“Thank You For Being A Friend…a pal and a confidant”

Over the last couple of months I’ve had to say goodbye to two very important people in my life. One was my absolute hero, who still holds the title of the funniest man on the planet, and today was someone I consider one of my best friends.

Now my belief in the word friend and my philosophy behind friendship has been discussed at length with some of you readers out there. Therefore the magnitude of which I use the words “best friends” should not be lost on you. Especially those who didn’t know how close this friend and I really are.

I may not have the 10-15 year history with her, or the having kids and getting married stories other may have to share with you… but I do have this –

When I starting writing this, I thought: Gee, this could be awkward, must hold back some things or can’t reveal too much. Then thankfully, my twisted common sense said “just say what you mean Burg” (yes, my twisted common sense and I are on a first name basis).

I started work at Sony Music 3 years ago, and when you start at a new company the question you get most asked by your outside crew (read: guys) is “Are their any babes there?”

Never being one to shy away from brutally offensive honesty, my answer this time round was “Naa, not really, but there is this one exotic looking chick who’s quite hot”.

Her name was Ilona.

And thus began my (first) work crush at Sony Music.

Over the year that followed I went on a proverbial rollercoaster of trials and tribulations in my personal life, then, a random discussion about a girl I had fallen for sparked a friendship with the exotic beauty I had previously only really said ‘good morning’ to, or had the odd conversation with when she was around my office talking to another friend.

As my personal/love life went down in a ball of flames, my friendship with Ilona became more and more genuine – blossoming into one of trust, honesty and respect.

I became an emotional wreck (far worse than I am now), and confided in her about pain and anguish I was going through, whilst battling the worst depression of my life.

While everyone went on their self righteous “chin up”, “It’s not that bad”, “she doesn’t deserve you” crusades, Ilona was the one who always supported MY decisions, and encouraged me to never give up on what I wanted. Even at my worst, she always allowed me the space to follow what I believed was right, yet still offering words of advice that never once came across as condescending.

In October 2007, at my lowest point, I set out on my birthday for my epic 11 day Into the Wild style road trip.

Alone and broke I drove around the country.

The entire time I was gone, there was one person who constantly checked up on me, with the caring and understanding that nobody else could offer. Always letting me know that there would be one true friend for me to come back to.

I came back a changed man.

With the promise to myself I would never get that point again I began a new journey to love myself.

Once I returned, our friendship was at a new level, and along with our third musketeer we began setting time aside to actually talk with each other.

We became the Coffee Club.

Twice a day, near every day for the last 2 years, we have set time aside for each other. A friendship like I’ve never had before.

Ilona knew the worst about me; she knew the best about me.
She was the one person I trusted above all others.
For pete’s sake…she was the first person I told when I lost virginity! (To all you people who didn’t believe I was a virgin for so long…Ilona knows the details 😉 !).

Fast forward till today.

Our final cup of coffee.
No….let me correct that.

Our final cup of coffee as colleagues, but never in a million years, the last cup as…friends.

I may have held back the tears today (only just), but if I had said the words I’m about to say now….there would have been a flood!

I love you, I thank you, and I am going to miss you more than I could possibly begin to explain.

“All the best in your future endeavors” 😛


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