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You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry….

September 26, 2009

What a week.
Just another in a seemingly endless stream of events of a year I like to call the “Tragicomedy”.

Undoubtedly I will recap the events as a whole in an end of the year blog, but for right now I need to share the events of my week.
And since I’m watching Three’s Company season 6 right now, I’m in a great mood to write.

On VERY short notice, I’ve been invited to attend a conference in Amsterdam next week, (therefore needing to fly out by the 6th October)…. Which is all hugely exciting news, except for the fact that my passport expired six months ago – Murphy is clearly handling my travel arrangements.

So…it’s on that basis that I’ve been rushing around trying to organize a Passport (and visa once that’s sorted!)

On Monday, I headed out to the Home Affairs office in downtown Johannesburg, a busy and crime ridden part of the country…as opposed to say…Fourways or Sandton, where crime doesn’t exist.

After driving up and down the 1-way roads that dominated the streets of Jozi, I eventually found parking about six blocks away from the Home Affairs office. That only took 40 minutes. I walked the six blocks in constant fear that my car would be a) stolen b) broken into c) replaced with an exact replica of my car except equipped with a tracking device and hidden camera.

Now, I’ve never been one to be paranoid, but walking in the streets of Jozi, there is a certain panic that follows you, particularly if you are an asian of the cauc kind.

Eventually I got to Home Affairs, sweat already pouring down my arms, and tension building up.

The ground floor was an empty ghost town except for the queue of people waiting for the lift to take them to the appropriate level of irritation. Since I’m in my athletic prime, I decided to take the stairs to the 5th floor.

Off I went.

1st floor. Skipped a few steps and I pranced up the two sets of stairs.
2nd floor. After feeling the burn, I took one step at a time
3rd floor. Took each step two feet at a time.
Between 3rd and 4th floor. Took a break.
4th floor. Prayed for death.
5th floor. Is this an oasis I see before me?

Enter the hall of passports – where order is not on the menu.
I managed to make my way to the counter where I asked for a contact our company travel agent had recommended, who may be able to help me a bit more…speedily…as a favour of course.

Finally a large Afrikaans lady with the most irritated look on her made her way towards me. I thought it was slow motion, but her hair was not blowing, so clearly it was her…um…personality weighing her down.

In all of two seconds she said she can’t help me and I must go stand in line.
I asked if there was someone who took passport photos in the building. Quick answer was no. The long answer was I’d have to go outside the building to one of the dodgy freelance photographers that stalked citizens of the streets of Joburg.

This time I was smart and waiting a few minutes for the lift. And then joined the other four people who made up the “Not more that 12 people in the lift at a time”. The stench, the clearing of phlegm and screaming babies made me reminisce about that one time I went up the 5 flights of stairs.

Back on the street I was quickly offered the best price for photos and escorted into a dark corner building with the windows blacked out. After stripping off… all my jewelry, I took my photos and made my way back to Home Affairs.

Queue for smelly lift… or climb the Andes again.

1st floor. Only four more to go.
2nd floor. Light headed
3rd floor. Eyes began rolling back
Between 3rd and 4th floor. Took a break.
4th floor. Legs unable to maintain weight
5th floor. Loss of bladder control.

I made my way through the lengthy process of completing forms and such and was told I should have my passport in 10 days if i’m lucky. (“Define lucky” I thought…)

Two hours later I finally could make my way back to my car, and hopefully not the space where I would have to say “hey, i’m sure that’s where I parked it”.

One block up and tall thin black guy walk passed me and bumped into me…I ignored him and then he shouted that he was sorry, I turned to him and said don’t worry about . BIG MISTAKE.

He came up to me and started hugging me and said he’s so sorry and started holding me and blocking my arms, finally I was able to push him away.

I immediately looked down at my pockets and saw my brand new phone was gone.
When I looked up, he was nowhere to be seen.

I shouted out “where did he go!?!”

The lady walking up the road said to me, “He’s down there” and she pointed him out, 2 blocks behind me!

Then, my Adamantium claws came out and I rampaged after the guy, running across two busy roads without even checking traffic.

I caught up to him, and without even thinking I punched the guy on the side of the face, knocking him down, I demanded my phone, and he started laughing and said “I’m just joking” and handed back my phone. Then he got up and ran away.

The guys around me told me I should’ve killed him. Yes, I can’t really argue that logic. Now bare in mind, I’m the most non violent person you will ever meet. But wrong day…. wrong time mr. mugger. So ridiculously out of character for me

I reported the incident to the Metro Police a few blocks down, they just shrugged it out. Can’t blame them. This happens more often than it doesn’t.

On a total buzz I made my way back to my car – still there (although I haven’t been able to find the hidden camera).

As I relayed the story to everyone, I was commended for my actions, and the general feeling was that I was not a victim. In the meantime my hand began to swell, and I feared in broke my hand in my girlfight. (the hand has since recovered, thanks for your concern)

My whole assessment of the situation?
1) Its reason 1024 that I hate the country I am forced to live in.
2) I am indeed becoming a Wolverine of rage that is not going to take cr@p from anyone. This also scares me as I have ZERO tolerance anymore. The rage I have inside me came out in a good way…this time.
3) My “tensionergy” is at fever pitch right now, leading to several incidents over the last few days.

Shoo…its going to be a busy week.
Hopefully I get my passport and Visa sorted out, and I head out to see the Dykes.

Then its only a 2 weeks til my birthday. If you wanna see rage…test me on that day universe.

Now… how YOU doin’?


RIP Patrick Swayze…(My 50th Blog is for you)

September 15, 2009


This past Friday night I said to my mom, I need to order Roadhouse on DVD…because I have a feeling Patrick Swayze is going to pass away this weekend and I don’t want to be the guy who orders his movies after he dies.

In fact, over the last few months I had been increasing my Swayze movie collection exponentially. The man was a movie Icon to me… a symbol of my youth and the epitome of wanting to be cool…except Swayze oozed it, while the rest of us simply just tried in vain.

Back in 1987 my love for movies was taking off, at just 10 years old life was good. Then Dirty Dancing came out. Coolness supreme. In fact, Dirty Dancing stands as the ONLY movie my mom has ever seen more than once at the cinema (3 times to be exact). She dragged me along on two of those occasions. And I secretly loved this chick flick that made me want to be Swayze.

Later that year I begged my mom to buy me the very first issue of a magazine called Top40 because it had Swayze on the cover. I didn’t care what else was in it, I wanted to know more about Johnny Castle.

My mom, being my mom, bought the wrong magazine, and instead picked up another magazine with Swayze on this cover. This was to be my first ever Movie magazine. The article in this magazine talked about Swayze filming his latest movie in Namibia. It was called Steel Dawn, and as far as I knew, that was just up the road!….My parents soon corrected my poor geography and brought me back down to earth.

While all this was going on, South Africans were treated to more Swayze than you could shake a stick at in the form of one Mr. Orry Main. The confederate soldier with a swagger for the ages in the epic Civil War series “North & South”. Of course, I’d later learn that the swagger was in fact a trademark limp.

Youngblood – (yes, South Africa was a bit behind the times), with a slightly younger Swayze playing an Ice hockey player alongside heartthrob of the decade Rob Lowe. I became an Ice Hockey fan. So much so that I bought Ice Hockey magazines, games and dreamed of becoming an Ice Hockey star….just like Swayze.

Red Dawn – Iconic. With the remake that’s currently being filmed, I couldn’t help but wish The Sway would get himself a cameo to justify the remakes existence. But sadly this is not to be.

I caught up with older films as the years passed, but this was difficult living in a pre-Amazon era. It was however the new releases that were the big events.

Road House – Patrick Swayze as a bouncer, Sam Elliot as his mentor and a cameo by wrestling legend Terry Funk. OMG.

Next of Kin – (A movie I revisited just a one month ago on DVD) Swayze rocks the shiz as Truman Gates. A hillbilly detective that teams up with his family to revenge the death of two of this brothers! Featuring Liam Neeson, Bill Paxton and Ben Stiller!

Then, as 1990/1991 ripped my family in half with the deaths of my dad and brother in quick succession, my dependency on the world of movies soared. The safe haven I found losing my self in movies was at fever pitch. My 80s icons of Arnie, Stallone, Bruce Willis, Van Damme and Mel Gibson were keeping me afloat with their over the top action flicks, but Swayze was the one who was mixing it up in all genres.

Point Break – If you weren’t a Swayze fan by now, Point Break was the movie that gave you your induction into the Patrick Swayze fan club. Bohdi was the guru of rebellious cool.

Ghost – My love for Demi Moore was also at its pinnacle. So when she teamed up with Patrick on this iconic tragedy of love flick, the world’s hearts broke and we followed the endless love of Sam and Molly. And secretly all wanted to sign up for pottery classes.

As Swayze’s movies became more and more of a mixed bag, I found myself waning from his movies. City of Joy, Father Hood, To Wong Foo, Black Dog, Waking Up In Reno….they all disappointed. A Few years ago I came across his Chippendales’ skit with Chris Farley on the SNL: Best of Chris Farley DVD…and bowed before the greatness that was Swayze once again.

I currently have a movie called “One Last Dance” on its way to me, which is going to be wrought with irony when in arrives…

Over the years Swayze made the occasional AWESOME performance, such as Donnie Darko, but Swayze never quit hit the mark again.
Then in 2004 he made a cameo in old friend Whoopi Goldberg’s series “Whoopi”, and I was in shock. He looked frail, haggard and the shell of a man who once vowed never to let Baby be put in a corner.

The years passed and Swayze all but dropped off the radar. Then when his recent cancel battles, the world’s heart broke once again.

When I told my mom the news at 3am this morning. She burst into tears and cried as if we had lost a member of our family.
Perhaps we had.

Swayze could kick your ass, steal your woman, then dance the night away with her.
He was a man’s man.
He was an Icon.
He was The Sway
RIP Patrick Swayze

Classic Burg: The UK Diary 2003 (Part 9)

September 3, 2009

18 October 2003 – Camden Town & The Rugby

Had a nice lay-in today…The body still not working properly though.

Matt & I made our way up to Wimbledon station at about 11am.

Caught the train from Wimbledon to Waterloo and then from Waterloo to Camden Town.

Perhaps one of the greatest points of my trip thus far was the the absolute splendor of Camden Town. The freedom to be yourself was unbelievable. I witnessed every possible type of person you can get mulling around the markets

You had your Goths, Raver, Metalheads, 50’s style Greasers, Rockers, Hip-hoppers, Rasta’s and on and on and on.

Once you have been here you realize how small you are, as I walked I began to feel something. This feeling was that of being humbled and understanding that I have not even begun to tap into my own potential. I felt so small, almost as small as a fly. Then everything began to click and being that fly I was able to sit on the wall and take notes and draw inspiration for what I really wanted out of life and where I want to go.

The most amazing fashions were also on offer here, but not in my price range. So folks at work, no need to worry as I did not buy anymore see through shirts etc. I would come back to the UK for Camden alone.

Made our way back into Wimbledon to watch the SA vs England match at a pub where I met some of Matthews SA friends and family.A great vibe and not being the biggest Rugby supporter I found myself getting into the spirit of things. I tried to start a slow clap, but it didn’t work. We lost, I didn’t care. I was on cloud 9 still. (No, I didn’t try any magic mushrooms at Camden)

After the game I socialized a bit and listened to some great stories, and then decided I would make my way back to Lutterworth and my cousin tonight rather than tomorrow morning as we had plans for Sunday.

Short stop off at Matthew’s place to grab my stuff, considered saying goodbye to the old lady at number 7 Richmond Avenue, but never did.

Matthew waited with me at the bus stop, however a blind bus driver cut out goodbyes short as I had to run after the bus with all my bags hanging around my neck causing me to look like a puppy sticking its head out the window.

Made the bus, made the station, took the wrong train, took another wrong one, then made my way to Euston station where I purchased my ticket to Rugby where my cousin would fetch me 2 hours later.

8:30pm I arrived at Rugby station, made our way home, and had we some Chinese dishes.

Once the Chinese girls left we went for some supper.

Just kidding, we had Chinese for supper 🙂

Rounded off an amazing 4 days with some Golf on the PC.

Classic Burg: UK Diary 2003 (Part 8)

September 3, 2009

17 October 2003 – Wimbledon

As I woke up on Friday morning…my first thoughts were, I am paralyzed…I could not move.

Between 8am and 9am I sat wide awake willing my limbs to work, a co-incidence I would laugh at later that day.

Managed to drag myself into the shower, freshen up and head out for the day. Matthew’s roommate informed me he would be there basically the whole day when i need to get back in.

Got to the bus stop and waited for the bus into town. 20min of listening to an old lady tell me the same story about 3 times until the bus arrived. The driver then told me I needed the bus on the other side of the street. I swear I could not catch a break anywhere!

Luckily though, 5 min later the right bus arrived. It took me into town, where I got to know the town of Wimbledon… during the day. Some shopping, meeting way too many South Africans, visiting the SA store called Down South and some breakfast at KFC.

Caught 12pm movie, Kill Bill, which is one of the best films you will ever see. In one scene a paralyzed Uma Thurman will her legs to move. I laughed coz it took her 13 hours and I only needed 1…ha!

After the movie I headed over to Burger King for lunch and then made may way down the road for a walk home..where I got lost…again.

2 hours later I emerged at Richmond and it was about 4:30pm.

Yup, you guess it…nobody home. I sat on the window ledge for about 30min and then made plans with Matthew to meet for a drink.

Caught another bus into town..this the bus got down the road…it broke down. If I swore…this would be about the time i did.

I walked back into town..and this point I realized any further and I would die.

So I went back into the cinema and purchased tickets for the 6pm show for Finding Nemo and the 8pm Show for Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Bought me a pack of M&M’s and said down to watch another 2 great movies.

Met Matthew outside the Cinema at about 10pm where were made our way to the local pub for some drinks and to make fun of the people doing Kareoke. Don’t worry I didn’t break the code of The Burg…I had only Diet Coke.

Back home and settled in for the evening.

Classic Burg: The UK Diary 2003 (Part 7)

September 2, 2009

16 October 2003 – London’s Calling and The Walk!

An amazingly refreshing sleep, a hearty breakfast and a good shower saw me set off for London central at about 9:30am.

I took my walk up to Seven Oaks station and purchased my Travel Card for the day, which i would spend site seeing and in the late afternoon make my way to Wimbledon to spend a few days with a good friend Matthew.

Got on the train and made my way to Charring Cross. As I emerged from the underground I was in absolute awe of the sites I witnessed as London came to life in that split second. Like the proverbial “Kid In A Candy Store” I raced from one end to another, one after another the sites came and went.

Trafalgar Square,Nelson’s Column (whats black and slides down Nelson’s Column? – Winnie Mandela….aah…love that Office joke),Downing Street, Westminster Abbey, The Cabinet War Rooms, The Queens Guard (where I caught the changing of the guard”, London’s Eye, Piccadilly Circus, Carnaby Street and of course Hamleys Toy Store.
Now I must be honest, I was disappointed by Hamleys, everyone said I would love it, and yet I was not impressed. Sure it was 6 floors, but bare in mind, it was basically a floor for each age group. There was nothing of interest there, so all I came away with was lunch, 2 sausage rolls to be exact (oh and a Pink Panther PEZ dispenser)

Some shopping at curio shops and a few more sights and sounds followed. I did a time check as i wanted to be in Wimbledon at 5pm. It was only just on 1pm. Plenty of time.

As I put my cellphone in my pocket I realized I had squashed my travel card rather badly, so badly in fact that every time I had to catch a train I needed to get someone to let me into the station as the card was now invalid. Most people where rather helpful but I got tired of asking all the time.

Made my way to Leicester Square. Considered catching a theater show but was way too early for that, so decided on a movie instead. Cabin Fever was the movie of my choosing at the Odeon cinema. An amazing movie experience. A world class cinema, perfect seating, which gave me a chance to rest up and put all my bags down. The movie itself was fantastic. With an amazingly talented young cast, it broke the mould for me in terms of teen horror/slasher flicks. I recommend it when it opens in SA.

Came out the movie just after 3pm and decided to head off to Wimbledon for the rest of the day.

Made it to Earl’s Court which would give me access to the connecting train to Wimbledon. I decided to phone Matthew to confirm which train i needed to take. Dialed his number and… Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

The number was 2 digits too short!!!!

Despite this…I remained calm…confident I could make it there all the same and just find his address without any major hassles. I have a natural born instinct for finding places.

5 incorrect attempts and 2 and 1/2 hours later I eventually reached Wimbledon station at about 5pm. My body was broken…my mind was spent.

As I walked out the station darkness began to set in as well. I need to either take my chances and go left or right. I chose left.

About 20min down the way I asked a man and the bus stop where to find Richmond avenue. I should have gone right according to him, to his credit he gave me the best possible advice he could and I turned around and made my way back.

6pm came I was still lost.

7pm came…I was still lost

8pm came I was still lost.

I decided ok…need help. So I sms’d Rory back home and my cousin to log onto MSN and try and contact Matthew via MSN to get him to find me. My cousin was at dog school…erm…with his dog of course, so he took a while to reply

9pm came…I was still lost. Rory,in an attempt to save my life, managed to sign in but no luck, no Matt online

*This message was sponsored by Saint Dragon, visit us online at *

My cousin phoned me at about 9:30pm and sent me directions to Richmond avenue via sms. The 6 part sms guided me through until 10pm.

Bumped into a South African who tried to guide me as far as he could.

Then I spoke to a tram line security guard on a dark dodgy road, who also tried to help me, but was more interested in discussing the upcoming Rugby on the weekend once he realized I was South African.

At about 10:10pm…I found Richmond avenue! After over 12 hours of walking, 5 of which had taken place in Wimbledon, I literally ran to number 7 and frantically rang the doorbell. Lights came on, footsteps were heard, then… they opened!!!

A semi-irate old lady informed me there was no Matthew there.
Ever seen those Daffy Duck cartoons where his jaw literally drops and hits the floor? That was me.

After I said I was from South Africa…she said oh… you want the South Africans…They down at number 18.

My mind was baffled a little bit…then I realized number 7 was the number of the house I was staying at with my cousin, I had indeed written down number 18 on my notepad. I sheepishly apologized…and ran down to number 18.

Matthew’s roommate welcomed me and went to wake Matthew who had assumed I wasn’t coming and went to bed.

He woke up and welcomed me, we then went out and got some food and caught up 3 years in a couple of hours until I passed out on the floor from pure exhaustion…

Classic Burg: UK Diary 2003 (Part 6)

September 2, 2009

5 October 2003 – Every Journey Has A Beginning…

After spending the last couple of days lazing about, erm, I mean resting up, for my next couple of days I awaited anxiously for 4pm to arrive.The next 4 days would be days that would totally change my life and send me on a journey like no other. DUN DUN DUN

4pm arrived and I left with my cousin and his girlfriend for the 2-hour trip to Heathrow Airport. She was going back to S.A for about 9 days and I would catch the trains from Heathrow to my destinations.

After making good time, about 90min we got to Heathrow at about 6pm, where I said my goodbyes and headed off for my Underground experience.

I purchased my ticket to Seven Oaks, where I would be spending the evening with my old friends Stephen and Natasha Prior.

Now, looking at a tube map, Heathrow is on the extreme left of the map and Seven Oaks is so far right of the map that it doesn’t even appear on it.

The Heathrow Express took me as far as Paddington Station. Not knowing the train terminates here, I waited for it to carry on further. Noticing I was the only one left on the train I grew a little nervous. Luckily that all went away as soon as the Conductor as me politely to get off and catch the connecting train.

Stumbling my way to the end of Paddington and asking about 4 stewards the same question I eventually found my connecting train to Seven Oaks. It was at about this time I realized bringing 3 bags with was not a good idea. (cramp!)

The 2 hour train ride down to Seven Oaks began. Stopping at every major stop in London. I was able to catch a few sitings of London landmarks in the darkness, making note of what I would visit the next day, as well as listening to about 100 different cell phone conversations that were going on around me. I learned that Deb left Nick because she came home and caught him cheating on her. B@st@rd!

As the train ride started to come to an end, the number of passengers became less and less until once again I was the only one on the train. Motion sickness began to take its toll as I began what would become 4 days of absolute pain and agony to my body.

At about 8pm I arrived in Seven Oaks and was picked up at the station by Sprior. He took my down the road to their Victorian style house which I really like.

After a great dinner, thanks Tasha!, We spent most of the evening catching up, swapping stories and renewing a friendship. The evening however drew to a close and we said our goodbyes as the motion sickness was really getting me down I looked forward to a great rest.

As I laid down trying to get rid of the feeling of a moving train, irony reared its ugly head as I realized…I was going to be sleeping on a water bed!!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily I found myself falling asleep rather easily….Zzzzzzzz

20 Things New Girl Has (Forcibly) Taught Me About Life…

September 2, 2009

1. If something is not funny, laughing louding and longer will make it funny.

2. It is possible to know more about something even if you have less experience, less training, and less knowledge.

3. If you are new to a company, it only takes a day to feel part of group.

4. If you have been at a company for years, it only takes a day to realize new girl will never be part of the group.

5. When life seems hard. Just think WWNGD. (What Would New Girl Do)

6. Working for Apple gives you life experience you need for any situation, job or problem in life. Ever.

7. Appointments are never needed if you are the new girl. People should always be expecting you.

8. There is no such thing as personal space. It all belongs to New Girl.

9. If you don’t understand something, NEVER EVER let ppl know. a)Just stare back at them blankly b) Act sick and go home

10. If you are unhappy with procedures or policies, the easiest way to express this is by saying “Thats not how it is in the UK”

11. Using pet names will endear you everyone.

12. It is possible to lead from the front – if you shove everyone out the way.

13. Learning which artists your company represents only slows down business deals.

14. There is no need to research what a potential client does, they will probably tell you in your pitch meeting anyways.

15. Being touchy feeling in the work place is never inappropriate. Even on your first day.

16. Adding the word “Yeah” after every sentence will further enhance your point.

17. Making pointless irrelevant statements in meetings is seen as contributing.

18. Bring your child to work day, should be a public holiday for the rest of the people you work with.

19. Private conversations don’t exist unless they include you. (also, when other people go quiet when you walk in on them halving a private conversation, they are actually waiting for you to add your 2 cents.)

20. If you stuff things up on your first day, you will forever be known as New Girl.

Classic Burg: The UK Diary 2003 (Part 5)

September 2, 2009

12 October 2003 – Birthday Blues

After finally getting to bed at about 4am this morning, I managed to stop myself from sleeping all day and finally rose out of bed at about 10am. A few needed emails and sms’s from some good friends and loved ones, including a phone call from my mom, gave me the first signs of home sickness.

Very unenthusiastic, I allowed the day to continue, and a trip to the National Space Center was on the cards. A lengthy drive into town was worth it to view some unique pieces of history.Oddly enough I didn’t take many photo’s as I seem to be lacking that killer instinct behind the lens these days.

A cool short film in the planetarium was ruined by an 11-year old kid named Adam who stole my thunder as the Birthday Boy. I didn’t wanna cause a scene…but I am sure they gave him my free balloon…

Some snacks and a visit to the gift shop saw us conclude the day out and headed for home where we stopped by Burger King to try there new relish burgers.Unfortunately they were out of Relish…but could offer us mayonnaise instead.

So we headed for home where we stopped at KFC for a # 6 Meal.

Some PlayStation, telly and a Roast for dinner (thanks Irm, it was delish!!!) and some Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream, saw us cap off the day.

As the last few hours on my birthday draw to a close I am somewhat glad the day has ended . Now while I remind everyone I know not to forget about it, I generally am not a fan of the day itself. Turning 25 is one of those b-days that actually reminds you that you are getting old. You tend to sit back and think about what have you actually accomplished in the past quarter of a century. That thought alone tended to depress me quite a bit.

Then I thought about it a bit more…I am holidaying in another country dammit…start enjoying life.

With than I have planned my week ahead.

Tomorrow should see me venture into Birmingham where I will take in the sites and sounds of the National Sea Life Center, the Cadburys Factory and the Bullring shopping center amongst others.

Later in the week I will be making my way into London for a few days where I will be staying with a good friend Matthew, whom I worked with at my first two jobs. A few of you might know him.

The rest we will take it as it comes.

Speak to you all soon.

Classic Burg: UK Diary 2003 (Part 4)

September 1, 2009

11 October 2003 – Please Remain Behind The Yellow Line

Sorry for the lack of updates folks, but finally the weekend has arrived!

Today sees the end of my first official week in the UK. Now I know not much has happened this far, but hopefully things will get a little more exciting.

Got a new look these days…think of it as Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates Of The Caribbean.

Tonight we will make out way to the NEC Arena in Birmingham to watch the stars of the WWE Smackdown tour. I am psyched and have my “PASSPORT TO PAIN!” already packed.

Tomorrow of course is my birthday…25 years old…*sigh*

Made our way to TESCO for my first proper English breakfast. Love dem beans.

Oh…by the way….as part of my try new’s item was: English Mustard. It was hot…very hot. Instead of tasting a variety of tastes from my Eggs. Bacon, Sausages, Beans and toast, I was treated to a Mustard breakfast. In fact, the rest of my food for today tasted like Mustard.

Only a few hours till we need to catch the train,so will be back to update later.


(Roughly 4am as I write this folks, and I am 4 hours into my bday.)

So we manged to catch our train trip to Birmingham, the ride was bumpy and at times I honestly believed I may have been Bruce Willis at the beginning of Unbreakable, with some of the noises we heard.

Left at about 5:30pm from Rugby station and arrive at 6:10pm at the Arena.

Great atmosphere as the fans really made the most of it. Was great to see so many ppl dress up like their fave superstars. The UK fans are much better that the SA fans to be honest.The are smarter when it comes to the WWE, that however is probably due to the amount of wrestling broadcast on TV here.

A trip to the merchandise stand saw me get a tour cap, t-shirt and program as well as a Kurt Angle t-shirt. * I can hear my mom now saying how much she hates that man*

Absolutely first class seats right up front.

The show itself was awesome, a few boring matches, but seeing Kurt Angle twice in one year is one of my fave moments.

Won’t bore you with the matches, but it was great, I had an awesome time.Thanks to my cousin Mike for the perfect B-day gift.

After the event ended, we made out way to the station again, where we waiting for the last train of the nite at about 10:50pm. In the meantime I was getting high from the crowd next to me who was smoking their RDA of Hemp.

Now here’s a funny story about the yellow line. You see at a train station, there is a yellow line that you are supposed to stand behind until the train arrives. The station master who was obviously getting annoyed as it was so late and nobody was listening to her requests. “Will passengers on Platform 3, please step behind the yellow line… PLEASE”. As the time wound down she became noticeably irate to the point where she was shouting over the PA system.

40min ride home and then watched two movies on telly which brings me to where I say good-nite for another update.