Classic Burg: UK Diary 2003 (Part 8)

17 October 2003 – Wimbledon

As I woke up on Friday morning…my first thoughts were, I am paralyzed…I could not move.

Between 8am and 9am I sat wide awake willing my limbs to work, a co-incidence I would laugh at later that day.

Managed to drag myself into the shower, freshen up and head out for the day. Matthew’s roommate informed me he would be there basically the whole day when i need to get back in.

Got to the bus stop and waited for the bus into town. 20min of listening to an old lady tell me the same story about 3 times until the bus arrived. The driver then told me I needed the bus on the other side of the street. I swear I could not catch a break anywhere!

Luckily though, 5 min later the right bus arrived. It took me into town, where I got to know the town of Wimbledon… during the day. Some shopping, meeting way too many South Africans, visiting the SA store called Down South and some breakfast at KFC.

Caught 12pm movie, Kill Bill, which is one of the best films you will ever see. In one scene a paralyzed Uma Thurman will her legs to move. I laughed coz it took her 13 hours and I only needed 1…ha!

After the movie I headed over to Burger King for lunch and then made may way down the road for a walk home..where I got lost…again.

2 hours later I emerged at Richmond and it was about 4:30pm.

Yup, you guess it…nobody home. I sat on the window ledge for about 30min and then made plans with Matthew to meet for a drink.

Caught another bus into town..this the bus got down the road…it broke down. If I swore…this would be about the time i did.

I walked back into town..and this point I realized any further and I would die.

So I went back into the cinema and purchased tickets for the 6pm show for Finding Nemo and the 8pm Show for Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Bought me a pack of M&M’s and said down to watch another 2 great movies.

Met Matthew outside the Cinema at about 10pm where were made our way to the local pub for some drinks and to make fun of the people doing Kareoke. Don’t worry I didn’t break the code of The Burg…I had only Diet Coke.

Back home and settled in for the evening.


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