5 New Movies I Need To See aka Trailer Tuesday

Welcome to a new weekly installment I like to call – “5 New Movies I Need To See”…or for the sake of space “Trailer Tuesday”

Dead Snow
Nazi Zombies, treasure and an Indiana Jones quote – *drool*

X Games: 3D The Movies
I not so secretly wish I was an extreme sports star…. I crave this lifestyle and live it through movies like this

Finally! a new movie from Mike Judge, and oh…my…word….that cast!

The Damned United
Michael Sheen is fast becoming one of my favourite actors, here he plays footy manager Brian Clough in the true dirty story of Leed United in the 70s. Plus another movie to showcase the talent of Timothy Spall.

Shutter Island
DiCaprio rules all. Plus he’s back with Scorsese. This looks like its atmospheric of note!


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