Classic Burg: UK Diary 2003 (Part 6)

5 October 2003 – Every Journey Has A Beginning…

After spending the last couple of days lazing about, erm, I mean resting up, for my next couple of days I awaited anxiously for 4pm to arrive.The next 4 days would be days that would totally change my life and send me on a journey like no other. DUN DUN DUN

4pm arrived and I left with my cousin and his girlfriend for the 2-hour trip to Heathrow Airport. She was going back to S.A for about 9 days and I would catch the trains from Heathrow to my destinations.

After making good time, about 90min we got to Heathrow at about 6pm, where I said my goodbyes and headed off for my Underground experience.

I purchased my ticket to Seven Oaks, where I would be spending the evening with my old friends Stephen and Natasha Prior.

Now, looking at a tube map, Heathrow is on the extreme left of the map and Seven Oaks is so far right of the map that it doesn’t even appear on it.

The Heathrow Express took me as far as Paddington Station. Not knowing the train terminates here, I waited for it to carry on further. Noticing I was the only one left on the train I grew a little nervous. Luckily that all went away as soon as the Conductor as me politely to get off and catch the connecting train.

Stumbling my way to the end of Paddington and asking about 4 stewards the same question I eventually found my connecting train to Seven Oaks. It was at about this time I realized bringing 3 bags with was not a good idea. (cramp!)

The 2 hour train ride down to Seven Oaks began. Stopping at every major stop in London. I was able to catch a few sitings of London landmarks in the darkness, making note of what I would visit the next day, as well as listening to about 100 different cell phone conversations that were going on around me. I learned that Deb left Nick because she came home and caught him cheating on her. B@st@rd!

As the train ride started to come to an end, the number of passengers became less and less until once again I was the only one on the train. Motion sickness began to take its toll as I began what would become 4 days of absolute pain and agony to my body.

At about 8pm I arrived in Seven Oaks and was picked up at the station by Sprior. He took my down the road to their Victorian style house which I really like.

After a great dinner, thanks Tasha!, We spent most of the evening catching up, swapping stories and renewing a friendship. The evening however drew to a close and we said our goodbyes as the motion sickness was really getting me down I looked forward to a great rest.

As I laid down trying to get rid of the feeling of a moving train, irony reared its ugly head as I realized…I was going to be sleeping on a water bed!!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily I found myself falling asleep rather easily….Zzzzzzzz


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