The Good Old Days…

I’m such a classic cult junkie its ridiculous, and once I get started I just can’t stop digging in the archives…

Last week I was having a discussion with a friend about how they don’t make cartoons like they used to.

Sure, I, like many people have relived the likes of GI Joe,Thundercats, He-Man & Bravestarr on dvd…

This evening I found myself searching for more obscure classic toons….these are what I managed to remember.

Feel free to add your memories too…

La Linea

This was a popular one in South Africa, and ended up becoming a well known insurance/banking ad.

Amigo & Friends

Unfortunately I can only find the Spanish versions online, but I used to love watching Amigo & Friends. It brings back great memories of growing up (which are few and far between). They usually appeared as shorts on VHS tapes of other titles.

Heckle & Jeckle

Those crazy crows were the best thing about going to the drive-in!

Sport Billy!

For some reason 90% of people I speak to can’t remember this one! (that stat brought to you by Deloitte & Touche). But the guy had a sports bag that contained EVERYTHING in.

Roger Ramjet

Roger Ramjet and his eagles fighting for our freedom!

Bionic Six

Sorta like the cartoon version of Family Ties really… Bionics ON! Why is this not on dvd???

Battle of The Planets (G-Force)

This one’s for you Len! Possibly the only “Anime” show I will ever love.


Thank you Tony Hart (RIP) for introducing the world to a little orange plasticine guy named Morph.

The Wuzzles

I was seriously obsessed with this show…and i still don’t understand why…

David The Gnome

Or as us South Africans called him… Dawie die Kabouter!

Maya The Bee

I remember this being so sad for some reason…

Ok wow….everything is coming flooding back now… I think this blog deserves a part two!

How many of these do your remember? Which others come to mind?

I may be the king of the geeks…. officially.


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2 Responses to “The Good Old Days…”

  1. Zannie Says:

    This has flooded back the memories!!!! Love it! My faves were: Maya the Bee and Star Bright – remember her?? The chick with the pony and the rainbow… Maybe a little too chick-flick-animation-vibe going on for the boys… Also loved Pumpkin Patch – but that’s a discussion for a whole new BLOG! 🙂

  2. Bailey Schneider Says:

    DUDE!!! You have brought back sooo many memories!

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