Scrubs: The Lost Episode

JD Voiceover:
Every once in a while friendships are tested by three little words. And more often than not the decision as whether to say those words, can forever change a friendship…

Turk – “You’ve got to just tell her …”
JD – “I will…when the timings right”
Turk – “The timings never right, you just gotta suck it up, be a man and say “I Love You”. Chicks dig that stuff!”
JD – “yeah that’s easy for you to say…chicks dig it when a BLACK man says I Love You”

A Barry White look-alike tells a hot girl he loves her, in his trademark velvet voice. She crumbles.
A Denzel Washington look-alike tells a hot girl he loves her, he is shirtless. She crumbles.
A Mike Tyson look-alike tells a hot girl he loves her, in his trademark squeaky voice. She laughs.

JD – “Ok, maybe not all black men”

The next day at Sacred Heart Hospital…

Elliot is banging the vending machine trying to get out a chocolate bar that is stuck…

Turk – “Ok there she is, now’s your chance. Remember Be A Man”
JD (psyching himself up)– “BE A MAN”

JD puffs up his chest and approaches Elliot.

JD – “Ell I need to tell you something really important…”
Elliot (distracted) – “Sure JD what is it…”
JD – “Elliot I….I….I Love You…”…*BANG*…Elliot gives the vending machine a smack at the exact moment JD says you….
“…gene Levy” – adds JD
Elliot now paying attention again – “You love Eugene Levy? The dad from American Pie?”
JD – “…Uh huh…”
JD speeds off awkwardly.

JD and Turk are sitting in the Hospital Canteen. JD is busy explaining his failed attempt at telling Elliot he loves her when Dr. Cox walks up.
“Lady troubles Bambi?”
JD – “Dr. Cox…how would you tell your best friend you love them?”
Dr Cox – “Woah there Cinderella, I think he’s gonna hear you…(whispering) he’s sitting right next to you” (Dr. Cox points to Turk).
JD – “No, Not Turk…”
(Turk pouts)
“But you know I love you right brother bear?”
Turk (Smiling again) “I love you too Papa Bear”
The Boys smile at each other foolishly.
Dr. Cox – “You two are sick, but if you really want my advice Ginger. Just suck it up and be a man”.

Dr. Cox walks off.

JD – “You know, sometimes I really wish he’d get transferred to a hospital in Australia or something…”

Elliot joins the table, Turk excuses himself.
Elliot – “Hey”
JD – “Hey. Listen…this morning I didn’t quite tell you what I wanted to”
Elliot – “oh yeah? What’s up?”
JD – “Elliot… I’ve been wanting to tell you this for so long…I love you”
As JD says the word you, Dr. Kelso interrupts.
Dr. Kelso – “you love what??”
JD – “I said , I Love UNICEF, and I was wondering if Elliot would like to help me with some charity work”
Elliot has a confused look on her face…


JD is consulting an elderly patient…and drifts off into thought

Patient – “…Dr. Dorian…are you ok?”
JD – “oh I’m sorry Mr. Garrison. I’m just a little distracted…”
Mr. Garrison – “It’s a girl right? It’s always a girl”
JD – “yeah…you see there’s this girl I work with, who’s like the closest friend I have…”
Mr. Garrison – “…and you’re in love with her right?”
JD – “Is it that obvious?”
Mr. Garrison – “yeah, but just not that obvious to her. You see son, life is short, and if you have a chance to tell someone how you feel, you tell them. What if they get hit by a bus tomorrow?”
JD – “Yeah I know, its just…what if it ruins our friendship”
Mr. Garrison – “Dr. Dorian…excuse me for saying so, but suck it up, be a man”.
JD – “I been getting that a lot today”
Mr. Garrsion – “Now Doctor…what’s wrong with me”
JD – “Oh right sorry…well it seems like ..oh…it seems like…well…you’ve got advanced testicular cancer. I’m sorry Mr. Garrison.”

JD Voiceover:
We’re always told to appreciate the people in our lives today, because tomorrow they may be gone…What they don’t tell you though is how much those people WANT to be appreciated…

JD is watching Elliot pack up her locker after a long day.

Carla and Todd walk up to JD.
Carla – “Why don’t you try asking her out JD…”
JD (embarrassed) – “what…what are you talking about”
Carla – “oh come on JD, you’re head over heels in love with her, the whole Hospital knows but her”
JD (irritated) – “WHAT? How does everyone know?”

The Janitor walks past and says “I handed out flyers….Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go burn rubber”

Todd – “you should tell her you want to bang her! Chicks dig that”
Carla – “maybe the chicks you go out with you pervert”
Todd – “that’s not what your mom said! Yeah!” Todd holds out his hand for a high five…

Turk joins the group and says “Hey guys what’s going on?” he completes Todd’s high five, blissfully unaware.

Carla slaps Turk and storms off.
Turk – “What did I do???”

JD – “ok, this is it…I’m going to tell her…”

In slow motion an inspired JD floats towards Elliot.

JD – “Elliot, I going to tell you something, and I don’t know how you’ll react, but you need to know…”
Elliot – “Ok…”
JD – “No interruptions!”
Elliot – “sorry…”
JD – “Elliot…I am head over heels…”

Just then Ted appears between the two.

Ted – “Hey guys, have either of you seen any tyres laying around…someone has taken them off my car…oh…sorry JD where you about to tell Elliot you’re in love with her?”

Elliot is stunned.
Elliot – “What?”

JD Voiceover:
We can plan things in our heads for years, rewrite what we want to say 100 times, but at the end of the day, unless we suck it up and do it…opportunity will just pass us by and move on the next person.


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  1. watch the ghost writer online Says:

    For some reason just 1 / 2 from the post is being displayed, is it my personal web browser or perhaps the site?

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