Today’s DVD arrivals

After what I consider a cr@p day at work, I’m drowning my sorrows in a packet of jelly babies, a tube of salt & vinegar Pringles and some chocolate cake someone baked just for me (awww on three).

Now, I get the chance to go through my box of DVDs I got delivered today (which is a bumper one…)

Right now I’m watching 8 hours of Macho Man Randy Savage in action, so the evening is turning into pure bliss.

Anyways, now that I’m making a bucket load of cash…pinocchio

I get to feed my DVD obsession again, with new titles, replacement titles (from the great 4 year Burgbusters blow-out sale), and of course filling in the gaps I’ve always been meaning to fill.

With that, I bring to you, my latest additions to my collection (and further proof of my Geek royalty):

Macho Man Randy Savage: The ultimate collection
– 3 discs spanning Macho Man’s WWF/WCW career that brings back some major memories of my childhood. Oooooh Yeah!

How To Be
– ok ok, I’ll admit it…my mom made me do it… Robert Pattinson’s latest quirky movie… I have no idea what it’s about, but my mom asked me not to disturb her while she’s watching it …and then closed her door. (creep out on three)

– I ordered this before MJ’s death, and have since seen it on TV a number of times…very sad to have it delivered now under the circumstances… for fans only I reckon.

Letters From a Killer
– Patrick Swayze as a falsely convicted murderer. It’s Swayze, who cares about the plot.

-Oh cr@p… My desk chair just broke and now seems to have unwillingly been converted to a deck chair…-

The Sea Wolves
– Roger Moore! Gregory Peck! David Niven! Patrick McNee! If these names mean nothing to you… we are done talking.

Around the World With Willy Fog: vol.4
– the continuing adventures of that lovable lion travelling the world…a childhood classic (my vol.3 hasnt arrived yet though mmm)

Queen of The Damned
– a replacement dvd featuring the late Aaliyah as Anne Rice’s Queen Akasha… felt like it was time to give this one another try.

– impulse buy… it was cheap, and it stars Joshua Jackson…but I think it’s yet another US attempt at recreating Jap. Horror. Low expectations for this one.

Return of The Living Dead II:
The final piece in my Return of the Living Dead trilogy, and a one of the last movies I remember watching with my dad.

WWE: No Way Out 2005
– filling in the gaps of my WWE collection.

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory: Special Edition
– Before Burton & Depp, there was the Wilder classic… I can’t wait to watch this with audio commentary from the “Wonka kids”

Soylent Green
– Charlton “the effing man” Heston and that jaw dropping line “It’s people!”

The Hound of The Baskervilles
– Peter Cushing as Sherlock Holmes….Christopher Lee as his nemesis… just like old times

Donnie Brasco
– finally added this Johnny Depp title to my collection. Just a few more to go and I’ll own em all…bwahahahahahahahahah

Notes on a Scandal
– Cate Blanchett – the best actress on God’s Green Earth. No way this can’t be good.

Hart’s War
– replacement.

Exorcist 2: The Heretic
– nowhere near the original. Obviously. But I’m a completist (is that the word pedantic English language friends?).

Not a bad haul indeed…
mmm I wonder if I should list those I got this weekend too…


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4 Responses to “Today’s DVD arrivals”

  1. Today’s DVD arrivals | WWE Fan Says:

    […] post by The Burg […]

  2. Rory Says:

    I prefer the term Trainspotter

  3. Michael Says:

    Great selection food for thought

  4. Rust Paint : Says:

    the desk chairs that our mom use are always leather based instead of using cloth covers~:,

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