Classic Burg: The UK Diary 2003 (Part 1)

As an attempt to try and motivate myself as a travel writer, I’ve revisited my beloved UK Diary I kept in 2003….which I’d like to share with you here on the eve of my 6 year anniversary since going to the UK.
Enjoy Part 1

4 October 2003 – 5 Hours To Go

Wahoo! 5 Hours left till I leave for the airport, and I can’t wait, the reality of everything is definitely setting in. I have decided to NOT do the “swallowing of sugar packets” in an attempt to make a joke at customs.

Was up at about 7:30am this morning, as I had an appointment with my hairdresser to braid my hair again.I got there at 8am…my hair dresser got there at 9:30am.

3 Hours later I was done and dusted. I personally don’t think she did a great a job as she did the first time, but I will let the ladies of London be the judge of that, and for those wondering, no The Ladies of London, is not a brothel….

By 11:30am, I met up with Rory, Roxanne and her bro for some lunch at East rand Mall, and while the image of Rory arranging his leftovers in the shape of a certain body part – found only on a man- will probably haunt me the entire flight there, he did make up for it by serenading me in the Cash Convertors across the road. What no stairway to heaven?…Denied…

I heard several fans gossip whether or not Rory would now be going solo, and no longer play for the legendary Saint Dragon. Once I heard him play though, I knew there was no chance of that. Remember for all your Patron Saint Of Dragons needs.

Got home at about 1:30pm, and found all my bags basically finished packed, thanks mom 😦

Managed to set my tape to record the next 3 episodes of Survivor, and next 3 Episodes of Beverly Hills 90210, which should be exciting, as Dylan and Brenda seem to have begun reconciling last week, and things look good for the young lovers. Man Luke Perry rules!!! Hey if you don’t believe me, as Mr. Richard Sweetnam.

Liverpool lost….

That Sux

I am gonna catch a power nap, then take a bath before leaving for the airport.

Love ya all

The Burg


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