here.

Being a major movie/music fanatic, I buy a cr@p load of DVD & CDs, its my life, i love everything about it… the packaging, the booklets, the open of the case, to the actual product itself. I genuinely take pride in my collection…

I also try buying the best edition of the movies I heart that little bit extra. This often means importing a title since the local pressings of everything have become an absolute joke.

However… it doesn’t mean I don’t buy local. I do. A lot…but my frustration with the quality control on releases is reaching boiling point.

After coming across another glaring error on DVD packaging tonight, i decided to go through my 1300+ collection of DVDs to see what errors I could spot.

US/UK/AUS DVDs I found a total of 0(zero) errors.
South African releases….well..after hitting the “15 titles with mistakes” mark I honestly couldn’t continue. Do local distributors have anyone working in some sort of quality control position? or are they constantly on a lunch break…

Here’s some of the highlights of my browsing:

1. Christmas with the Kranks – the back cover lists one of the features is: “Putting up Ligths on….” what are Ligths? A Yiddish method relaxation? ah wait…they meant Lights…yes, that makes more sense.

2. Meet the Parents – the back cover tells me I can look forward to watching trailers for – Wimpledon & Meet the Fokers. Two classics.

3. Quantum of solace – flip over to the credits on the back cover – and we see QOS is actually “The Simpsons Movie” copyright 2007…ah, but surely thats just on the slipcase…no no…on both the slipcase and dvd inlay.

4. The Golden Compass – once again back cover alerts me about the “sneak peaks”…. those sneaky mountains.

5. Homeboy – I was sure this starred Mickey Rourke…but no, luckily the DVD corrects me by letting me know its actually starring Michy Rourke.

6. Homeland Security -a great little movie with Antonio Banderas but apparently on the dvd and backcover its actually going to be called by its other name: My mom’s new boyfriend…

7. Mad dog and Glory – On the back cover it lists the star of the movie as “two time Oscar winner Robearo”….no thats not a Brazilian football player turned movie star -Pele had that covered in Escape to Victory- instead, Robearo is: Robert De Niro ….

There there are a stack load of titles that also have no clue what the running time is…so the just put “xx min” essentially tell us “we’ll be effed if we know how long this movie is, just keep watching till it ends”
This would be ok in some instances…but distributors are now getting into a nasty habit of not putting chapter cuts into the dvds, so even if you push that handy display button on your DVD remote…there is no timer.

I really could wax lyrical about the problems…especially the lazy work that it going on with Box sets….

Again, i’ve been vocal about some of the other problems I’ve had on the likes of Facebook and Twitter… incorrect dvds on the discs….missing content, incorrectly promoted features…

*sigh*…this is just another case of “grin and bare it”…

I really do hate South Africa….passionately…

There is no pride in the quality of our products…so how the eff can our campaign be “Proudly South African”

Is this the day I officially boycott SA products?

Tell me if you’ve come across problems like this…or if I’m just a pedantic SOB.


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5 Responses to “Does this offend you yeah?”

  1. Simon Says:

    Dude flippen hells – that is absolutely shocking. I am amazed the movie production company people don’t freak out about it.

  2. Brett Schewitz Says:

    you are a pedantic sob… but so am i. i never bought “Chaplin” cause i’m not a fan of robert cowney jnr. i prefer robert downey jnr.

    ps – it’s grin and BEAR…. unless you’re a flasher.. then it’s grin and bare 😀

  3. Michelle Daniels Says:

    It’s because not enough people complain about the poor quality of how they get assembled. for me its the delivery, they should just hire more people, perfect job creation. all you need is a drivers licence and a sense of direction.

  4. Ann Says:

    Stop buying on Rondebolt and William Nichol

  5. 5 Reasons I hate South Africa & South Africans « Burgs World – A guide to cutting through the stupidity of life Says:

    […] previously blogged about quality control on products in SA , but my hatred for this runs so much deeper than a simple typo on a DVD cover or incorrect […]

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