I’m so in love with…

I’m writing this as I watch Liverpool try and make a come back from 0-2 down at Anfield, so please excuses any outburst of anger and hate it what should otherwise be considered an upbeat blog.

Last Friday was our second of a two day “seminar” designed to bring work colleagues closer together. Despite the initial grunts and groans that usually follow events like that, the 2 days were pleasant and good natured.

The first day was a pretty standard “moving forward together” type effort, but the events of day 2 were kept a mystery which of course led to understandable fears of having to participate in a three legged egg whilst wearing a sack and blindfold.
Thankfully, this was not the case.
Upon arriving at the venue, we were all split up in two teams, I was decidedly happy seeing the names of some of my favourite people aligned with mine.
Off to a good start.
All was then revealed, thanks to an over eager presenter, that would make any children’s show host cringe with embarrassment, and all of us in the room tense up with irritation.

We were fortunate enough to be given the task of making movies.
Each team would be given a camera and the brief of making a 90sec movie depicting what music meant to us (because were are a record company…duh).

I immediately lit up. This was all my passions rolled up into one!

*YES!!!! TORRES YOU BEAUTY!!! 1-2!!!!!*

What followed was the creative process which I thrive off of.
The brainstorming of a script, roles being assigned, crew duties, and the eternal question of “how do we film this sum’beech”
Pure bliss!

As the time ticked away, the ideas flowed, our team gelled off each other brilliantly, and it was nothing short of a pleasure to be in their company.


By the end of the time allocated, we had put together something really special, and were damn proud of it.

As we watched our movie being put together in the editing process, I realized two things.

1. This was my passion… making movies, no matter how short or how small, was something that was like a drug to me. When I’m doing it, I am the happiest person alive; and when I’m not involved in it at all…I’m just in a permanent state of withdrawal. I crave making movies. I’ve been involved in 7 movies now, from small ones like this, the full length features that have been at the cinema.
2. I actually don’t think I can reveal the second thing here, it would probably ultimately be a bit selfish to do so. But it has to do with what inspires me and makes me want to be successful. All I can really say is while making that 90sec movie I fell head over heels in love. I remembered what it was like to have – Passion. Desire. Belief.

Anyways, the movies were screened for everyone to watch, and ours was a thing of beauty. (have I mentioned that already?)

The other team’s effort was a poor one. I blame new girl for that…

An awards ceremony followed, which in the end turned out to be one of those “we are all winners” affairs, and to avoid seething irritation, I’ll just say I’m happy with the awards we got (hey Simon, I got another Best Script!)

I now know what brings me happiness. I know who brings me happiness.
And it’s about time I surround myself with such things.

But don’t you worry… I still have enough anger and hate in me to keep the blogs you love to read going…



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4 Responses to “I’m so in love with…”

  1. Romi Says:

    it’s so amazing to have a passion that makes you feel so alive! 🙂

    And sucks to be the other team, I hate when the new girl ruins it for all..lol

    PS: juicy potential romantic update you snuck in there 😉

    • The Burg Says:

      tell me about it Romi…im still buzzing from the feeling alive bit…mmm that could also have something to do with my coffee addiction though…

      i snuck in there? really? 😀

  2. Simon Says:

    Dude you – now you have double the amount of scripting awards that I do. We are going to have to crack on with something when I g et back – and I need to see footskating!

    • The Burg Says:

      haha just make sure u see footskating before you see District 9
      otherwise you’ll just not and smile at me 🙂
      can’t wait for u to return to good ol’ SA pally

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