The Irony.

So remember a while back i mentioned that I was debating over when or not i should send someone who made my life miserable an SMS for her bday?

Well, i didn’t send it…

Last night, the emo idiot in me checked out her face book page, and realized what a godsend it was that i was brave enough not to send it.

Her status reflected that she has no longer got her phone and has a new number (which she foolishly posted, and i impressively didn’t take note of…yay me)

Can you imagine how that would of done my head in if I HAD sent it.
she would never have gotten it and i would of driven myself insane with over-thinking the radio silence.

Anyways…I’m done with her….totally and completely…and I’m ok about it. There are plenty of other fish in the sea to over-think about.

(PS. her new pics also seem to show she’s really happy with her new guy…i think that’s the 3rd since she said she’s done with men and relationships in order to prevent me from asking her out again)


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One Response to “The Irony.”

  1. Luqman Says:

    Burg, it sounds like you’re still hurting pretty much… and that you’re a tad angry with yourself that you are.
    But hang in there buddy. Time heals all wounds. There’s a reason that’s a cliche…

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