My Top 60 Soundtracks(Part 2)

sorry for the delay..
Here we go…

50. Elizabethtown
– This is one of those strange movies where i am not sure if I love it or hate it. There is every reason to love it, yet something doesnt click.
Fave Tracks: “Come Pick Me Up”- Ryan Adams, “It’s All Work Out” – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

49. Pret-a-porter –
I remember picking up the soundtrack dirt cheap, and since I loved the movie thought it was a win win.
Fave Tracks: “Pretty”-Cranberries, “Here Comes The Hotstepper”- Ini Kamoze & “Lemon (Perfecto Mix) – U2

48. A Lot Like Love
– the movie that made me an Ashton Kutcher fan…such a great love story. I’m man enough to say i weep everytime.
Fave Tracks: “Trouble” – Ray LaMontagne, “Look What You’ve Done” – Jet & the eternal “Save Tonight” – Eagle Eye Cherry

47. Simon Birch
– Admittedly, I have never seen this movie…but picked up the soundtrack at a second hand store…amazing.
Fave Tracks: “Can I Get a Witness” – MArvin Gaye, “Fever” – Peggy Lee, “A Walkin’ Miracel”- The Essex

46. Beavis & Butthead Do America
– Oddly, not a fan of the series, but rather enjoyed the movie, and the OST just reeks of awesomeness.
Fave Tracks: “Love Rollercoaster” – RHCP, and the rest of the album too.

45. Varsity Blues
Varsity Blues - Soundtrack
– If if you say you didn’t enjoy the movie… you really did. Instant cult.
Fave Tracks: “Run”- Collective Soul, “My Hero”-foo Fighters & “Hot For Teacher” – Van Halen

44. Zoolander
– Sure, its the most quotable movie around, but for some reason most people don’t remember how good the OST was. I do.
Fave Tracks: “I Started A Joke” The Wallflowers, “Call Me” Nikka Costa & “Relax” – Powerman 3000.

43. Rocky Horror Picture Show
– Pure Cult Value.
Fave Tracks: Can’t Have one without the other, so whole album

42. 10 Things I Hate About You
– Such pleasant surprise this film turned out to be.
Fave Tracks: “I Want You To Want Me” – Cleo, “War” The Cardigans & “I Know” – Save Ferris

41. I Know What You Did Last Summer
– Ah the movie I argued with a film critic about… what a great debate.
Fave Tracks: “Hush” – Kula Shaker, “My Baby’s Got The Strangest Ways” – Southern Culture on the Skids & “Clumsy” – Our Lady Peace

Part 3 coming tomorrow…


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One Response to “My Top 60 Soundtracks(Part 2)”

  1. Sugafoot Says:

    Im totally with you on Alot Like Love… tear jerker of note…amanda peet , awesome…

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