Classic Burg: UK Diary 2003 (Part 2)

6 October 2003 – Braided & British

Day 2 In Leicester, sees me taking some time to actually sit down and reflect on the last 32 hours, and let you in on whats been happening.

On Saturday night I arrived at my boarding gate at JHB international about 8:09pm, so I took a seat next to a fountain watching the monitors to make sure i saw when flight 226 to Heathrow would be boarding. I waited and waited and, in the meantime noticed a large queue forming in front of me. I decided to ask them what was going on, only to find out the display board was broken and I was now right at the back of a line I could of been first in.

Needless to say by the time I got to my seat, all the luggage compartments had been filled up, so I had to sit with my hang luggage by my feet, a factor that would come into play about 5 hours into the flight when I realized that my body had cramped into a sitting position.

The food wasn’t too bad, The choice of Chicken or Beef wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. The free Beef will always win. Since this trip was all about new experiences I decided to brave the Greek Salad that came with the Beef and try an Olive and a piece of Feta Cheese.I began with the Olive…Looking back at it now, I realize I did not think it through properly, as Olives are now up there with Crime and Billy Ray Cyrus’ acting ability as the worst things known to man.

For some reason the air hostesses were not amused at me bellowing out “It’s coffee time!!” every hour or so, it’s times like this I miss Richard.

The on-flight movie was Alex and Emma. The on-flight response to this was ZZzzzzz. Oh btw, I was traveling with Angelique Kidjo. If you don’t know who she is, look it up!

I arrived at Heathrow at about 7:30am and everything seemed to go fairly smoothly…Too smoothly actually. By the time i got to customs, I was rather happy everything was moving so quickly, everyone took about 20 seconds and was free to leave the airport. Then came my turn. Exactly 18min of questioning by customs, including trying to break me and prove I was responsible for the JFK assassination was over. I was a free man!

I met my cousin and his girlfriend…and the cutest dog in the history of dogs, Peanuts, at the airport and my day began.

After a loooong drive home, we arrived in Leicester. ( Where the man who invented the Jet engine is from. Fun fact #1). I got freshened up and we took a ride to the town called Rugby. Yes the birthplace of …Rugby (fun fact#2), then checked out a few stores.

We all learned a valuable lesson on this day. Stores in Rugby, are NOT open on a Sunday.

A stop off at Safeways for a few supplies for the day.

KFC for lunch..Chinese food for dinner.

A nice early nite and early morning has me ready for day 2.

I wonder if that hot teller at Safeways is working tomorrow…

Bye All

Speak soon!


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