My Top 60 Soundtracks

Since my early days of buying music (cassettes & LPs), one of favourite treats, was always finding a soundtrack of movies I loved.

Of course, nowadays, soundtracks are a dime a dozen, and everyone tries to cash in on it as part of the merchandising.

And I, like any good consumer sheep, oblige by buying every soundtrack I come across…shamelessly, even before seeing the movie or knowing what’s on the album.

Which means… I own a helluva lotta cr@p.
That being said… I own a truckload of cool stuff too. Which brings me to the reason for this blog.

I’ve always had a general idea of my 50 favourite movie soundtracks…but I’ve never actually taken to time to put that list to paper (MS word counts right?).

So now, I proudly bring to you my countdown of my Top 50 soundtracks. (The only rule to my list is I have to actually own the album, so if there may be the occasional title not on this list).

But why have a Top 50….when we can do a Top 60! (yes, there were 10 others I just had to include).

60. Airheads
My mom bought me this album straight after we saw the movie because I loved the it so much…I didn’t realize it would give me a taste for the heavier stuff.
Fave Tracks: “Born To Raise Hell”- Ice T, Whitfield Crane & Lemmy, and “Feed The Gods” – White Zombie

59. Coyote Ugly
This would be higher up on my list if it didn’t become so commercial. A fun movie, with a fun soundtrack. Simple equation really.
Fave Track: “Unbelievable” EMF (laugh and I’ll smack you….or at least hire someone to)

58. Disturbing Behavior

Picked this up when I was in New York, oh so many years ago…during the rebirth of Teen horror movies. Great tracklist!
Fave Tracks: “Monsterside” – Addict, “Got You Where I Want You” – The Flys, “Every Little Thing Counts” – Janus Stark

57. Daredevil
Another album that should have been higher – if certain songs didn’t fall victim to the dreaded overexposure curse. Huge modern rock selection.
Fave Tracks: “The Man Without Fear” – Drowning Pool with Rob Zombie….and yes…the Evanescence tracks.

56. The Faculty
The first of many entries from Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino. A moody effective rock album that suits the movie to a T.
Fave Tracks: “Resuscitation” – Sheryl Crow, “Maybe Someday” – Flick, “Medication” – Garbage

55. Blue Crush
There is just a coolness about this movie and the music. Almost every track takes me away an puts me in chilled little spot away from the world.
Fave Tracks: Nikka Costa – “Everybody Got Their something” & the song that introduced me to Zero 7 – “Destiny”

54. Batman Forever
Forget about the up and down spiral of the Batman movies of the 90s, they sure did produce some awesome soundtracks.
Fave Tracks: “Kiss From a Rose” – Seal (admit it you liked it too), “One Time Too Many” – PJ Harvey & “Hold me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” – U2.

53. Angus
Man this is a movie that needs to be on DVD. Angus gave fat kids everyone hope of scoring the girl.
Fave Tracks: “JAR” – Green Day, “Jack Names The Planets” – Ash, “Am I Wrong” – Love Split Love

52. Blaze of Glory (Young Guns II) Bon Jovi
Sure, its basically a Bon Jovi album, but come on….how perfect does the music work in the movie? I could listen to this all day because it reminds of scenes in the movie.
Fave Tracks: Blaze of Glory, Billy Get Your Gun.

51. Jerry Maguire
Jerry Maguire - Soundtrack
I like most of these songs individually, but for some reason the running order on this album annoys me, and that’s the only reason its not higher up.
Fave Tracks: “Secret Garden” – Bruce Springsteen, “World on a String” – Neil Young

That my first 10!
Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon….


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