20 Things New Girl Has (Forcibly) Taught Me About Life…

1. If something is not funny, laughing louding and longer will make it funny.

2. It is possible to know more about something even if you have less experience, less training, and less knowledge.

3. If you are new to a company, it only takes a day to feel part of group.

4. If you have been at a company for years, it only takes a day to realize new girl will never be part of the group.

5. When life seems hard. Just think WWNGD. (What Would New Girl Do)

6. Working for Apple gives you life experience you need for any situation, job or problem in life. Ever.

7. Appointments are never needed if you are the new girl. People should always be expecting you.

8. There is no such thing as personal space. It all belongs to New Girl.

9. If you don’t understand something, NEVER EVER let ppl know. a)Just stare back at them blankly b) Act sick and go home

10. If you are unhappy with procedures or policies, the easiest way to express this is by saying “Thats not how it is in the UK”

11. Using pet names will endear you everyone.

12. It is possible to lead from the front – if you shove everyone out the way.

13. Learning which artists your company represents only slows down business deals.

14. There is no need to research what a potential client does, they will probably tell you in your pitch meeting anyways.

15. Being touchy feeling in the work place is never inappropriate. Even on your first day.

16. Adding the word “Yeah” after every sentence will further enhance your point.

17. Making pointless irrelevant statements in meetings is seen as contributing.

18. Bring your child to work day, should be a public holiday for the rest of the people you work with.

19. Private conversations don’t exist unless they include you. (also, when other people go quiet when you walk in on them halving a private conversation, they are actually waiting for you to add your 2 cents.)

20. If you stuff things up on your first day, you will forever be known as New Girl.


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3 Responses to “20 Things New Girl Has (Forcibly) Taught Me About Life…”

  1. Charis Says:

    Brilliant….ESP # 15. PMSL.
    GOOD JOB 😉

  2. Michelle Says:

    hahahahaha!! yes it’s good to learn new things everyday…even when its forced…really funny:)

  3. bookjunkie Says:

    gosh she sounds annoying…real funny post! I feel your agony…. esp #6 #18!

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