Classic Burg: The UK Diary 2003 (Part 9)

18 October 2003 – Camden Town & The Rugby

Had a nice lay-in today…The body still not working properly though.

Matt & I made our way up to Wimbledon station at about 11am.

Caught the train from Wimbledon to Waterloo and then from Waterloo to Camden Town.

Perhaps one of the greatest points of my trip thus far was the the absolute splendor of Camden Town. The freedom to be yourself was unbelievable. I witnessed every possible type of person you can get mulling around the markets

You had your Goths, Raver, Metalheads, 50’s style Greasers, Rockers, Hip-hoppers, Rasta’s and on and on and on.

Once you have been here you realize how small you are, as I walked I began to feel something. This feeling was that of being humbled and understanding that I have not even begun to tap into my own potential. I felt so small, almost as small as a fly. Then everything began to click and being that fly I was able to sit on the wall and take notes and draw inspiration for what I really wanted out of life and where I want to go.

The most amazing fashions were also on offer here, but not in my price range. So folks at work, no need to worry as I did not buy anymore see through shirts etc. I would come back to the UK for Camden alone.

Made our way back into Wimbledon to watch the SA vs England match at a pub where I met some of Matthews SA friends and family.A great vibe and not being the biggest Rugby supporter I found myself getting into the spirit of things. I tried to start a slow clap, but it didn’t work. We lost, I didn’t care. I was on cloud 9 still. (No, I didn’t try any magic mushrooms at Camden)

After the game I socialized a bit and listened to some great stories, and then decided I would make my way back to Lutterworth and my cousin tonight rather than tomorrow morning as we had plans for Sunday.

Short stop off at Matthew’s place to grab my stuff, considered saying goodbye to the old lady at number 7 Richmond Avenue, but never did.

Matthew waited with me at the bus stop, however a blind bus driver cut out goodbyes short as I had to run after the bus with all my bags hanging around my neck causing me to look like a puppy sticking its head out the window.

Made the bus, made the station, took the wrong train, took another wrong one, then made my way to Euston station where I purchased my ticket to Rugby where my cousin would fetch me 2 hours later.

8:30pm I arrived at Rugby station, made our way home, and had we some Chinese dishes.

Once the Chinese girls left we went for some supper.

Just kidding, we had Chinese for supper 🙂

Rounded off an amazing 4 days with some Golf on the PC.


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