Let’s play a Love Game

I’ve written a lot of blogs about love and the matters of the heart over the years, so much so that these days, every time I address the subject matter, I feel like I’m stuck on repeat mode.

If you’ve followed my writing prior to this blog, I’m sure you’d agree.
But don’t worry, this isn’t another of my woe is me blogs. (Ed’s note: yes it is)
It’s not even about how I’m in love with the girl I’ll never get. (Ed’s note: yes it is)
In fact, this blog is probably the complete opposite of anything I’ve ever written about love. (Ed’s note: nope… it’s pretty much exactly the same)

Love is, and always will be nothing more than one big high school game.
As friend of mine says. Don’t hate the game.
We like to play though. All of us do, whether you want to admit it or not. Some are good at it, others think they are, some cheat, others change the rules.
Then…there are those of us who can’t even figure out which game piece to play with.

It’s a silly game that always changes when you think you’ve figured it out.

– The good looking players tend to score more often (see the innuendo I used there?)
– The misunderstood genius watches the girl he’s after get the guy she’s after – this happens more than once depending on the degree of genius.
– The good guy keeps missing out on his turn to play because he’s too nice to interrupt everyone else.

It’s the same old story…and the only way to change the outcome of the game, is to
a) not play it
b) wait for someone to get injured, then substitute in at the exact right moment.
c) Cut your losses and get out the game while you still can.

I’ve been playing it for a very long time now….I’ve seen players come and go. I’ve envied them, I’ve hated them, and I’ve outright loved some of them.

How do I change my outcome?
Well, I’ve decided to go for option C.

I may be love’s slave, but no longer am I its victim.

Then again…there’s always secret option D…

…..start you own damn game….
Who wants to play?

(NO! trick question this is how they get you back in….)


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2 Responses to “Let’s play a Love Game”

  1. loveismyalterego Says:

    i love this!

    you’re not the only that has watched the one that you want, whisk away with the person that he/she wants (which isn’t you). so, i know how that feels.

    i think i’m waiting for the injury because i’m starting to think i’m addicted to this silly game of love. not winning at it at the moment but i don’t want to get out of the game. at some point, i have win one, right?

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