I won’t ever do that again…but I probably will

Guys have been known to do pretty stupid things for girls.

In fact, I in particular have done some way out there things for girls, so much so that people just shake there heads whenever I like someone…in the anticipation of “here he goes again”.

It’s not that I do things try and impress someone, far from it. I simply do the things I do because there are just some people I would do anything for without hesitation.

Is that what being whipped means? Surely not… to be whipped I would actually have to be in some sort of relationship that involves seeing someone on a regular basis, handcuffs or at the very least a Facebook relationship status change.

I’ve undoubtedly hardened up in the last few years (2 years), probably to the point of coming across as mean and uncaring. There are those that assume this is a result of a series of (self inflicted?) incidents that happened involving a girl I was madly in love with a few years ago…perhaps they right. Perhaps not.

For the record, nothing ever happened with said girl, and we haven’t spoken in months and months…then the other day I received an accidental email from her…it stung seeing her name show up in my inbox… but instead of me wanting to use it as an excuse to reply back and find out how she was, I wanted to send back a nasty reply…that’s so not me.

In two weeks it’s her birthday…and I’m seriously considering wishing her on the day. There is a bit of history with us and her birthdays, but I’m not the same person I was even a year ago…

If I were to wish her, and she sent something nasty back…would that make me want to retaliate?

If I just ignore it, would I regret it?

I’ve long since given up on love and relationships, and honestly feel there is no need for one in my life anymore…even though I do like certain people, I feel no need to push the matter, or even try and find out if anyone likes me the way I deserve to be liked. (I’m a freakin awesome catch by the way) – even though im lonely as cr@p.

Anyways, the point of this blog is…would you make an effort for someone who has completely abused and rejected anything nice you’ve done for them in the past? And if you would, what kind of person would that make you?

Yours in good faith,
Moral Dilemma in Joburg


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3 Responses to “I won’t ever do that again…but I probably will”

  1. DT Says:

    Hell no. You’ve moved on…don’t turn back. She’s more likely to groan and call the police,than reply politely. Then you’ll spend another two years without sleep.

  2. Ann Says:

    Really all depends on if you can truly love Unconditionally – then the outcome doesn’t actually matter

  3. Dyl Says:

    Burg, I would only think it will end badly guy, but to be honest I think you will go with whatever you are feeling when that day comes 🙂
    PS – you are a catch dude..

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