5 Reasons I hate South Africa & South Africans

I initially wrote a quick blog about the many irritations I deal with on a daily basis by simply being a South African living in my “home country”.

As I continued to add more and more content, I found the blog turning out to be something of a labour of love/hate.

I didn’t want to just spew out a few luda-WHAT statements about my annoyances that would garner a knee jerk reaction by those who are proudly South African, an oxymoron in itself I’m sure, but I actually wanted to give factual (if not totally opinionated) examples of day to day living.

This has led me to delay the posting of this blog until I was completely satisfied with it. As each day came and went I felt the need grow to make this blog post something special to me.

I am not a proud South African. I have given my blood sweat and tears to this country, and i have been rewarded with crime, loss, dehumanization and so many more factor which I will address.

Below are the top 5 factors that lead to my absolute hate of the country and its people. In each case, I have no doubt there will be exceptions to my thoughts, but I also don’t care, I’m far too judgmental to be bothered to separate people, so I’ll rather just lump everyone together under one banner and label you all.

So, if you are offended easily then a) stop reading right here b)grow a pair and accept that you are part of the problem c) help contribute to my NYC fund and help get rid of someone who is constantly negative about the country.

You will see many references to words such as “accountability” and “responsibility”, which is expected, since it’s the common thread in this post, and quite possible a reason on its own.

Still here? Ok…well then….let’s begin.

5) The non existence of service delivery

I’ve previously blogged about quality control on products in SA , but my hatred for this runs so much deeper than a simple typo on a DVD cover or incorrect packaging. There is a distinct lack of accountability on products and service & support in this country.

If you’ve ever gone to a customer service section of a chain store, such as a Game, or Pick n Pay or Hyperama, you will immediately have a distinct memory of a frustration (or in fact a belittling attitude) you have had to deal with.

Firstly getting acknowledged by the employee on the other side of the counter is an effort. A simple hello, or smile really does not cost a thing (much like J-lo’s love), and goes a long way to setting the tone for the rest of the complaint/query.

I’m the first one to understand that I am just one of hundreds of customers dealt with on a weekly basis, but quite honestly I don’t give a damn. If you are working in a customer services division, you have a job to do. Love it or Leave it. You should treat each and every customer with personal attention. It’s a simple code your store should live by.

As an English speaking person, I also expect all communications about me or regarding my query to be relayed in English. Side conversations to a supervisor or section manger in an African language I don’t speak are not only disrespectful to me as a client, but also result in a broken telephone translation of what I am actually asking assistance on. – This results in further frustration.

This apathy to doing a job starts at petrol pump attendant level and goes right to the top to government.

Have you ever called a customer service helpline? Has the person on the other end ever actually understood what you are asking?

Trust me, Ive been on the other side too, it takes a certain kind of person to offer support. I did it for 8 years, and I was damn good at it, even though I hated it.

In this day and age, how can so many people be so ungrateful that they have a job to the extent where they couldn’t be bothered if they do it properly?

The country has promised so much job creation to its people, I just never realized that they pick jobs out of hat for each person.

What ever happened to the right person for the right job approach?
What about municipal governments contribution? how many time have you not have water? electricity? not had your garbage collection? This is a weekly concern. I pay rates and taxes on time, and the exact amounts im billed for (well…there was that one time…for a few months)…I dont ask for much…just to be treated like a human being by my own government. we don’t get explanations as to why these things occur…if we lucky, someone catches them out on a lie, THEN we get some sort of explanation.

Next week I’m going to try being a doctor. Hey at least it’s a job….

4) The Youth

You’ve heard your parents say it in some variation or another “kids today!”…well I’m sorry to say …they are right.

The youth of today is nothing short of embarrassing. Perhaps this is more personal one since I lost my childhood through circumstance and never got to experience the “youth gone wild”…But even kids of my age where never this bad.

Now, I understand each generation has their catch phrases and habits…but have you ever had a conversation with anyone below the age of 16? I have… many times (bless those internet chat rooms….I joke I joke). It’s almost impossible to actually have an English conversation with them. Seriously, it’s like trying to decipher the Da Vinci code.

They can’t even be bothered to spell correctly anymore. They abbreviate the word “the”!!!!…these are habits that wont get broken. When students inevitably get to write exams via cellphones, I’m sure we will get the following:
Question: What brought on the downfall of Obama’s presidency?
Answer: Pd. Obama, s0ught 2 rule 2 much. Causing cuntries 2 ask “WYD”.

Ok ok, see I can’t do it LOL.

I’m sure this is something that a global problem, especially with things like the internet and mobile phones around to influence them, but my point is there is a distinct dumbing down of the youth, and what’s worse is there is an increase apathy about being a good decent person.

We see kids go to school and kill their schoolmate with knives, guns, samurai swords.
We see kids accused of rape.
We see kids torturing animals.
All on the increase. With no remorse.
And we see these things, because the youth are thoughtful enough to record it on their camera phones and send to us via Bluetooth.

Kids are more interested in going to a friends house when the parents are away and indulging in alcohol, smoking and irresponsible sex. Then of course tagging each other on Facebook.

Didn’t there used to be rules in society that protected families from these sort of influences?

I happen to have the TV on often, and can’t help but watch the train wreck that is Youth TV. South African kids presenters are a ridiculous showcase for the “cool and hip”
White guys try to be gangsta black
Black guys try to be American black.
Girls well…girls will be girls.

The South African youth has lost their identity. They follow US trends and try to duplicate them – to embarrassing proportions. Are you not diverse enough as it is? Can you not find some common ground to be something that is a true representation of South Africa?

We have an ANC “youth leader” that is nothing short of a moron. He is preaching idiotic ways and means that to an easily influenced youth will hold water. So where is the hope for our future? Probably passed out drunk.

Strange that I’m attracted to 17 yr old school girls then? Naaaa…as says…”that’s what I love about these schoolgirls man. I get older…they stay they same age”…”yes they do….”

3) LifeStyles of the Rich and The Famous

That little speech about kids presenters reminds me of a joke I once heard…

A former Miss South Africa, A cricket player, A radio DJ and a Soapie star walk into a room, the next day, a headline reads “The biggest celebrity of the Event”.

Hahaha LOVE that joke…ok sure I just made it up right now, and its not really a joke, it’s a way of thinking here.

You know, its sad that a celebrity starved culture such as South Africa is so eager for someone to put on a pedestal that we don’t acknowledge those hard working actors and musicians that slave away at gigs, auditions and small roles, but instead we will rather show heaps of praise onto our radio DJs, soapie stars, beauty queens and sports stars who just happen to attend the opening of an envelope.

They simply have a good agent who gets them invited to a movie premiere (which is generally attended by Joe Average too).

We try label them as SA’s Posh & Becks or SA’s JayZ & Beyonce…

Our papers, magazines, entertainment shows shove the same faces down our throat and try make us believe they are celebrities. What’s perhaps worse is these individuals try and ACT like celebs too.

Newsflash. You are NOTHING more than a personality who has a fun interesting job. (until you get fired for a) speaking your mind or b) getting too old)

Then as if that weren’t enough, we had a reality show host that ends up host every show on TV, MCing every corporate function in town and trying to release her own single.

Give me a breeeeeeaaaaak.

Then we have to two kinds of celebrity followers. Those who are friends with personalities and try parading their friendships across all means of communications, Twitter, Facebook etc….you can keep your conversations private…why must we all see that you are going out that night to a club? Is it a public announcement? Are we to be impressed? Oooh look they’ve got a pic with themselves with a celeb, man I wish I had the same pic 1 million other fans had.

I’ve worked for a celebrity gossip magazine, so I know how these things work.

Type number 2 is they pseudo celeb. He’s the guy who was featured in a segment on a TV show, or had her name or face in the paper. They of course also try shameless promotion to try convince the rest of us that they are famous. My friends, you have hit the big time!

By the way, my big movie SlamBang comes out on DVD next week…Order yours now here.

You know what’s my favourite thing about SA celebs? When they “fall from grace”
Wow…someone did something wrong…but thankfully we are there to cover it 24/7.
You know what? I just banged your wife and we did coke of a small child’s back while watching illegal DVDs…

*cricket noises*…

mmm… no paparazzi….

Top 2 reasons coming soon


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205 Responses to “5 Reasons I hate South Africa & South Africans”

  1. Celt303 Says:

    Where’re the other 4 reasons? You promised us 5! I happen to agree with you. I was born South African but have been alienated to the point of denial. I’m often tempted when asked overseas to give a different nationality (several of which I’m entitled to) and explain my accent as corrupted by Saffa house/ work mates.

    • The Burg Says:

      will post each one as Im happy with it lol…they are quite intense, so they deserve my respectful proof reading 🙂

    • minted and sorted Says:

      Most south africans whom are in uk are d**s avoid them like the plague as they are like a pack of cowardly wolves, cannot fend for themselves unless in a pack. They are all ugly too and brainwashed by their arrogance.

      • Free Says:

        I completely agree!! I am too embarrassed to tell people in the UK where I now live that I am originally from South Africa as I cannot stand the thought of being linked in any way to the trashy, ignorant majority of South Africans living there. I shudder when I hear that loud, whiney, over confident accent and cannot get away fast enough. Their arrogance is truly baffling.

      • Tanya Says:

        Shut your face up.. More like you guys are bloody brainwashed.. This country is still bloody running in the 3rd world !!! Sooo corrupted!

    • minted and sorted Says:

      I agree, I have never come across such childishness on a site aimed at south africans going abroad. South africans need to realise that everyone all over the world emigrate on a daily basis. You do not see australians berating their fellow australians for leaving and setting up elsewhere and going to UK or to another country. South Africans have a bad attitude and the sooner they realise it the world will not accept them until they stop with the bitter jealousy over the south africans whom leave:(

  2. Romi Says:

    We need to get you to NYC boy! 🙂 Nice post, you are fully entitled to your opinions, and these certainly seem like things I would reasonably hate as well!

  3. josef Says:

    You are a pathetic individual who is full of hate for everything around hime. Get your little brain sorted my dear fool.

    • The Burg Says:

      and yet there are still 2 reasons to come….

    • MBD Says:

      He is right, South Africa is one country I wish to get out of ASAP. I hate this country as well with all my heart.

      • audrey Says:

        Ok what uve said is true but not all south africans are flops hey, some of us r trying so hard to benefit this country eg looking for jobs but doors are shut on our faces. So yeah I’m also not a proud south african

  4. You an asshole Says:

    you a fucking dick head for writing the shit that you do, asshole.

  5. Mark Says:

    TOTALLY agree with you. Born a South African unfortunately, and hate the place.

  6. Seagull Says:

    I agree with all you say but I think you should get to the true reasons why you hate this place. I doubt if you could hate it as much as I do but then it should have been expected after 1994. It starts at the top – enough said!!!

  7. RetroM Says:

    This country is going to hell in a handbasket. Australia here I come…

    • Craige Says:

      @ RetroM….Yawn…. another chicken runner to Australia…I suppose you are going to Perth with all the other South Africans who can’t make it in their own country, the really funny thing is that the Australians really do not like South Africans in their country..who could blame them there are 150 000 of the chicken runners living there..enjoy the trip and please don’t come back!

      • Gregor Says:

        Damn straight. Nothing personal, but go somewhere else, you’re a bunch of arrogant, self righteous assholes.

      • susan mcco Says:

        ou are just jealous you stupid ostrich who buries its head in the sand as devastation wreaks south africa because you have not got a british passport to come here and earn big money £££££ unlike you monopoly money you c*nt !!

      • minted and sorted Says:

        Hey Craige, I have met a few men like you and when I told my former south african boss called Andy Pandy that I was off to the UK to get a better life for myself out of ambitious desire and a good balanced mentality and need to better myself further academically and also see the rest of the world and obtain a broader outlook on life and thus loose my religion in the process due to not being so insulated and narrow minded with that type of arrogance your writing insinuates with a typo south african mentality- My boss said the same thing, people go abroad who cannot make it in south africa. But I AND MANY PEOPLE WHOM ARE ABROAD CRAIGEY WAIGEY ARE SOUTH AFRICANS WHOM ARE PROFESSIONAL AND HAVE MADE IT IN SOUTH AFRICA BUT HAVE A NEED TO MAKE IT ABROAD AS WELL AND START AFRESH ELSE WHERE WITHOUT HAVING TO BE BLAMED FOR DESERTING OUR COUNTRY WHEN THE SH*** HITS THE FAN. YOUR INEPTITUDE AND DISGUST AT FELLOW SOUTH AFRICANS LEAVING AND GOING ABROAD IS QUITE WORRYING. MAYBE YOU NEED TO STOP BEING JEALOUS OF US HAVING BRITISH PASSPORTS OR AUSTRALIAN VISAS AND GET A LIFE, MAYBE REALISING THAT YOUR OWN COUNTRY IS GOVERNED BY MONKEYS WHOM CANNOT ORGANISE A PISSUP IN A BREWERY IS STARTING TO PLAY ON YOUR DEMENTED BRAIN. !! GET A LIFE, LET US BE, IF WE WANT TO COME AND GO AND COME AND GO BACK AND FORTH FROM SOUTH AFRICA BECAUSE WE HAVE THE FINANCES THEN LET US BE AND STOP WITH YOUR TYPICAL, DELUDED AFRIKAANER, SUPERIORITY COMPLEX ARROGANCE THAT IS SOO UNAPPEALING TO THE REST OF THE WORLD !!

      • Luke Says:

        Minted, that rant made my day! You are funny and on point.
        I love living in SA but am a concerned citizen atm as things are not looking great,… who knows maybe we get another miracle and get this place spinning it the right direction again

  8. seeyasa Says:

    This is so true …….live in SA for 30 years.
    Had enough so now i live in NZ what a difference.
    My family can live in peace.

    • ernest Says:

      NZ is not 100% has some of it’s own problems hopefully it will never get like SA

    • SouthAfrican Says:

      Unlike those lazy self righteous sponging poms, at least us South Africans don’t rely on free benefits and sponging off the UK like the poms do, lol n they so right they have audacity to say saffas are arrogant and blah blah. I actually feel a bit sorry for the little poms. So ignorant and un educated – they “English” yet they can’t even speak/spell most of their own words in their language properly. I’m a “saffa” yet probably contribute more than you lot and earn way more than you useless lot could ever dream of earning – IN YOUR COUNTRY!!

      • Juliana Says:

        And with ignorance like this,is it any wonder why people think Saffas are arrogant? I’m in the UK too and people like you make me feel ill. Go back to SA if you hate it here so much. We’ve got the free healthcare and the alarm free schools.

      • Abigail Says:

        You are a prime example of your peoples arrogance, and I agree with Juliana go back to your own country If you hate the UK so much, oh, and by the way you should proof read your work since you are SO well educated.

      • Claire Curtis Says:

        You are joking my greedy obnoxious white south African neighbours scrounge off the UK no end. Recently the wife had to have an operation. She had s NHS bed in.a Private hospital
        And shecomplained because she only had a minor op.but expected to. Stay in for several days. Ungrateful
        Greedy always going on the sick to get benefits. I honestly can’t go on

  9. Dave Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. I was born in Rhodesia, which as we know, was fucked as power was given to the blacks, making its way down the beautiful African continent, leaving a raped, smoking shit-heap behind them. “we want power!!” they shouted and look what they have done with it. They have not successfully governed one country to which they have been given the power of.
    My family and I move to RSA only to have the same thing happen to it.
    The African people are mentally unable to run a country. They are too barbaric and primitive and only know to take. They are equatorial people and have never had to plan ahead or store anything through bleak winters or add value to anything. Therefore you have a people that just use up everything.
    There are a small handful of fantastic blacks, but, sadly, as a whole they are mindless fucking locusts that are unbelievably easily led.
    Anyone who has a problem with this blog obviously has not been held at gun point in South Africa at age 15 (not the first time), shot at, or been privilege to the abortion that South Africa has become.
    A black Zimbabwean once said to me “please could you ask Mr Ian Smith to come back to power, because at least when he was president we had food to eat.” hold tight RSA.. your turn is coming…

    All you perfect fucking clowns who have been fed the bullshit that the world wants you to see need to maybe think about what it really is like to live there and how filtered the information is that you get via the media. (Josef and ‘your an asshole’ (very original you fucking stupid ,narrow minded, brainwashed bastard)
    Ahh… i feel better. : D

    • raw Says:

      you are a fucking deluded racist inbred asswipe with a white privilege complex! I am West African, and your kind are flooding my country to see if they can rape any resources… you believe that you are necessary to the well being of Africa… Continue with your delusions!! I wish all you inbred rats would go back to your countries and leave Africa for the real Africans. Your kind is a dying breed.. enjoy while you can.. IDIOT!

  10. Girl Says:

    I’m South African but the things you mentioned amused me. You’ll find that wherever you go you’ll find general whiners like you who hate the countries they are from too. Move to where you like if you can, the things you mentioned are unlikely to change and those people very rarely feel bad for doing what they want. That said… keep whining.

    • The Burg Says:

      believe me, im trying to get out this joke of a country…i really am.

    • Clint Says:

      I live in Canada. Haven’t met a single whiner of which you speak. Often the ones who defend SA so intensely have never tried to live anywhere else. I’ve been in British Columbia for four years now. I fill in my citizenship forms this year. I wouldn’t leave my beautiful new home to move back to SA if you paid me. If you’re willing to try a new place and not constantly look behind you at SA (at how good you imagined it was when you were there) you will quickly see that the grass really is greener on the other side. SA doesn’t have a thing on Canada’s beauty and people.

  11. Edibisee Says:

    Voetsek!!!! you cunt!! moan all you want,or do something….moan again and again

    • The Burg Says:

      i am doing something, what are you doing?

    • MBD Says:

      Majority rule, SA SUCK!!!

    • Donovan Williams Says:

      Now that just confirms what this article is about. “Voetsek” wow that is high vocabulary. I’m a professional who has two degrees, and could possibly have alot to offer South Africa. I’m tired of this country, in which corruption, crime and frankly, stupidity rule. I can not take hearing howsh, eish, how kona, yebo, hownnna again. Frankly I agree with the article above. People complain about having no jobs and living in shacks, but they will vote the ANC in again and again and again. At least in Australia, when you walk into the post office the lady behind the counter has the decency to say “good morning” instead of “eishhh”- South Africa what a dump! The toilet of the world!

      • Andrew Says:

        south africa is not for sissy’s mate if you cant handle it get out l promise you no one will miss you

      • The Burg Says:

        South Africa is not for sissies is the dumbest response ever. That’s basically saying you have to accept your life is at risk for petty brutal crime. It’s attitudes like that which will not help SA. I’ve left. Im happy. Im safe.

  12. Guy Says:

    Then LEAVE you fucken MORON!!!!! Get OUT and rid this country of your misery you spoilt fat white prick!
    Ever noticed that things only work when you get off your fat ass and DO SOMETHING?
    Please get out, now! Give me your address and I’ll come round and help you in a hurry.

    • The Burg Says:

      how am i spoilt?
      how do you know im fat?
      145 jan smuts avenue, Johannesburg
      i’ll be waiting.
      typical, uneducated, thoughtless response.
      You are a shining example to many.

      • raw Says:

        greedy, arrogant , white privilege complex, inbred, deluded loser. You are a shining example of your white race.. Can’t deal without the white privilege that you used to have when you were oppressing and terrorizing the majority population. GET LOST LOSER!

  13. jakorporaal Says:

    Ja boet, I have also grown to dislike the place and the mentality. I was born in SA, of SA parents. I did my national service and paid my taxes. I left ten years ago, and thankfully have lost the accent and the peculiar words and phrases. I now have friends from all around the world – the diversity is nice, and I do not have to talk about “Essay” all of the time as a result. Every time I hear a new SA expat here say something like “do you know there’s a SA club here and you can buy Mrs Balls and Ouma rusks in abc Supermarket”, I want to retch. Oh give it a break, skaapie. Anyone – feel free to reply with as many insults as you like – I will not be returning to check your comments. Here we go, I’ll include a few insults for convenience, and whomever wishes to, can merely tick the ones (or all) that you want to apply to me.
    (1) U vxkken dxos
    (2) Jou ma se nat xxaai (I recommend this one – has a nice ring to it)
    (3) Veraaier
    (4) Mo*rsk*nt (we used this one in the SAP – a cop’s favourite!)
    (5)Do*sdief (More of an army favourite)
    (6) Yassis bru, you’re a tool.

    Ok, great, thanks for listening. I am now going to drive my PICKUP to a BARBECUE down the road, and I believe there’s some good BEEF JERKY and MANDARINS to enjoy with the STELLA lager whilst we wait for the fire to get going. I look forward to grilling some CHEESEBURGERS.
    PS: so lekker not paying income tax, having less than 50 murders a year in my new country of residence and being able to drive a 4.8 litre SUV, as petrol price is equivalent to US cents 35 per litre. Jaaaa boet, dis nou die lekker lewe. Tjeers!

  14. Esco Says:

    Go fuck yourself… If you don’t like it leave the country. Everyday I get up in a foriegn land and try my best to uplift my country. There is nothing more painful than your own people bringing you down while they do nothing to help. You no diff from those apartheid people who went to London and are bitter cos there is a new govt… Big fuck you

    • The Burg Says:

      lol….thats one of the worse “for” arguments i’ve heard…clearly you didnt understand a word of what i wrote…not a single word was race related.

    • hayley mcco Says:

      You are just jealous you stupid ostrich who buries its head in the sand as devastation wreaks south africa because you have not got a british passport to come here and earn big money £££££ unlike you monopoly money you c*nt !!!

  15. leela Says:

    ok, i honestly agree wit u.one thing i have noticed is that south africans are proud and thats ok but it looks like they bite off more they can chew. always striving to copy the west and they overdo it sometimes and it is painful to watch…….honestly!

  16. The Burg Says:

    your educated reply just validates my points.
    pity you can’t hold a discussion…must be an education thing. and why would i go to Aus or England? that serves no purpose to my goals and ambitions? You should learn how to read so that you can actually add some sort of validation to your idiotic rant.

    • esco Says:

      basically just leave the damn country and continent..we dont really care where you go!!! futsek hahahaha

    • ingqondi Says:

      I think you have a point but I don’t understand how you can recommend education to someone else when it obviously isn’t working very well for you if you can’t even be bothered to use good punctuation in your comment.

    • ingqondi Says:

      Stop telling people to ‘go fuck off’ or to ‘voetsek’ when they say they don’t like this country. And they are not being racist. I am not white but I am planning to leave this country one day. I don’t know who’s the asshole who dragged race into this topic because I don’t see any mention of it in the article. If you are a black person, then you are only offended by the article because it’s probably a white person who wrote it, not because you think what it says is untrue. Aniphikisi lento abayishoyo, niphikisa bona ngoba bemhlophe. THAT is racism.

  17. Angel Says:

    I have followed my husband to SA from the UK and its a good thing I deeply love him otherwise I would have ran back to the UK within 24 hrs..
    I do not know how any person could justify the state of this country, I can understand there is pride and all that stuff but you’re not helping yourself or your fellow country men by pretending that SA is a decent place to live. Anything worth having in this country is thanks to the invasion of the Europeans and now that black South Africa is in power the country is a mess. I want to see SA do well, I really do but I have to be honest I dont see how, especially with the lack of intelligence of the government.. Zuma is an embarrassment on the world’s stage, and the crime here makes this country a real failure. I have been here less than two years and I have been attacked already, I have experienced all that I believe was unfair stereotype and then not to mention the lack of public service and so on. No woman should have the unfortunate experience of living here.
    Now I want it to be know that Im a European of African descent, my husband is Zulu, and it brakes my heart to go back to the UK to confirm to other black Europeans that SA is a prison city, meaning that you are confined to a bread crum of land if you want to be safe. SA has rightfully earned the reputation it holds around the world as a dump, and I have never experienced such lack of pride from the general public to services. My husband is a rare breed of man here, he is black, educated, successful and generally a respectful polite man, every time we go somewhere people assume he is also british, and are very surprised to learn he is South African. No wonder I met him in London.
    The people who insult us (people who dislike SA) need to honest about one thing… What do they actually Love about this country, and the sad truth is “all that the white countries have put here” and remember Im not white..
    Africa as a whole is a mess, the powers that be like this way, and the African population is way too docile to do anything but to be left dreaming of America life… more and more black people are living great lives in the UK, USA and many other first world countries and would never consider moving to Africa, because unfortunately this is not a life, especially if you’ve travelled (most people who support and excuse the current state of SA haven’t) and experienced other cultures.
    Things will get better but by the time they do the rest of the world would have probably moved planet..

    • MBD Says:

      Now here is a woman with her eyes wide open, let the people who are proud of CCSA (Concentration Camp South Africa) be proud of it. I’m tired, all my family have left the country, I’m still looking for someone to have my head examined for staying here so long.

    • CCN Says:

      ‘No woman should have the unfortunate experience of living here.’

    • audrey Says:

      Hey can you please help me I also wanna move to the uk as soon as I’m done with my studies pls email me at audreynicolemthembu@gmail.com for british embassy contact detail and procedures. I really wanna leave south africa n become a British citizen

    • raw Says:

      Another fool suffering from white privilege and superiority complex. White people didn’t do didly squat. They came and created chaos and inequity with their apartheid policy , and are now whining about it. You are a foolish woman. I am African and I live in Africa and I love it. I see no mess! The mess is in your deluded mind… I wish they had sent all of you packing!

      • Eyes TO See Says:

        @raw She said: “and remember Im not white”…so how does she “suffer” from ‘white privilege”? Perhaps you should READ what a person says first and not jump to conclusions. Perhaps you should consider how your comments are racist too and that you should first take the log from your own eye before attempting to remove the splinter from your brother’s eye.

  18. MBD Says:

    You know a white South African male might actually be more welcome there in England and Australia than here in his own country!! not a bad idea move.

  19. HHHG Says:

    Fuck you… this place is probably better without people like you anyway. Enjoy your average lives in shit holes like England and Australia. This guy “the burg” is the uneducated one, prick, probably feels hard done becuase he’s living in a shit hole and can’t afford to leave. I personaly blame you’re parents, you don’t seem like the kind of guy who’s been over seas or even around our country that much, once again a money thing. Fuck you british lady, i’ve been to England, it fucking rains all the time, and with the binge drinking and teenage pregnancy’s its a wonder why kids are choking each other for fun. Lives good here if your smart. The burg, i see that it is infact a money thing, that sucks, it really does, must be an education thing…
    hahaha dick head

    • The Burg Says:

      yeah, eloquently put. i guess i can’t argue with your well researched answer. kudos to you sir for putting yourself in a class of your own.

    • Too true Says:

      Ok..now compare teenage pregnancy to teenage moms who kill there new borns simply cos they dont want them.(that actually happened this week in Khayelitsha).Then compare “kids choking eachother”…to little kids tikking together only to grow up to be rapists and murderers.

      Ya you are right…life is WAAAY better here

      Lifes good here if you smart? So if you are smart the crap government and crime and curruption will have no effect on you? Next time rather email your ignorant careless responses directly so they can be printed out.Toilet paper is becoming expensive in this country

    • Juliana Says:

      As a South African in the UK,your taking crap

      If you judge a country on the weather, you are quite thick. The healthcare in the UK is better,as are the universities,housing,education,crime rates,shopping,culture etc.

  20. Smallboy Says:

    Studying at a “reputable” South African university all that i can read in these forsaken text books are how the people use to struggle in this crap hole country……FUCK are they blind? Can “educated” not people see that this whole country is controlled by a bunch of idiots! We as citizens of South-Africa are being raped trough the ears by our government, and now the assholes want to implement a bill to silence all that we have left of a prosperous past our Press! So wtf captain Zuma and deputy Malema whats next?

  21. Too true Says:

    BURG you are so right.Everything you spoke of I agree 110%.Ive been in south africa my whole life.Worst 24 years of my life.Whats annoying on this forum is the childish non constructive criticism of the “proudly south africans”.To you people…how can you possibly not know how messed up this country is?My only guess is that you dont know how good life is on the other fense (or maybe some of you do but know you are way to tied down to leave,so you defend the country simply because its all youve ever had and will ever have and you are jealous of the people who can move).To everyone who says Australia is a crap country to live in.Lol…CLEARLY…clearly youve never been there.Or you have been terribly misinformed.1- Australia is clean.no…its normal.Its this country that makes it seem clean.You know how stupid south africans like I look when we say to an ausie how clean their country is? They look at us as if to think we live in a rubbish bin! And they are absolutely right! 2- You know how much the bus fare is in Australia? Even if you were a begger you could afford it you know why? Its free people.100% free.The dude thought I was tipping him i looked like a fool! 3- Funny I mentioned beggers.Cos there arent any.If you dont have a job the Australian government pays you UIF (that is Unemployment Insurance Fund for you uneducated ones).Its something to the equavilant of R3500 that they get per month in ausie dollars.And thats where the taxes go…to actually make a difference in the country unlike S.A where our taxes go to buy politicians R30000 beds for their 20 odd wives.Its sick.And dont give me that racist crap!I would have Nelson Mandela ANYDAY over the current pathetic excuse for a government.GROW UP! The race card is 20 years old people! 4- The people are so kind.I couldnt believe it.Its realy like a different world youre in.I could list more things i realy could but i think ive made my point.People…these are facts.Now compare these 4 things along side south africa.What is it you see in this country? And dont treat me as an outsider…im a south african just like you so i know this country.You have 100 woman raped daily in S.A…yet youre proudly south african.You have 89 murders daily…But youre proudly south african.The president of our country,until ridiculed and corrected,believed that he could have sex with an aids infected lady and simply have a shower to cure himself afterwards…yet youre proudly south african.Taxis due to their pathetic,impatient and reckless driving kill 10000 people a year…yet you are PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN. WHY? These statistics are real.google if you dont believe me.There are articles all over news24.

    So please people.Dont tell us oh eff you you efffing moron.As soon as we read that we know that you dont have any valid points or constructive criticism to throw our way.You are actually proving our point every step of the way its quite hilarious.Oh…and dont take it out on us if you dont have enough money to go experience other countries and cultures.

    If you are truely in love with this country…you are in love with a country that doesnt exist anymore.It might have been a beautiful country once…but not anymore.My suggestion is you wake up, have a very belated mourn over the old South Africas death…and look elsewhere for you or at least your kids one day.Give them a better life than what you and I had.If you dont…you will die in this crap whole.

    You probly all hate me now.Dont worry I’ll be out soon aswell.Most deffinately before i raise a child in this pathetic excuse of a country


    • CCN Says:

      I don’t like Australians, and they don’t like me, because that is the first thing I tell them when I meet them. I met like three nice Aussies in my life and one of them was Shane Warne. That is about as nice as they get. I actually stumbled upon this blog cause I was looking for a place where myself and Australians could exchange thoughts as to our dislikes in each other. I would not use any sheep jokes, I have new ones that I’m keeping secret, so that I can bad mouth them in a new and fashionable way.

    • Eyes TO See Says:

      Very true what you and Burg say. I have recently left SA and I guess I am still holding out a glimmer of hope for this once beautiful country but the comments of many people show me yet another reason WHY things are so utterly hopeless. What a hate filled people! And how utterly blind to own faults! Seeing one’s own faults is the beginning of finding solutions. For the sake of my young children I hope I will NEVER need to go back, ever, not even for a holiday. Unless things change in the future, that is, because I still love my country, that died a horrible, cruel, slow death these last 20 years.

  22. Too true Says:

    How can you possibly leave a comment like that when you didnt even read what was said? Are you a child? Cos i know a few children who dont like to read long things but flip that took me 7min to read.Typical example of someone who doesnt listen,just waits their turn to speak.In so doing never learns anything…no wonder youre defending this country

  23. Reuven ראובן Says:

    South Africans are snobbish. I’m not even proud of being a South African. Whenever I refer to myself as one, I feel very uncomfortable

    In fact – I’m much different from them, and they way they treat you cuz of that? You don’t wanna know, lol

    You can’t speak the truth about something – then you’re called a “racist”
    If SA is a free country as they claim, how come people can’t say the way they feel about something, in fact – all citizens should be treated equally.

    And most South Africans think they’re more superior then others.
    Like in my case, I have an English Jewish Mother, and a German Father who speaks Afrikans. Yeah, Yeah – I know its a weird combination, but still…

    The one will call you a “redneck” and the other a “monkey” … lol
    So in a way you get crap from BOTH… In such a situation how can you stand with any of them if both criticize you?

    Or they’d be annoyed by your “accent” and tell you to *F* back to England or Australia. hahaha. I’m as much South African as what they are… and every time you stand up against these nut-jobs, they get “offended” – They can’t stand being insulted but yet they insult others…

    And yeah! Corruption and crime both destroy this country, just complain and they say “ooooh all you whites as racist” – but if a black had to complain about a white doing this, no white would be calling him a racist.

    We better get out of SA while we still can, in a couple of years, SA would end up just like Zimbabwe…
    People often claim “Oh Reuven, people like you are traitors”
    Now how on earth can anyone be proud of something if he doesn’t see any progress?
    Heck NO!! SA keeps degrading, never improved in ANY ASPECT.

    Leaving SA and starting a new life elsewhere is the only thing we can do. And to those of you who left SA – good luck! 🙂 I hope your lives will be blessed and may you all be happy!

  24. Ronan Govender Says:

    Hi Burg, In principle I agree with you. Just these two things are enough on they’re own to make any South African pull their hair out. I don’t hate my country though, and I appreciate that this is your way of letting us know that there are challenges that need to be addressed. Thank you for an informative, witty and well thought out blog.

  25. CCN Says:

    I’m very proud of being South African and little trivialities at the Customer Care Desk don’t bother me that much. I’ve gotten angry at municipal workers and so angry at clerks of the court that I engaged in childish throwing of paper balls at them after having had a document chucked at me. I have also made government employees so angry at their departments that they ‘how suga!’ me. What I’m saying is, I’m not above it, but it doesn’t bother me for long. I buy loose draws & chappies from the vendors and in winter also the little round vetkoeke. I sometimes was the white speck in a black crowd whilst walking the beat. It doesn’t bother me. Blacks have only attacked me at the karate club, back in the eighties mind you, when they weren’t supposed to be there. What makes me proud is how we manage to beat the odds. The Afrikaners vs the English, the Zulus vs the Imperialists, the old submarine against Britain’s finest ships in naval exercises, the sringboks against the All Blacks, Brian Mitchell against Tony ‘The Tiger’ Lopez, the boere against the droogte etc. Our creed should not be ‘e tarra tarra e’, but ‘when the odds are against you, beat the odds’ That has held true for many South Africans, black and white. I’m also worried sometimes, but not all the time. I also sometimes get angry at the representatives of the other races, but I don’t hate them. They just annoy me. At night sitting in class my friends of other colour remind me again of what is to be. I would just like to remind them, that they need not try justify everything that government does, I don’t see every black person as being a representative of the government. Things might work out for the best, or it might not. Long after we are gone this piece of land will still be here with its koedoes and krokodille that bites the elephant’s slurp.

  26. jujumyluv Says:

    ypu know seasons change ayh!!!
    not long ago no one was trying to hear the black man in south africa when the whites were killing us and abusing us and undermining us systematically and hiding behind a nazi like system that they put into law. there is no difference between what whites did to the people of south africa (and by people i mean blacks) and what the jews are doing to the palastines. you whites owned the media and censored all the crap that you did to us. ask any black person in sa who is old enough to remmember living in the townships during aparthied how dehumanising it was. with five percent ruling the rest and stealing the resources of the people. white people are the root cause of our short commings in south africa!! the social injustices are a direct consequence of decades of supressing us. thats why there is still inequality ect… and you expect sa so be 100% running in 16 years and erase decades of systematic breakdown..
    if anything, now whites are just getting a taste of what it was like for us under their rule. and im not condoning it but it is what it is. when you look at south afican society remember that it is your fault…yes YOUR FAULT!! the poorest people with absolutly nothing are still the blacks while whites are still living over stolen aparthied riches..so you think when that black man comes and robs you its because he just felt like it? you pushed him into such a corner and have dehumanised him/her. so yes please leave the country. to be honest we dont want you here, you have caused us too much pain. and maybe our great grandchildren will get along and maybe the divide in resources and economy will be bridged but till then if all the whites left sa it would not be too soon,..you see in africa most whites say no african country that was given back rule has succeded. hmm ask yourself why. who destabalises countries in africa? think long and hard about why zimbabwe is in a crisis? he tried to reposes and give back the lands resources to the people who are rightfully the owners and this is what the imperialist did not want, so they squeezed the economy which leads to whats happening in sa..we can look at the whole of africa. every battle scuffle has an imerial hand in it somehow. charlse taylor!!!! who you think was backing him???? people like idi amin are ridiculed when they stand up for thier people..only countries that agree to be puppets of the imperialist countries seem to succed ie japan, korea.

    we will fight for our country and if that means paying the price then so shall it be!!! most of the blacks can never forgive you!! not in this generation, so plz if you have the means just leave!!!

    • Too true Says:

      My friend…you are the type of people I dont understand.Why…must the current generation pay for what our elders did? Did me and my friends have anything to do with apartheid? No.So why must we suffer for our elders mistakes? The fact that you blame us aswell is proof alone that you have some sort of personal vendatta against white people.Thats like hunting down every lion in africa just because 1 group of lions attacked some one.No logic is present.

      So to you and every person like you I say this :

      For the sake of peace for our grandchildren…let your hatred die with you one day.Stop passing on your hatred and the false assumption that all white people are bad to your younger generation.That Is what is happening here.Because of apartheid you are teaching the youth that white people are to be snared upon.Maybe not as much as some…but most black people are doing that to a certain extent.

      No I certainly dont condone what white apartheid era people did.I think it was disgusting and anyone who still believes in it is also disgusting and having said that, they should take such thoughts to their graves aswell, but please remember that If a certain group of white people didnt want apartheid to end, apartheid would still be in practice.

      Yes Mandela came with his feedom thing going (and maybe its hard for you to believe, but Id take his presidency anytime over any president that has come after him), But at the time white people were in power still and he would not have been given a chance if not for white people.White people in general had the sense to stop acting like idiots and give black people a chance.When will it be black peoples turn to stop treating white people like crap? They hate our white elders so much…yet they doing exactly what they had done to them.You supposed to learn from history not repeat it.Oh..and when you say to us if you have the means just leave you continue yet to prove our point

      You can think what you like about me but I am a white male that grew up from a little boy wondering why i was being insulted for being white by black people but at the same time I had and still have black friends.How confusing and frustrating it was (and still is) for me and for many a white youth.How dare you say to me its MY FAULT…It is NOT MY DAMN FAULT! The only damn thing that Ive ever done wrong was to be born into a country that blames me and my entire generation for our elders sins…and basically what you just said in that paragraph was,… “How does it feel?”.When you say that, how do you think you are any better than the white apartheid politicians?

      When you have such things to say…dont you dare think that its the whites problem that the country is like it is.White apartheid politicians were wrong but at least their beliefs arent being practiced anymore…but when it comes to black people that have an attitude like yours where you secretly (for now) want white people to “see how it was for you in apartheid”…how do you think it will make things better? Is mindless revenge upon the decendents of your enemies all you can think about? because my childhood stands as proof that that is how it seems from our point of view.

      Now judging from my past experiences you probly thinking oh hes just another white racist.Wrong.I have a name and it is Steven…and all my white friends, black friends and coloured friends call me by my name cos that is who I am.and my biggest wish is that I can throw all the apartheid politicians and black people that hate each other on one island and let them fight and either all kill themselves or get it out of their system, but probly kill eachother.That way people who actually, surprise surprise, dont want violence, corruption and poverty can live in peace.

      However I doubt it, which is why I want to leave and raise my white kids somewhere where they wont be looked upon as an apartheid accomplice.Sickening

      • Cheslyn Says:

        I totally agree with you Steven…I am colourd, light skinned and green eyed…and persecuted for what happened in the past….I grew up in the suburbs, on the borderline of the Cape Flats…with many black friends and white friends…I grew up very contented with my life, got educated and lived reasonably well….then I got married to an Eastern Cape girl and moved to P.E….my biggest mistake! I was openly shown that I am not welcome! By both black and white, but mostly black….they shamelessly show and make no secret that they hate me….racism at its best i tell you. I moved to Despatch in the EC….and the whites treat me worse than a piece of dirt, even my own neighbours that I am trying so hard to get along with…my black neighbour ignores me completely….Port Elizabeth is NOT the friendly city they say it is….I will never change, and I will not blame an entire race for what a few is doing….because I never grew up that way. I just dislike the city and mostly pity them because there is a big world out there with endless possibilities, so don’t restrict yourself to the little bubble you live in and treat everyone else as an enemy. Whats happening in South Africa and in Port Elizabeth has made up my mind and that of my wife….we are leaving…that fact that many blacks rejoice to hear that makes me sad…..let me tell you this my black friends who hate me so much…..during apartheid years, while I was at high school….we marched against the bantu education system and against apartheid…I was sprayed with water cannons, gassed with tear gas, shot with rubber bullets and beaten senseless with batons….and this is the thanks I get! a good friend of mine was shot right before my eyes, I ran fearing for my safety…and later heard that he died. I couldn’t attend school for a week afterwards because the grief was too much…..
        Now I’m told in a polite way to F..CK OFF!
        Cry my beloved country..? Ek huil sommer snot en trane!

    • Wow... Says:

      I was going to type out a nice long, well articulated response to this post. But then realized I’d be wasting my time… There isn’t a cure for ignorance or stupidity. Which this post screams of.

      Enjoy your time basking in the glow of black rule. History has a way of repeating itself. Remember that when the tables are turned again once again. Don’t expect any pity then. You reap what you sow…

    • Eyes TO See Says:

      What a sad sad response, so hate filled and self righteous. You blame white people for apartheid, even the older ones of us who are now leaving the country for our children’s sake were ourselves children or barely adults when apartheid came down. Yet your words show that you yourself condone oppression and hatred to other races. How utterly utterly sad to be angry at people for doing what you yourself secretly approve of. You are a hypocrite, sir.

    • MAMA BEAR Says:

      @jujumyluv I am one who left. I can hear that you are hurting a lot and I am sorry you feel this way.

      I want to tell you that in 1994 white people were told that there would be forgiveness, that we would be one nation, a “new South Africa” and a “Rainbow Nation”.

      Some of us actually believed these things, I guess real foolishly. Some of us actually tried to build a nation with our black brethren, but had to find out to our big shock that you had not forgiven us at all, that it was only political talk that really was not how most black people felt.

      How were we to know? If so many of you felt like this, why pretend otherwise for all these years? Why did you not tell us the truth sooner?

      How can anything good come of lies?

      Let me tell you how it feels: it feels like black people lied to whites in order to USE us for all these years. Now that you have built something up, the truth has come out. Now that you think you no longer NEED us, you chase us away like dogs.

      The Bible says the following of those who refuse to forgive, FROM THE HEART:

      Mat 18:32 Then his lord, after he had called him, said to him, O wicked servant, I forgave you all that debt because you begged me.
      Mat 18:33 Should you not also have pitied your fellow servant, even as I had pity on you?
      Mat 18:34 And his lord was angry, and delivered him to the tormentors until he should pay all that was due to him.
      Mat 18:35 So likewise shall My heavenly Father do also to you, unless each one of you from your hearts forgive his brother their trespasses.

      You are already suffering the torment because you will not forgive. Are you not a sinner like white people too?

      I pray God will help you forgive those who wronged you.

  27. lisalee Says:

    As a rule the South Africans I have met are cruel and ignorant people.
    My husband is South African and a very kind, thoughtful man but his friends have said the most terrible things to me.

    One South African woman on finding out my mother was sick told me she was a eugenisist and I ought not to be allowed to have children because my mothers disease would polute the gene pool.

    Another South African, this one is supposed to be my husbands best friend told me ‘any woman who goes out on her own at night deserves to be raped’. Who speaks to their best friends wife like that? A vile man who thank goodness moved back to Cape Town where he belongs.

    I can think of countless other examples of unbelievably unpleasent encounters with South Africans but these are the two that spring to mind.

  28. Sarf Efferka Says:

    Burg, you rule, bro. I did my national service, paid my taxes, and left “Essay” ten years ago. I plan to burn my SA passport as soon as my new country’s one comes through. I have also reclaimed my English language heritage. Not to say that I have any animosity at all toward peole who speak other languages, so please do not misunderstand me. Its just that everyone takes pride in their heritage, and I respect the right of other language speakers to do the same. Ek praat nie langer van ‘n braai of ‘n bakkie of ‘n naartjie. There are no such phucking things in my language, boet. It s a barbecue, a pick-up and a mandarin, as 99% of the rest of the world call it. I no longer even speak with that phucked-up accent either, mercifully. I love my adoptive country; I love the zero income tax and zero VAT / GST. I love it that I now speak a third language, and that I can walk through the baddest part of town at midnight, with hundred dollar bills half hanging out of my back pocket, and a sign around my neck saying “please rob me”, and no-one would dare approach me. Sigh….it’s all good, buddy, alles is net vokken piele, my boet. Die wat wil se ek is ‘n doos: kyk maar in die spieel, buddy. Here, I’ll make life easier for my critics; choose the insult that you want to use to describe me: (1) Moerskont (2) Doos (3) Poes (4) Naaier (5) Vokken kont (6) Stuk kak (7) Other (please specify)

  29. truthbetoldnotsold Says:

    ha ha ha sory found this by mistake.
    1. you are free to get to Australia, Israel, Canada
    2. we will change the name to azania, trade with the far east and south america9exclude all imperialist colonial powers)
    3. we will send children to school, thats after we kill all the politiciansblack and white
    4. seeing that some of your readers are racist, my wish is that all white people can get out of africa, and this goes for the arabs killing africans in sudan and other countries up-north
    5. wish your mother had prepared for this time when the kaffir is baas and you have to take it up the ass.
    6. was at the beach today, why the anc needs to be thrown off power, life is beautiful
    7. been to norway, france, germany – they all hate white south africans there they ask me why don’t we kick you the fuck out, and i tell them, you will volunteer, willing buyer willing migrator right.
    8. try to laugh a little if you can’t love a little.

    keep writing you might be educated by strangers if your mama didn’t act responsibly

  30. Josh Rosenblatt Says:

    I don’t really know where to begin. This is the most childish and immature article I’ve read in a long time.

    I’m almost 18 and moved to South Africa from the UK a few years ago. I now have dual nationality and am both a proud Englishman and South African. I will admit that I have mostly seen the better side of the country and I am aware there are a lot of things wrong with this country.

    However, it is not the whole country’s fault. The government in South Africa is dreadful with empty promises and general corruption at every turn. I don’t know why you’re blaming the general population of South Africa for this, though.

    I think you need to realise that South Africa is a 3rd world country and although the government could use the money it has much more effectively, it doesn’t have as much as Switzerland, Australia or other countries that you obviously think are so much better.

    Your whole section on youth is completely irrelevant to South Africa because like you said it is a global problem. You continued to give lots of extreme examples and stereotype everyone under 18 as irresponsible, indulging and evil. Interestingly enough, I’ve found young people to be far more responsible and considerate than those I experienced in the UK. You should be proud of the children that are desperate to go to school because in the UK, a great number of kids want to leave as soon as possible.

    Your section about the rich and famous is also applicable to many countries around the world. Why do you care if South Africa wants some of its celebrities to be compared to those more famous than them? I don’t really know any of the SA celebrities that well but the media will do what they can to make money. I’ve been able to avoid it without even trying so why are you finding it so difficult?

    I could go on and on but I realise that you don’t really feel like this and you are just writing with such an extreme view to get attention on the internet. Well congrats because lots of people have commented but even some of the comments are ridiculous. The fact that you didn’t finish your list just shows how you want attention because you want everyone to keep checking for when you finish your list and its quite pathetic to be honest.

    Your blog basically slates the 21st century and 3rd world countries – not South Africa. I am not offended by your article. Quite frankly, judging by your use of the English language and the intelligence on display in your article, I don’t think you could offend me if you tried.

    South Africa is one of the beautiful countries in the world with an exciting and interesting history. It is home to an extremely diverse group of people and is among the thriving countries setting the path for the rest of Africa.

    Well done if you read all the way through theBurg

    • Cheslyn Says:

      Well said Josh, and I agree with you completely and whole heartedly….But I think it would be childish to ignore whats really going on. I know you have been exposed to maybe the best S.A has to offer, you are privileged and should be very thankful for that. On the other hand, just open your eyes a bit more…not to be offensive….but just move out of that bubble and take a look around. It hasn’t touched you yet (thank God for that) but statistics prove that it is a huge chance that it will. As much as you love South Africa, and thank you for that, but besides the small circle you are moving in, the majority of South Africans hate you. Yes, I know its a harsh reality, but its true! It makes me sad to tell you this, black South Africans especially hate European whites.
      Keep up your positive attitude Josh, we need people like you! Just a word of advice…keep your guard up! not everyone is as good as you are….South Africa is a cesspool of festering hate and racism. Violence is the order of the day. I know….I’ve been there…but still love my country, and my city…Cape Town.
      But South Africa does not love me anymore…..

    • Juliana Says:

      Good post but I myself have found South African youths to be much more touchier and rude than UK youths. And I think the reason why students in the UK may want to leave early is not a bad things,because the chance for apprenticeships is better in the UK.

  31. Sleepless in South Africa Says:

    I am a Canadian living in South Africa. Having been lucky to work in many developed and developing countries, I have found South Africans in general to be extremely arrogant. I really don’t know where this comes from.
    Whenever I discreetly and as politely as possible tell South Africans that I am not the number one fan of the country, I am met with shock, disbelief and general insult. Then I am told:
    1.But “the weather is so wonderful.” Yes, and California, the Mediterranean, and places in South America, Australia and Asia also have similar climates and many have much higher quality of life. Weather alone does not make a good country.
    2.But “the traffic is so good here. Last year I went to London and I couldn’t find anywhere to park.” Then in the next conversation I hear South African’s complaining about potholes, toll gates and traffic.
    3.But “we have really good malls. I went to Madrid once and they don’t even have malls.” True, but crime is so bad that with a few exceptions (Cape Town/Rosebank) people cannot enjoy walking around and shopping. All must be done within the protective environment of the mall.
    4.But ” whenever I meet people from overseas, they all really want to come to South Africa” True, South Africa is an extremely beautiful country, but they want to come for holiday, but generally not to live because they heard stories about the crime, racism, corruption etc.
    5.But “the crime isn’t that bad. A friend of a friend went to Paris once and got pick pocketed.” Yes, crime exists everywhere, but here it is the level of violence associated with crime that is staggering.

    So my response to my South African friends is always to say that for me, it is primarily the people, the attitudes, and the culture that make a place nice to live and work. I can live in the poorest country on earth, or even in a war torn country, as long as the people are generally nice, polite, honest, hardworking folks, I will survive. Funny, but they tend to get very oddly quiet when I say this. Sorry to say, but the problem with South Africa is South Africans.

    • Cheslyn Says:

      I agree with you completely sleepless….South Africa needs a big wake up call…all of them! The fact that we have uneducated, rude, racist, greedy criminals for a government…means that it is going to take that much longer. A culture of hatred, laziness, rudeness is being nurtured by the powers that be….we as parents do our utmost best, but how can we control what our children are exposed to..? My only option is to run and run like hell..i am going to New Zealand, I seriously hate to go as Cape Town is in my blood and in my heart…I am Cape Town! But my country hurts me so bad, I have no option but to look to the interests of my children…GOODBYE S.A!

    • Eyes TO See Says:

      Thank you SLEEPLESS! I have left my country and am so sad about what is happening there and how I am hated and called all manner of things because I am white by people who do not know me and themselves expect to be treated without racism. You and this article’s responses have helped me clearly see the “woods for the trees” You sum it up so beautifully and so simply: “the problem with South Africa is South Africans.”!!!

      I guess I was too close to the problem to see this. But you are so right. A few days ago a poor little 4 year old child got dragged to death when his mom’s car was hijacked, Today read the resonses in the forums- most filled with utter revenge, not realizing how hate-filled they themselves are. The usual racist attacking of each other also. Many shocked and stunned. But you know what? Chances are good life will go on as normal until the next horror story grabs the South African collective consciousness, I will be very very surprised if they, en masse, protest this, They rage and rage against crime and corruption, yet they turn a blind eye and stick their head in the sand.

  32. Burgsworld: The Essential Collection – Part 1: Rants & Opinions « Burgs World – A guide to cutting through the stupidity of life Says:

    […] 5 Reasons I hate South Africa & South Africans This is the blog that almost turned me off writing forever. In fact no blog has stirred up as much emotion, hatred and debate as much as this piece, which is ironic as I still haven’t actually finished it. The comments continue on a daily basis. […]

  33. Peter Says:

    I left SA 2 years ago for USA with my wife and 2 boys. It was the best decision I ever made. I was accepted with open arms as a professional with excellent benefits. SA will never see me again as we adjusted within 3 months. No crime, corruption, incompetence and stinking blacks around me. My boys are doing great in academics and sport. I can not wait to get rid of my citizenship and adopt my new country in every aspect. I have no desire at all to go back to that pathetic place.

    • Richard Says:

      Dude… as a natural born white US citizen in NY I am here to tell you we have a lot of black people. Yes, it’s quite shocking to hear that I know, but if you open your eyes you’ll be able to verify my accuracy. For the most part, they are a vibrant cornerstone of our society who have add very much to our culture and heritage. Anyway, just to let you in on a little secret, we Americans are doing a bit of house cleaning in regards to entitled and racist white folk are being marginalized by our society as beneath us. I sincerely hope you were no way referring to hard working black Americans with your comment. If you did in fact mean my fellow citizens (real Americans) I would suggest you begin packing your bags and buying a one way ticket back to the cesspool from wench you spawned. Immigrants who hold racist beliefs will always be outsiders to our society. Being a racist white immigrant to the US will definitely classify you in the increasingly irrelevant, persecuted minority. Anyone who likes America for it’s white purity is in for a seriously disappointing century.

    • amazed Says:

      peter I hope you have come to realize that there are blacks in the US who where born and raised here. We do not want your close minded hate. Hope to God you and the FAM have headed on back home or that your boys have a cute black girlfriends. Welcome to the mixing pot!

  34. sooperted Says:

    Peter you are one of the horrible south africans that I wish would just stay there. Hopefully you don’t live in my town.

  35. lorcasan Says:

    is true that South Africa is a mess, but the reasons behind the mess are very complex, and perhaps it is time for all South Africans to try to do something about it..do not wait for a government that is very young and have not much experience in politics to fix problems that have roots in a very painful pass. The majority of the rapers are black men… but has any of you thought why are they doing that? has any of you thought that perhaps the way they lived their childhood wasn’t good enough as to make good citizens?

  36. lorcasan Says:

    hasta la vista!

  37. sollymartin Says:


  38. presjzuma Says:

    I see the Burg stopped responding to comments a while back. Do you think he’s left already? The sign says he’s closed, so I assume he’s off to complain about greener grass in greener pastures. Hats off to you, old boy, hats off!!!

  39. Capie Says:

    My goodness, extremely interesting blog. Well done! I am a white South African female, 47 years old, within weeks from New Zealand citizenship. Am I over the moon with it? No. The Kiwi’s are very PC but some intellectual ones admitted they hate South Africans. Research was done and the same attitude was found in Australians’s attitudes towards SA’s. Yes I am safer, yes the move seemed the best. to do. Why is it then that my heart yearns for SA? To walk on the beach in Gordonsbay, Srand. To hear the ‘Capies’ joke and fool around, Table Mountain – too many to mention. Am I racist? Hell no. Did rape crisis for 2 years and saw the worst in black and white to last me a life time. What most people responding to this blog miss, is the individuals in all of this. I met the most arrogant, selfish, educated feminist Kiwi woman – and still prefer the so-called black ‘tea-lady’ I met and fell in love with. Give me warmth, spirit over education any day. I think SOuth Africa is the most fantastic country and you will never find me bad mouthing it. If my hubby wasn’t so happy here, I would up and leave in a second! I am proud of loving mieliepap, boerewors, bokkoms and perlemoen. The other day we had a guy for dinner and you know, him black and me white – our common ground was mieliepap! We invite Fijians, Chinese, Philipines over for dinner and believe me – we found some gems in all of them. So my advice is: look at the hearts, judge bad service and governments, but dont bad mouth a beautiful place! ghoebaai!

  40. chen Says:

    I’ve live in SA all my life and if you have traveled to the mediteranian or the europe, you will realize we live in a fantasy country where we pretend that all is fine here, this is a shit crime ridden country full of uneducated government officials who fill their pockets and leave us to defend our selves, from crime and if you want a good hospital u need medical aid, this is a shit place to live. I have made a lot of money in this place and one thing I was always aware of was that one day a black person can come and take over your business because of BBE,this country is full of racism towards blacks and whites. You need to know when to hang up your boots when you can only be involved in government you must be black, and even if you are a honest black person when you join government you will leave being corrupt, I don’t know of one government official that hasn’t been in the papers for corruption, so if you got somewhere else to go then go and know you might make less money,but your safety and security is more important

  41. Watch me hope Says:

    I found your article quite entertaining. Its funny and tacky, gets the readers attenton quickly, good use of PLTs. Anyway everyone is entitiled to their own opinion. Its unfortunate you feel such hatred .My family moved to perth when i was eleven .It s ironic because i came from a third world country where i was completely happy to a first world country where i was depressed for four years. I hated Australia, and her people. But you know what i realised. It wasnt the country it was my mindset. Once i let go of all my hatred it wasnt tht bad. The people here are different, a lot of them think if your not gonna act aussie mate u can f**ck off, but im guessing a lot of people here want to forget their roots ( wanna ask someone to screw in australia use that word) so australia might be the perfect place for you. Im planning to go back to Cape Town when i graduate from school.Why because its home. I love the scenery, the people , the beaches, the city.But thats just the positive side. Ive seen so many south africans bash my country i think i want to embrace the happy times i remember, put a bit of a positive image out there.

    Theres a lot of racism on here. I thought we ended apartheid..I still see segregation. Its s skin colour we are all human. If a black person bleached their skin without you having prior knowledge of their black heritage would you treat them the same way? Yes there is issues it would be ignorant to deny it i hope one day that our government can fufill promises, i hope one day that the people of our nation can vote on the opportunities that are being offered rather than the race that is in charge of a party. I think Zuma is an embarassment. There was claims he is a rapist, how the hell did he become president? Because he is black..well that is my opinion anyway. Theres racism being executed by blacks, whites and coloureds.
    But as i mentioned i can only hope. Pray that we learn from yesterday live for today and hope for tommorow.

    Its in the mindset south africans can either try and improve the country or run away with their hatred to forget their homeland. Its a choice we can choose to b a light or we can choose to be a pothole in a road. One person can influence millions of others (eg. Karl Marx) a positive attitudes of south africans can go a long way. I think thats the main issue we are more focused on hate than cohesian, and God knows we need that to make the country a better place.

    Enjoy your life in NYC hope it treats you well.A city built on determination and hard work where Americans and immigrants in the early 1900s saw great potential. I see potential in south africa, however the determination and hard work of our people is the lacking area.

    By the way im 17 Friday haha part of the generation you believed is messed up. Partly true but remember there are members of this generation who are going to bring change to this world. Dont be so quick to bash…you cant stop it anyway large amounts of teens are messed up everywhere……here to..its not a perfect world unfortunately. But as I said we can choose to make it better.

  42. peter smith Says:

    Your just an old person hating on the youth South Africa has so much potential and spirit so just shut up and get out of this country if you feel this way.

  43. Country Lover Says:

    lol nope, Australia here. SA is a beautiful country full of wonder and amazment. Revive it to its former glory by loving it, standing up for it and pouring effort into it with the vivacidy and audacity of your ancestoral colonialists. There is still hope for this last gleaming diamond of Africa; natural, human and financial resources aplenty and massive ecomomic potential through revitalised shipping, extended mining and tourist activity. Build your own metaphorical Voortrekker monument.

    It’s a shame the reason it’s gone to shit is the majority of people just not giving a fuck anymore, and that nothing will get better without a huge shift in cultural values and a new government that, inevitably, won’t be voted in. I grieve for the world’s loss.

  44. brighter foreign future Says:

    The other day I was sitting with a group of LLB graduates. I was the only white, the rest were black and indian. An older indian man, who has spent 20 years as a public prosecutor was encouraging the people to join the prosecuting service. He was saying that indians might battle to get in certain areas because of racial quotas. And then he looked at me, the token white, and said “you can forget it, the racial quotas are still out of balance,” and its the last part the turned on a light bulb for me… “and we don’t even have to make excuses for that.”

    And it made me realize… Everyone always points and criticizes when other white people leave the country. They call them chicken runners who can’t make it in their own country. Maybe the reason we can’t make it in our own country is because our country can’t look past the racial barrier and value our abilities and skills. Instead BEE makes it almost impossible to get work. Why should I stay? I have no allegiance to country where I can’t get a job because I’m white, despite being qualified and having better grades than most of the black people in my class who got great jobs straight out of varsity. I didn’t even play a role in apartheid, I wasn’t even born when they had started to dismantle the regime. Why should I be a second grade citizen in south africa, the country of my birth? I dare say, that as a foreigner in another country I would probably be treated more fairly and with less contempt. I accept that it is unlikely that I will be met in a foreign country with open arms, yes people don’t like foreigners. But its unlikely that I will be murdered in my own house, shot in my car… Subject to violent crime whereas that is highly likely in my own country.

    I spent a significant amount of time visiting family overseas… And the anticlimax of arriving back in south africa, the african time, the attitudes… Is actually enough to ruin the whole holiday.

    My ancestors, who left Europe, and came to south africa 4 generations ago, came at the promise of opportunity. Unfortunately I don’t qualify for any foreign passports and now their great-great grandchildren are stuck here! But their is no longer opportunity. In fact there is a significant lack of opportunity for whites. Am I expected to stay on the sinking ship? Judge all you like, when I take the opportunity to get onto a lifeboat.

    There are problems everywhere in the world. Its how the problems are dealt with that separate the boys from the men. London recently experienced riots. And the authorities ensured that the courts sat through the night to make sure that all perpetrators were prosecuted. In south africa, government departments close at midday. And we joke that to get anything from home affairs you have to go there with a gun… But its no laughing matter.

    I think white south africans have adopted a fatalistic attitude. They accept it is what it is, and that it can’t be changed for the better. The sad part is that most of us, can’t imagine a life without crime. The perpetual fear, the safety precautions and constant vigilance is standard. It is the south african standard of living. Hearing someone you know got hi-jacked is not shocking or surprising.

    When people in your country go to court to fight for a song “kill the boer” and then are up in arms when the court bans it…because they don’t agree that it is hate speech, You know that the country is sick.

    South Africa has HIV. It is a terminal patient. Even though it doesn’t show the symptoms, (compared to zimbabwe with fullblown AIDS) I don’t think I want to be around when things really start going downhill. And for this decision… I should feel proud of myself. That I am going to make a change and take the steps so that I have a future somewhere with some prospect and possibility of success.

    • segran Says:

      Interestingly,a while back I was accepted on the aspirant prosecutor programme as a trainee prosecutor in Durban.Whilst on the programme,I met a young black man(also a trainee).This young man could not even speak and write proper english and was not too bright.This man was supposed to be an L.L.B graduate! The fact that he finished high school was a miracle.This was clear evidence that different standards are applied by our universities towards the previously disadvantaged.This will be to the detriment of our country.
      Miraculously,this young man passed the programme and was appointed as a permanent prosecutor!
      If such practices are continued,it would make perfect sense for people to realise their true potential by emigrating overseas.Unfortunately,in South Africa no-one has the guts to do anything.
      By the way I am an Indian South African and I believe we were all better off under apartheid.

      • raw Says:

        What a self hating fool you are. Indian clamoring for a white man to rule him.. funny!

  45. Caotic 93 Says:

    Yes homs these issues impact this nation negatively such that i feel empty inside you know.am a 19 year old (xhosa)black south african,and by the time this blog was started i was in my initiation to manhood(yeah you know our cultures).but i cant complain am glad to see this blog now after so many intresting comments.i love the nation really we’re so diverse such that at the end of the day we tend to laugh at ourselves about the things we do amongst each other(diffrent ethnic groups),ask me about the political side of it..yep you guessed it i hate it,it has failed since 1994..those corrupt big-stomach politicians who act like they know what they are doing ag man i can go on and on talking about those motherfuckers all day which would be annoying,even the recent dalai lama visa thing is.we can’t forget the past just like that i sometimes get very angry when watching a documentary about apartheid all those steve biko stories and others it hurts a lot,but that anger comes and go you know,diverse as we are black white whatever we need to tackle these things together and the world can learn from us how to drive peace(nations like lybia,afghanistan can learn) you know.but sometimes to tackle a problem you dont need to strike direct,like you instead of talking you can end it by your actions the things you do just to show that pride(hope you get my point).i see other nations doing it for themselves and do whats best for their peeps china for Example.i would like if the mines could be nationalised but with this shit retard gorvenment nhee! but its still on debate though.imagine if the mines could be nationalised..the wealth of the country…how many good public schools,hospitals etc could be built also money spent on science and technology…let me pause….someone said “south africa is still a developing nation which makes it intresting,chasing the dream.i would’nt go and live to those already developed countries they already had their revolutions so why not for mine,vacations would be nice nothing else.i am the next generation of leaders and am telling you boy you migrate,after 15 or 20 years to come you will say “wow i should’ve stayed” lol…

  46. Nemis Says:

    South Africa is the biggest hole. Rape and murder capital of the world.

    Have fun! I’m so happy I left. When people ask me where I’m from, I try not tell them to avoid the embarrassment!

    I’d rather say, I’m local. SA sucks so bad. The worst part is that they are proud of it. The most arrogant nation I’ve ever known in all my travels.

  47. Mallymkun Says:

    I am 24 years old and the only reason I read this post was to find a way to get the fuck out of this HELL ON EARTH!! I am a white, male – afrikaans speaking South African, and I hate the youth, the country, and ESPECIALLY Afrikaans people. I agree with the writer of this post 100% and would give anything to move away from these fucking idiots in this country, I can’t even stand my own family… I have decided to do everything I can, 2013 will not see me in South Africa…and for all of you thinking this is a racist thing…open your FUCKING eyes…(all white people hate black people) and (all black people hate white people)….deal with it…!!!

  48. ColourBlind Says:

    As someone who is visiting this country, her SA husband showing her the “beauty of his country”. I am extremely disappointed. We originally chose to move to my country because I felt unsafe in SA with the barbed wire, electric fences, armed guards, and attack dogs. No one regardless of gender/race/age should be afraid to walk to the store down a busy street, at mid-day in a laid back farming community. I was just violently mugged yesterday doing just that. How is it people can defend a nation as being paradise when it is being torn apart by robbery, murder, rape, and poverty at an unprecedented rate. It is increasing annually, not improving. I have a good friend who moved from SA, her father was murdered, 3 friends raped all of her brothers had been robbed/mugged, my husband having been mugged at gun point twice and his brother shot 5 times. I any other country those statistics would be astoundingly disturbing. I empathize with with anyone who wants to leave SA if it be for a better future or peace of mind and well being. Those of you committed to bettering the country, more power to you. However this time around will be my last, as I have no desire to further a country full of such soul sickness.

  49. Mdue Says:

    If you hate South Africa so much, why not leave and go to a country that you will love and one in which you think you will be loved. It’s as simple as that.

    • The Burg Says:

      but see that’s were the lack of understand actually come in. It’s not “as simple as that” because of the corruption it has become very difficult for South Africans to leave this country. Laws and rules have no been specifically changed because of our actions.

    • Cheslyn Says:

      Your kids are going to love you for the legacy you are leaving them….how will you feel when the rest of the world is ridiculing them and refuse them entry and don’t recognize anything they do because their parents isolated them from the world? Education has dropped so low South African Matrics wont be recognized internationally anymore..? fake university degrees are rampant..how long can you fake it..? Be careful, almost all african countries had the same attitude you do, and just look at them, they are doing fabulously! all objectives achieved! everything belongs to blacks and almost all whites driven out of the country….well done South Africa..make us proud!

  50. George Says:

    Agreed! Hate the daft black people especially. Writing a book about attitudes and behaviour that seems to follow a trend amongst people of the same colour.

  51. Muliema Says:

    The white Sa people are funny, this is their final chance to go and join their fellow whites in other African countries where they have taken all the good jobs in MTN, DSTV and Shoprite.
    They are now busy encroaching into other areas, they are treated like Kings over there and you all wana go Canada , thats terrible.
    Go to other African countries, thats what the system wants from you, occupy Africa and let us deal with SA, we will take over all the Women resources and all the next gen will be Naija.
    Ok, can you see how stupid all this sounds, well, the way you feel about what Im writing is how I feel about what you have been writing.
    The reality is that white people have been made to feel superior and feel the world owes them something more than they put in, the victorious ones are those who remove hatred from their hearts and really look inwards to find out what they can do in their environment.
    Going away will not help you, when you go to UK and Holland or Canada, you are treated like 2nd class people, then you will know how blacks feel about how you treat them up till now.
    Theres no freedom in SA, theres still apratheid.
    Baia baia danke Mr Klotzak

    • Cheslyn Says:

      I am black, and its attitudes like yours that drives me out of my own country…i am scared you will infect my children with your festering racist beliefs. Keep hating and see how far it will bring you!

  52. Zinqa zedada Says:

    nc nc nc..1st of all..to my fellow black brothers let us not continue pointing fingers at the white people..apartheid ended more than 16 years ago..subsequently the government and its provincial subsidiaries have failed to keep up with the demand for basic infrastructure in some of the provinces like the Eastern Cape, where almost all black people there are migrating to either KZN or Western Cape. Yes there are some parts of the country seeing improvement and if you haven’t noticed(for those blaming black people for being arrogant) The DA which is a “white” political party has gained more power in the most recent elections..which hints out that finally some of our black brothers are opening their eyes to see the reality for what it is and have stopped being blindly led by the brainwashing party which always plays the race card whenever the opposing party (DA) sets out to challenge them on corruption issues.

    South Africa is a diverse country and there are just as many “whites” who love this country so please those bad mouthing this country stop painting the wrong picture about white people’s attitudes towards our country. I must say though, there is still plenty of racism in this country which is prevalent in posts such as this one. Believe it or not South Africa has a lot to offer with loads of potential which continues to draw investors,but since others are so blinded by their negativity it offsets their ability to realize the true progress this country is actually making.

    Yes I am aware of the current governance but what is really needed is strong opposition to keep the ruling on their toes in order for them to step up their game and stop this greed!With the DA continuously gaining power it’s a factual example of where this country is heading towards(a governance not based on skin color).So for all those foreseeing a downfall of our country I don’t know whether you’re aware of the real facts. I’m glad that this Malema guy is out of power otherwise this would have really become Rhodesia.Oh and for the crime, the police are going out of their way to fight it, all you hear in crime incidences is that “all suspects were shot dead or arrested” which proves the effort and progress in combating crime.Step by step we shall make it work all that is required of us is to work together and stop the negativity and criticism people it won’t lead us nowhere.

  53. tekoloshe Says:

    fuck u

  54. Cheslyn Says:

    tekoloshe….wonderful attitude! you should run for government! you would fit in perfectly

  55. Cheslyn Says:

    I am colourd, light skinned and green eyed…and persecuted for what happened in the past….I grew up in the suburbs, on the borderline of the Cape Flats…with many black friends and white friends…I grew up very contented with my life, got educated and lived reasonably well….then I got married to an Eastern Cape girl and moved to P.E….my biggest mistake! I was openly shown that I am not welcome! By both black and white, but mostly black….they shamelessly show and make no secret that they hate me….racism at its best i tell you. I moved to Despatch in the EC….and the whites treat me worse than a piece of dirt, even my own neighbours that I am trying so hard to get along with…my black neighbour ignores me completely….Port Elizabeth is NOT the friendly city they say it is….I will never change, and I will not blame an entire race for what a few is doing….because I never grew up that way. I just dislike the city and mostly pity them because there is a big world out there with endless possibilities, so don’t restrict yourself to the little bubble you live in and treat everyone else as an enemy. Whats happening in South Africa and in Port Elizabeth has made up my mind and that of my wife….we are leaving…that fact that many blacks rejoice to hear that makes me sad…..let me tell you this my black friends who hate me so much…..during apartheid years, while I was at high school….we marched against the bantu education system and against apartheid…I was sprayed with water cannons, gassed with tear gas, shot with rubber bullets and beaten senseless with batons….and this is the thanks I get! a good friend of mine was shot right before my eyes, I ran fearing for my safety…and later heard that he died. I couldn’t attend school for a week afterwards because the grief was too much…..
    Now I’m told in a polite way to F..CK OFF!
    Cry my beloved country..? Ek huil sommer snot en trane!

  56. Jim Says:

    I was in South Africa, the people are so primitive they believe if you have s3x with a baby or toddler you will be cured of AIDS. They also have the highest rate of AIDS in the world, the highest rape and murder rates alongside Jamaica and Guyana.
    They are tribalistic and attack fellow Africans who helped free them from Apartheid. they are doing the same things (and worse) than the whites who oppressed them.
    Most South Africans are illiterate and primitive in mindset. Their president once said having a shower after sleeping with a HIV infected person means you are safe.hahahahahahaha.
    The same polygamous president just married his 4th wife

  57. REASON Says:

    Wow. I was very dissapointed when I read this post. Not because of the issues you chose to disclose you hatred for but for the fact that people like you exist in this world.

    Your headline says it all. 5 reasons I hate South Africa & South Africans. Is there a reason you still live here. Surely there must be something you love about this place. If there isn’t then I feel bad for you.

    Don’t forget, your parents, boy or girfriend, children, colleagues and friends are all South Africans and labelling them in such a negative manner speaks not only to thier inability to satisfy you but also to your depressive state of mind.

    Could I suggest that you seek out some councelling because seriously, you are one angry postal worker with your finger on a trigger.

    If you HATE thie country and its people so much please feel free to pack you stuff and go. Take yourself to America, Europe or Australia and then tell me that things are really better on the other side of the world. If you like it there, please stay. Stop infecting those of us who do not simply sit back and bitch about the country but try to make a difference with you sick and negative way of thinking.

    Unless you tried to leave but found that you are stuck here with us putrid people. You are a primitive and tired individual who’s thoughts reveal nothing but brain vomit.

    Make a difference in the world. Don’t just spew forth your hatred as though you the world owes you something. I have a surprise for you… You owe the world not the other way around.

    I think the fact that you worked for a gossip magazine says a lot about you. Only a small portion of the population read this manure of literature. How can you allow it to drive you this insane.

    If you don’t like customer services stop buying stuff, you don’t like government, stop using thier facilities, you don’t like people…. live like a hermit. Trust me not having such a negative person walking around the streets will make the rest of us a whole lot happier.

    Sincerely yours
    The guy that wishes you would pack you stuff and leave.

  58. MJ Says:

    I respect that you dislike your country it’s your opinion, but isn’t hate a bit strong?

  59. Zikhali Says:

    Remember what you all white fucken racist bitches said when Nelson Mandela became the first black president? Nywenywenywe, we’re going to Australia! And you never left. Thabo Mbeki came into power, Nywenywenywe we’re going to Australia, still you never left. Zuma came into power and you said you were all leaving for good, sold your properties and cars (Nobody bought that crap). What the heck are you still doing in South Africa?
    Leave us in peace and go and watch your white husbands leaving you to go fuck each other. All white men are gay and their bitches are just naïve and pregnant with shit.
    I love my South Africa and I’m very proud to be one.

  60. Hayley Says:

    Are all if not most white south african men as arrogant as Kevin Pietersen, a south african chick now living in London, english men *decent ones* treat their women far better and do not have an superiority attitude nor threaten to hit their women like some white south african pigs of men, you do get your rabble here in United Kingdom but many men here are decent. Also they do not try and push God or religion onto you so you are free to live your life the way you want.

  61. MK Says:

    We’re all different. Just because you were born somewhere it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be your home. I don’t hate South Africa, however I do believe that it’s not for everyone, including me. I personally don’t think it can provide what I want from ‘my’ life in particular, but because it doesnt suit me I will in no way disrespect residents who love it. If you like it, you’ll love it. If not, you will most probably feel the way Burg does.

    In the end, we all have our own desires, dreams and aspirations. If you want to go to New York, no one has the right to judge you on that. You are entitled to your own opinion, and I must say to some respects, I am being honest when I say I can relate to some of your frustrations.

    If moving will do better in your life, then by all means, do what you must. What I always say, the world is my home, no matter which continent, which country, which state, which city, which area or which street I live in, as long as there is a smile on my face, and joy in my tears, I will always be home!

    I really hope I am not being disrespectful or offensive to any one in any way, shape or form, I am just sharing my thoughts.

    adios amigos!! 🙂

  62. fireboy Says:

    I have no problem with people leaving and complaining about SA. what i find both hilarious and sad is when they say, ‘Perth/ new Zealand/ london is so nice, so many South Africans.’ um….. didn’t you want to get away from SA?????

  63. Esme Says:

    I agree with you 100 % with the points you made, but I would not say that I hate SA and her people. I would love to go and live in Australia, but it seems they do not want South Africans there anymore. That’s a pity, because most South Africans is very hardworking and can contribute in a positive way, anywhere. I try not to get negative about the situation in our country, because the result would be fear. Fear to go outside, fear to live, fear to give your opinion, fear to be alive ! I am hopeful that there will be light at the end of the godforsaken tunnel.

  64. Darkl0rd_LaCN Says:

    I am a white south african living in SA for 28 years (since i was born). I got married in Ireland. My life was South Africa until I went to Ireland and saw the difference…and felt the safety. My wife is Irish and she tells me she loves this shlthole country. I told her I want to move, we have now made a decision to move out of SA the shlthole country and move to Ireland where there is respect for people. Fcuk this rotten and corrupt country called ‘south africa’. Let them nationalise everything and take back there ‘land’. F U

  65. Farai Says:

    Black people have to up their game around the world, doesn’t matter where you go!
    I come from that shithole Zimbabwe and have travelled the world, the only constant amongst black people is their lack of willingness to improve themselves.

    It’s always the white persons fault and as long as they have that get out of everything card they will always be the world’s losers.
    I should mention I am black.

    • jesse Says:

      @ farai you moron its blacks like you that believe that africans will be better off under white people ..the media has really fooled & colonised your mind .. you enjoy licking a white man’s ass & jumping at his orders…AFRICANS DONT REALLY NEED WHITE PEOPLE TO BE SUCCESSFUL THEY CAN DO IT ON THEIR OWN..most white people you see in africa are here to pursue their own interests & rape mama africa of her resources.&..to make you believe that you are good at nothing & for you to be successful u need them to lead u..wake up FARAI

    • jesse Says:

      by the way i happen to be white not black…

  66. christiaan Says:

    Hi I read you complaints but your no better then everyone els , in stead of wasting your time on whriting about your personal feeling why don’t you do somthing about it, oh and why don’t you fucking migrate we dont need you, have a nice day hope you get mugged

    • The Burg Says:

      Typical piece of trash. You got your wish you’ll be happy to know

    • x10 Says:

      I’d be careful with my words if I were you. What ever you do to another/wish upon another, WILL come back to you x10.

      Thats the law of the world. Remember that when it blows up in your face.

  67. Frequency shifter Says:

    Im a white south african, living and working in emirates.. I feel happy to say im south african… Im a real life Tarzan!!! AND i do love the english ladies.( im looking for Jane)


    Country’s are measured by their economy’s status. People are measured by their economy’s status. WEALTH IS HEALTH!!! Health is everything!!!

    Every country has their personal problems…some affecting others.
    Obviously richer countries have lighter issues than countries living in poverty because problems are measured by financial status.

    We need to step back and stop with all the nitty gritty.
    There is a much bigger problem here!!!
    We must not generalize!! WE ARE ALL ONE!!!
    Everybody is human!!! no matter who, what, where or when!!!!
    We are all born into this exposure and its up to us on how we see the big picture.
    Remember!!! We are the ones who create our reality.

    • Human? Says:

      Walking on two legs doesn’t make one human… Its what goes on on the inside that is the deciding factor. There is a big difference between humans (of all colors) and these savages destroying everything in sight.

  68. siya Says:

    It makes me sick that in South Africa,most blacks are poor and most whites and indians are rich.
    I just hope that one day,Malema will take over and sort out the problems we have.
    The whites must go back to their own country if they hate the way S.A is governed.
    viva Land reform

    • The Burg Says:


    • Frequency shifter Says:

      @ Siya

      I hope you do realize that the blacks are up to 80% of the population in South Africa, that’s why more blacks are poor.
      Open your eyes, you will find that they consist of the colour white too.

    • Yoh wena Siya Says:

      funny how, indians fought for YOUR damn rights, and today, have money. ever asked yourself why? because they bloody worked for it, and yes sometimes they hoarded it (cleverness!). So stop whining and get over your issues. if you love your country then sort it out. stop blaming other people. you have the “power” now don’t you? so? what more do you want? do something good with the power. idiot.

    • Really? Says:

      Be careful what you wish for. It might just come true 😉

      Go live in Zims (where the average person is lucky to have a piece of meat the size of a R5 for Christmas dinner, once a year) or Ethiopië (where the avarage person eat seeds and don’t eve know what sell phones are) or many of the other African courtries that have been destroyed under black rule for 6 months and see how you feel then. When all the white people are gone, evertyhing they brought to this country will slowly disappear to. Things like food, clean water, proper health care, decent schooling, safe living areas… Oh wait, that has already started to fade away under the savages rule…

      How about the fancy cars, nice clothes, housing, technology like your sellphones and computers, electrisity, jobs, the free hand out for doing nothing more than breeding, striking, destroying and complaining… Oh there might be some of those luxuries left, no doubt. But you won’t be able to afford it unless your one of the select few idiots, oeps – I mean government officials who are making empty promises to you now just to get your vote. And you all are falling for their lies hook, line and sinker. Just like you fell for the ANC’s lies.

      You all think that things will stay the same or be better in any way when the white people are gone… You are delusional. The white people are the ones holding what’s left of this once beautiful country, now turned to a piece of crap, together.

      Judging by your post, you have not suffered nearly enough. Everything you have and everything you are hoping for, will all disappear. It will be but a dream. You will be left with less than nothing.

  69. Baltis Says:

    What happened to SA? How did it all go so wrong? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huU5cJvbzjM

  70. really now? Says:

    everybody is entitled to their own opinions yes I know that, but some people complain about shit when they dont get things their way. some of you are only complaining you know that there are countries that live in even worse circumstances? why cant people just FOR ONCE in their lives be thankfull for what they have. I know that SA has its flaws, but I’m glad that I dont have to live with war. There are people from other countries that would die to have you lives and yet you take it for granted…

  71. julia Says:

    proud south african, while i hate BEE my sef cos i still agree its unfair to up coming generation. ke mosotho and i like all racis. nelson mandela fought for peace not revenge.

  72. audrey Says:

    I also hate south africa I wanna move out asap! Anyone who wanna take me with them

  73. Andre Says:

    Hmm. You’re probably in the right for complaining, but being so negative is still no way to live. I say stay positive, irrespective of the challenges, decay and melee and just maintain your personal dignity.

  74. submarinepirate Says:

    …good to hear some straight talking. The next brainless propoganda sponge that tells me he is “proudly South African” is going to get run through with a harpoon.

    One of my personal pet hates…every white South African that realises deep down that he or she is powerless to change the political, crime, corruption, nepotism etc situation in our country chooses to ignore it and concentrate instead on enviromentalist issues about which they know nothing except the nonsense 50/50 dishes up.
    So we have enviromentalist fools preventing the farming of rhinos…which will lead eventually to their extinction;
    other idiots feeding large sharks and diving with them which has changed their natural behavior and one way or another will lead to their extinction;
    another bunch of enviromentalist sheep that left St Lucia to die… becase their ‘conservationist’ heroes told them not to interfere (meanwhile the river that fed the system had been diverted many years ago)… I could go on but this is not my blog and I am unfortunately too lazy to take my own blog beyond a single posting. (…yes, sadly we are also a notoriously lazy bunch)

  75. mondli myeni Says:

    Why are whites complaining?You whites must realise you nothing but squatters in our country.We will take revenge.Have you not realisd that violent crime,affirmative action is intended to destroy you?
    You will be more welcome in Australia then here.

  76. tom ringer Says:

    Africa is not for sissies! i like living on the edge in Africa makes me feel alive nothing like it… i have a UK passport and Italian, but i love it here along with many many other Europeans who spend a fortune to come and live here every year. i really dislike the UK life style…shame all those millions of sheeple living in their little semi detached lego blocks…down to the pub at night lol fuck off

    • Juliana Says:

      At least the semi detached houses don’t look like prisons. The lifestyle in SA sucks. And what’s wrong with the pub???

  77. Khoi-San Says:

    aaaai to all the blacks saying this is our country-wake up-its not yours-it belongs to my ancestors-Khoi-San and Griekwa,you must go back to where you came from-up in Africa ,stop telling others go back,you squaters-you are the real squaters,
    enoug is enough- we all should work together to make this the country of ours ,not colour based,if you not willing than get out,that goes for black,white,indian and coloured

  78. jono Says:

    South African Company creating bad blood in New Zealand; What is their record in SA?
    Owners of South Africa’s biggest labour hire group, Stuart and Mike Holder have generated significant ‘bad-will’ for South African immigrants coming to New Zealand. Actions of the Holders have been featured twice on the country’s top current affairs programme in the last two weeks.
    Almost three years ago the Holders bought a franchise in one of the country’s leading gym chains, Club Physical. Over the following two years the Holders purchased two further locations in strategic parts of the city. The founders had originally built each branch themselves over a period of thirty years. Meanwhile Club Physical assisted Stuart Holder as he and his family applied for residency.
    Once succeeding in gaining NZ residency Stuart planned and organized the breach of his franchise agreement, purporting to cancel his three clubs and changed the brand name suddenly at 4pm on February 8th 2013. There was no warning or notice.
    Nineteen group exercise instructors supplied by the franchisor instantly lost their jobs, two of them South African themselves. Instructors were given notice as they arrived to take their classes. Club Physical founder’s wife was one. As she arrived at the club, Holder’s partner Keith, himself a former bankrupt told Tina Richards, “Oh Tina, you are no longer required”.
    Thousands of members have been affected. Club Physical’s facebook page has since been inundated with distain for the acts of these new immigrants.

    Question; Are the Holder’s known for these type of business practices in South Africa?

    First programme
    2nd programme

  79. sexysasa Says:

    Uhm… u dont have to be here, relocate or something if this country aint good enough for u. Funny how nobody hated South Africa when apartheid was in their favour. What are u doing to make it a better country? complaining? go…BYEEEEE!!

  80. André Says:

    I completely agree, I was born South African and hate it here, I’m planning on leaving this country very soon, its just getting worse and worse in SA, so I’m deciding now to move out(when I’m 18… But I’m already making plans.) And I agree about the immature/lazy typing of some kids(evens some adults) in SA when they are sending messages, that strangely irritates me. XD luckily I’m on a few forums on the internet, at least they use full sentences that I can also read/not get irritated at. XD and I’m a recently turned 16 year old Afrikaans white South African male, and I’m planning on moving to the USA! :p

    (And yes I think my english needs some work. XD (I think so anyways… :p ). )

  81. Kutloano Sepeng Says:

    did you know you can live wherever you like in the world but you could never be happy anywhere in the world? I agree with you, the service sucks because those employees are jealous and they hate it to see someone doing better then them. What I know is my rights emanating from the constitution, I can force anyone to give me what I am entitled, I dont care about their smiles or friendliness anymore but the quality of the product or service(if i am paying for a service), another thing is that I will never allow a mediocre mentality force me to emigrate.Demand what is rightfully yours or never set your foot in that business, if they talk in vernacular tell them to use the language that you understand. I also think people should do things themselves and not use services of domestic servants because this is one of the roots that breeds inequality in this country which in turn breed crime and nothing good will come out of it. Stay calm and pray evil spirits are everywhere, and don’t forget that everyone in South Africa is free to do whatever they like. SOUTH AFRICA will never become a Zimbabwe if everyone respect each other, or otherwise. Zimbabwe did not become a Zimbabwe it is today overnight, Mr Robert Mugabe has been too patient, it is always hard to get the clear picture of the Zimbabwe situation, but in this world there are three group people, the first being those who have been brainwashed and are happy to be slaves ( note there is a difference between slaves and servants), the second being those who have it all and dont see/dont want to see or never bother to see what is happening on the ground and the THIRD, who want to see everyone free such as Robert Mugabe. Keep in mind that mostly good people are hated because most people dont understand them. talking about who rules who is a joke, i don’t think there is anyone in their right mind who will want to go back to pre-1994.

    • Sjame Says:

      You kinda, almost had a point there. Till you mentioned Mugabe’s name. Then you showed hoe delusional you are. Sjame…

  82. mondli Says:

    Everytime I see a homeless white person,I feel happy.I want to see all the whites in the street.Viva A.N.C

    • Viva Says:

      And everytime I see a black person suffering and dying of AIDS, I get this tingeling through my body. Of pure joy and happiness. It will end up destroying this plage that’s called black “people”. Viva AIDS!!!

      From a non-white optimist 😀

  83. Juli Says:

    WOOOOOOW Everybody wait there…you all got it wrong. Burg, I’m a black South African who live in Europe, I’ll tell you the truth in black and white. The problem we have in South Africa are the stems of apartheid, the root causes: Mental Incarceration of black men, wage exploitation in urban areas during apartheid (visa was required to enter), men had to leave their families and only allowed to visit twice per year, boys grew up without fathers’ guidance, mothers brought up white kids (maids), literally 99% children grew up without parents. Those children today have children of their own, they are repeating the cycle of negligence. In urban areas, it was strange to allow prostitutes to serve men at hostels but their women were not allowed, this is when squatter camps were started. Wives entered urban areas and settled in squatter camps to save their marriages. Most worked as maids and only visit homes when their spouses get their holidays. Unfortunately, this was a global systematic on blacks. USA deprived resources in black urban schools, children were taught backward education (so that they won’t develop critical thinking skills, similar to Bantu education). The mission was planned on a ten year basis with intention of flooding the federal system. It cost $300 dollar to produce an engine, this includes costs related to ISO compliance on handling safety regulations including toxic fumes, pension schemes, 13th cheques. To reduce these costs, black boys were the perfect labourers who will drive a scalable capitalist federal system, they have energy, they have primary knowledge and would work up to 80 hours for $15 per month in jail. South Africa adopted the same system in the 1980s under bilateral trade relationship with Thatcher. So you can imagine why we have so much problems of AIDS, loss of family values, rapes, poverty related crimes, gender violence (psycho-social problems caused by mental incarceration). The sad truth is that our existing government dwells on these problems rather than facilitate social programs that will help to restore ‘lost identities’ and dignity lost to apartheid regime. They use illiterate people to win votes and gain power. After I graduated I tried to start a knowledge-based program to help people get insight into socio-economic structures and theories. I was ridiculed and it went into the situation where I was suspected to be Western Spy just for name of trying to educate people. I spent a year in 2011 and decided to come back. Rubbishing South Africa in Internet sites won’t help, you have to remember most people doing this are expats who want to saturate the internet data so that they get favoured for their asylum applications in Canada and UK. UK don’t buy these stories anymore because many British have moved to South Africa poor and they are now very wealthy. The best way to solve the problem in South Africa is to start an NGO, use your skills to redress and reverse psycho-social problems initiated by apartheid, moaning won’t help. For instance, many Western NGOs are focusing on women, they are smart, and they know their missions won’t be achieved because they want money to keep rolling, how? if the perpetrators are ignored then the NGO will keep going, in this case black boys, If black boys are educated and empowered, they won’t kill Whites, they will work hand in hand to build South Africa. All these Western NGO that focus on gender violence, rape, unplanned pregnancies, etc are aware of that. An educated black won’t do all these, you have to remember that there are commodities; an educated black will propose to export them as finished goods rather than sell them as raw. The West are happy to see South Africa segregating because they make money from the conflict, running away to the West for the sake of hating South Africa makes them smile because they know if white South Africa remain, South Africa will improve. White South Africans should understand their values abroad is very high, they are known to be intelligent, hard-working who are very holistic in planning. They don’t get treated with respect over here as they claim. Competition becomes intense by trying to pull them down because they get threatened by their ability to think strategically. Unfortunately many are obsessed with ‘black hate’ and would try to cause a chaos in the workplace if there is a black person, Europeans hate that.
    People over here are judged as intellectually asset rather than race. I love my people, black, white, indians, coloureds and I pray for South African to unite and love another to keep the country going. Going rampart and do hate campaigns won’t help. I never appreciated South Africa so much until I came to Europe, I would suggest Burg to come to Europe, the whole ignorance and wrong perception about South Africa will disappear. There is no one who will put petrol for you over here; at shop tills you pack the grocery yourself!!. No large houses with maids and pools, it’s not a bed of roses as you think. Many white South Africans miss South Africa, they have seen that they were brainwashed by apartheid, many are spiritually free from hate. There is no racism in Britain like South Africa, they also learn what they didn’t know before, ‘the concept of humanity’.

  84. British Says:

    I was born in South Africa and left 15 years ago to live in the UK. My entire adult life has now been spent living in a country that I was not born in, so it has become my home.

    From this perspective, I can look back and say 100% that I did the right thing leaving SA. For those who are considering leaving, it is not easy, but it can be done. It is certainly a culture shock at first (even the same brand food tastes different), but you adjust and I now prefer it this way. As for filling up my own car and packing my own groceries? No biggie. Seriously, why would the poster above think that would be a dealbreaker? For me, getting shot at was “no picnic”. Packing groceries? That felt like a holiday after leaving SA.

    As for no racism in Britain, that’s not entirely true either. You only need to listen to the English, Scots and Welsh slagging each other off to realise that they have their very own race issues. Unfortunately it exists everywhere. That said, I have found my niche here and feel like part of the community. The best way to achieve this is NOT to hang around with other South Africans, as that only serves to isolate yourself from the locals. Imagine the situation the other way around. If somebody new to your country shows up and makes no attempt to get to know the locals, would you not eventually give up trying to make friends with them when they won’t have anything to do with you? So remember to become involved and integrate with the local community.

    Nowadays I run my own successful business and employ local workers. As a result I am well known and respected within the village.

    When asked my nationality, I always say British because I stopped considering myself South African a long time ago. Those that stay in SA need to start respecting others instead of becoming abusive when one of their countrymen decides to live elsewhere. People emigrate all the time without getting any grief over it, so why alienate yourself from your countrymen by hating on them? That sort of behaviour is a greater reflection on yourselves than those who choose to walk away from bad behaviour.

  85. Michelle Says:

    I am a white 48 year old female and I have been denied a few positions because I am white. One HR person told me that I was the most qualified but they wanted a black person for the position. I hated apartheid and inequality but this seems a little unfair . I also have a family to take care of. Maybe we should be given opportunities because of what we can give back and not because of the colour of our skin.

  86. Dave Says:

    We live in a great country, and take it for granted. Its the best. We have the good and the bad. We have freedom to be creative and not worry about being criticised or overly legislated by a nanny state. We think we are no good, but we do better than the average country in everything. Look at Berlin, they are a year behind finishing their airport. We did better. Countries like Egypt, Ghana and others have masses of untidy uncompleted buildings. We do a job and get it done. We have great technology ad infrastructure. people are more friendly and honest. I have travelled extensively…last year a day after getting into Barcelona my credit card was hacked and my wifes handbag stolen.
    We score average worldwide for corruption.
    We have the best hotels and restaurants
    We have amazing health and doctors
    Went to New Zealand last year…..boring, just like Natal midlands, nothing else. And haha guess what I read about murders in the news, and was told not to leave things in cars as they break in.
    Our black people are great….hard working, friendly, good attitude. Better than the complaining people who live in Europe.
    We have come far in 10 years…the blacks are more sophisticated, and do not accept a poor standard anymore
    Good for them…us whites have to be a bit more generous and sacrifice a bit and some good will. Its absolutely critical that we urgently establish a large black middle class

    • Dave Harris Says:

      Just one more thing… Another thing we do perfect that no one else does in the world: we have someone doing sign language for deaf people on our news programs.
      We have the best and most variable radio stations… Just ask people who visit our countries.
      ……… And what’s more, we have no problems with car bombs, we do not spray acid on our tourists (Zanzibar 8/8/2013), and we have a good attitude and don’t mess with other countries!

    • jesse Says:

      @ Dave i just wish all white south africans had your brains and the intellectuallity …all countries have problems of their own..been to australia, the uk & the U.S hahahahahaha 2me S.A is THE best deal..the media controls the minds of the masses..As an individual if u dont stand for anything SURELY YOU WILL FALL FOR EVERYTHNG…

  87. Honestly Says:

    Leave the land that isn’t yours.

    • Dave Harris Says:

      Neither is it yours. It belongs to God. You will only be around for a few more years then u will be dead like the rest of us and no one will hear u anymore. No one owns a country or has more right to be there more than another.
      The whole world should be free.

  88. RaeB Says:

    Well done Dave. Its Gods country not any one persons.

  89. kwaaijie ;D Says:

    I realise all these comments are 2009, 2013. But I would rather like to post a little something myself too. (English is not my first language so I appologize for any misspelled words)

    I am South African and I hate it! Hate the country, hate the people and hate the ones who are a) to blind to see what happening b) to stupid to care or both.

    Everyone who has a problem with why people like us feel the way we do most of the time have no idea just how bad things are here and then they have the nerve to complain about our complaints. You have no clue what it’s like! ;-[

    If I could, I would leave this place and pretend it never existed. It used to be okay but those times are over, forever!

    I blame the coverment, the police service and eveything involving polotics for the extreme corruption as they are the most corruppt.

    The wost part is that the world allows this to happen and actually feel sorry for so called “poor black” people who are in reality not as poor as they make out to be. Some of them realy are and try to better their lives but that too is immposible.(For everyone on the bottom)

    For josef (who posted on 2009, who seems to belive his IQ is superior). You’ve obviously never suffered before therefore you do not know hate!

    Here you are hired according to your skin, not your qualifications, despite finnishing school, going to college(for those who were lucky) and having good experience. At the end of the day it just doesn’t matter. Now that’s the country everyone here is so damn proud of, seuriously??!!

    For Craige who is under the Impression that he is the bravest of us all(a.k.a Chicken runner). Mommy and Daddy proberly did everything for you anyway so don’t pretend that you have made a sucses of yourself-by yourself.

    I don’t hate other countries realy nor it’s people but I wouldn’t live in another african country because it’s even worse there unfortunatly(and I mean economic guys, not personal)

    I don’t care if anyone here insults me for all the above. I won’t be comming back to check.

  90. Paul Says:

    Look at you all fighting insulting one another and on the defence. Logically there is NO garden of eden anywhere in the world. I’ve travelled and I COULD NOT live in the U.K. I have friends that have moved there for the sake of their children but bitch about it everyday!! Why people move to New Zealand and Australia is beyond me and the friends that I have say as many good and bad things about their lives abroad as equally as South Africa. There is beauty and shit in every place but please never insult or deny where you come from because that is trashy. Besides whatever you education got from South Africa allowed you to take it elsewhere so it really was not all that bad. I live happilly in S.A I have never and don’t personally know anyone who has been shot or killed, I’m not denying crime but so far I’m lucky to not have been or know someone that has, I live in a huge 3 bedroom modern apartment right on the beach as well as overlooking a lagoon. Most cars on the road are expensive German cars, big malls, well dressed people. We style here in S.A, I personally never saw any of that in the U.K or anywhere else. The only other well dressed groomed nation I’d say are the Italians so enjoy scummy London and backward Australia that looks like no renovations have taken place since 1972…

  91. Paul Says:

    Oh Please…Australia is an even BIGGER shit hole…nothing happens there you may as well move to Windhoek. Anyway that’s my opinion but below is a link to some Aussie opinions on the matter. P.S ex South Africans stop slating the country that made you, its pathetic!!! Here is the link explaining in detail how shit Australia is from the mouths of the locals http://m.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.experienceproject.com%2Fmobile%2Fstory.php%3Fe%3D1707682&h=hAQFE8Xmp&s=1

  92. maria Says:

    I am so lucky.I just received my Canadian citizenship.I feel sorry for all the whites stuck in SA who have to put up with affirmative action,crime and the joke of a government(eg Nkandla,Guptagate).The only reason some of you are so intensely proudly South African is because you can’t leave and have to make the most of a crappy country.The only time South Africans are united is when talking about Madiba and at sporting events.Hypocrisy!

    • constantine Says:

      I agree.I just received my EU passport and I can’t wait to leave and formally renounce my South African citizenship! I applied for a job at the Durban Justice Centre and I was told they only take blacks.When,I applied for articles in 2005 at De Broglio Wolfson,I was informed by one of the partners that they can’t hire me because they are under pressure from a bank on whose panel they are on to hire a black.Madiba’s ‘rainbow nation’ should rather be called ‘dream land’.Sick country!

  93. Shane Says:

    Hahah wtf?
    Dude this isn’t just what it’s like in South Africa … Ahh welcome to the world bro, it’s called capitalisim.

  94. Lauren Says:

    All south Africans aren’t like this. The only thing that is bringing us down is f****** Jacob Zuma! SA is a stunning country, I heard that Cape Town is the number 1 tourist attraction. The Karoo is stunning at night and did you know, the orange river is the worlds oldest river. It has been here ever since the continental drift. It is ok to hate the government (because it sucks) but you mustn’t hate the country itself. SA is the number 1 producer of precious metals and minerals. SA also produces coal. I am not impressed that you are saying all south africans do this. Yes some do but not all. Have you seen the amazing sunrises and sunsets? You will change your tune once you see them. Just blame the ANC (the ruling party) for all of this!

  95. Sarah Says:

    I’m not South African. I’m an American, but I hear the exact same complaints here everyday. It’s not about South Africa. Its life and your bad attitude. Its YOUR responsibility to help improve these situations if you’re unhappy. Build a bridge and get over it, curmudgeon.

  96. fuck the boer Says:

    southafrican’s are racist idiot’s arogant bastards,iv’e met one fat belly mother fucker in my country mauritius,he was an assholes coming from nowhere on my table trying to be racist,we almost stab there and then,motherfuckers they should all be eliminated from the planet,with their fuck up afrikaans shit .

  97. Ethan Says:

    I am a kid myself but my iQ is high enough to realize that this post is 100% accurate, the youth of today S.U.C.K.S, I do not know hoe children could find the activities they do entertaining or “cool” because its just plain wrong, so thank you for this post!

  98. wesleywt Says:

    Have you fucked off yet?

  99. Elina Says:

    Disagree on the “O tempera o mores” segment dealing with kids but totally agree on the “celebs”. Never seen anything more pathetic than Souff Effriken “glamour” show. Had me rolling.
    I lived in this cloaca of a country for eighteen years. No fecking more!

  100. Shaun Coleman Says:

    out of SA for 10 years now. I was proudly South African….not anymore. what irritates me is the Saffa’s I meet who moan and complain about SA. What is it about our culture that wants us to bitch and moan? Why do we all want sympathy? Just get on with your life!

  101. Kristelle Erasmus Says:

    I really hate this stupid Godless country.

  102. sean Says:

    thank you burg for your blog. only 5 reasons??? wow you must still have some hope. the zambian vice president said that south africans are backward and arrogant – i wanted to thank him for being so kind because i would have added thoughtless, corrupt, greedy, selfish, lazy, opportunistic, petty criminal speeding, littering, defecating moron imbeciles, with no manners, decency, ethics or integrity. and to those who left negative comments about this blog you can well believe that we who agree with burg can only dream of leaving this god forsaken shit hole of country and if you feel so strongly about us i would gladly accept a plane ticket from you to go. ashamed to be south african.

    • The Burg Says:

      Well, I’ve been very quiet on the comments on this post, and it was written many years ago. Since then, i’ve been hijacked at gunpoint in my own driveway, robbed at an ATM, and attacked at the gautrain station, stabbed, dragged into a field to be shot at night and fought off three men to save my life that night. As of today, I am now living in the middle east. Qatar, safe and happy. I am trying not to return to SA, but its my greatest fear. I feel more pride in the country I am working in now because safety and my value as a human being is appreciated. I walk to the shop at 11pm. I go to the bank in the evenings. I get my salary paid in cash…and I’ve never felt safer. Now when people say Im lucky to have made it out, I say no…I had to give up everything I had and risk losing it all to live a better life.

      • sean Says:

        good for you burg, i understand what you mean about having to give up everything, i have started over from nothing 5 times already in s.a. i’ m now going down for good, just can’t seem to get up this time around. i have been mugged and robbed 12 times in the last 10 years, the last time was at gunpoint broad daylight midday in front of an absa bank. i even look pretty much like a bergie these days due to being so financially challenged, why the hell would anyone even want to rob me is beyond understanding – it is blatantly obvious i have nothing. to all and sundry who do not understand what this blog is really about (hopefully i did not miss the point) it’s not about race – it’s about behavior. i could add being white – to get south africa right (which will be never in this century) not only does the stupid backward corrupt black government and criminals have to go but also half the white population which is equally stupid, dumb and backwards.
        once upon a time normal decent human beings lived in south africa, try sleep my child your life is now a nightmare and there is no happily ever after forever.

  103. maureen Says:

    That’s all bloody white south Africans do whine, some of live here in Britain they moan about Britain all the time, they should be grateful being allowed to settle here in the first place. I am sick of their attitude they can’t control themselves.

    • sean Says:

      sympathies maureen, that is the good old dumb idiotic s.a. mentality, where ever they stand or drive it is as if they think they own a moving piece of real estate. but anyway there are a few decent beings from here that would only be to grateful to be there not to ever mention where they came from. as you said – attitude becomes behaviour

  104. Sgodo Says:

    There is nothing good in South Africa, Black people are never thought to be humans and it feels Africans are unucceptable everywhere in the world we just living because of Gods reasons but in fact no one accepts an African.

    But the worse thing with Blacks is, especially woman they think in order to be beautiful you have to look like a white or Indian or Coloured…and the Black youth is trying to be African Americans thats the highly disguisting thing.

    South African government is very very very corrupt.

    • sean Says:

      since i’ve got time to burn, sgodo i must enlighten you to the fact that there are humans in this world who will see you as a human being and treat you as such just as you are. don’t black, don’t be white, don’t be american or british – just be decent and avoid the fools as much as you can.

      thanx again to burg for this blog

    • sean Says:

      since i’ve got time to burn, sgodo i must enlighten you to the fact that there are humans in this world who will see you as a human being and treat you as such just as you are. don’t be black, don’t be white, don’t be american or british – just be decent and avoid the fools as much as you can.

      thanx again to burg for this blog

  105. Ruben Pieters Says:

    I am also South African. The things you say are true and I’m sometimes ashamed to be South African. But not all of us are lost. We still give of positive energy. I don’t think our country would be so destroyed right now if apartheid hadn’t happened. And sadly its a wound that will remain for a very long time.

  106. Sg Says:

    I am South African (born in it unfortunately). I am 15 years old and, the sad thing is that I agree with every word you have written. I am the exception to the rule of teenagers being wild and antisocial. all of my friends use slang all the time. the even speak to me in slang!! I have told my parents more than once that one day we will have to eventually immigrate to the UK as this county in no longer benefiting anyone of us. I fully agree with the celebrity circumstances in South Africa. it is nearly impossible for us young singers to become famous because as you stated they just choose whomever is lined up first. I want to be a singer but, the only way for me to be able to achieve that is if I move. so yes, South Africa is in the dumps and no, I don’t think it will ever make it’s way up again.

  107. justin strydom Says:

    it seems everyone has a lot to say when it comes to my country, im glad i found this blog so i cant set things straight. i do not know if all you guys commenting here are who you say you are but anyway my name is justin strydom i live in mannenberg, cape town south africa, my dad is white and my mom is coloured, you wont believe the bullshit i face on a daily basis, most people i know are either on tik,weed and/or buttons, its the most common drug used around here i do hit a few so now and again just to wild out you know.. iv been shot, stapped and beaten a few times its all just normal around here, dont get me wrong growing up a as whitey in the most poorest of places in south africa just made me a better and wiser person i made alota mistakes but learned from most of them. my biggest blessing is that im still alive.. the coloured and black communities are the most dangerous. people around these parts have gangsters and drug lords as role models but dont think thats a bad thing, most of the merts are the real police not this sorry excuse for policing we call saps gangsters keep the community safe from mentally ill druggies and low lifes, you wouldnt understand if you never lived in these circumstances.. its like an illusion of aparteid still controls this country, everything has to be about race its like a curse to be honest, racism is like general conversation around here.. all our for fathers black and white has infected us with thier bullshit.. our polititions are just and im ashamed to say it but they are a bunch of drama queens that just focus on cheap gossip, trash talking and being in the lime light to take attention away from the real problem this country faces, my friend mandelakhe always tells me that life was better in aparteid, he got his rdp house free of charge when he got married, he was a cobbler and tells me he got good money for his work hearing this from a black south african really makes you wonder doesnt it.. there are alota good people , dont blame the youth for being reckless you wont believe the shit we face in the coloured community.. i dont got alota white friends and im not the reachest neither, i grew up on milk and kellogs i was denied a student loan now that im working im even denied a home loan things are really bad.. my whole life i had to prevent myself from getting a criminal record, stayed away from drugs, got high marks at school and for what? just to hear that im not black enough for special treatment as if im the one who inslaved all african people, the most evil people in the world are those that make the son pay for the sins of their father not even the law will put the fathers debt on its son.. just goes to show what hate driven polititions we have, i understand that black adricans are the majority but atleast give everyone an equal oppotunity based on intelligence and not just numbers, the coloured and indian ethnic groups are just middle men inbetween this bullshit its just so unfair, 20years of freedom is not enough time honestly at this rate itll take about 200 years before we see progress.. thats all i have to say for now i may have made a few spelling mistakes along the way but idgaf aslong as my voice was heard and you understand what the fuck i said , im a bornfree in south africa that is not afraid to use my real name..

  108. Nelson Mandella Says:

    oh shut you pie holes, You brits and yanks hate all SA people becuase you belief SA people are below you, we are some stupid 3rd wold people who know nothing. only good for taking you crap jobs and to be worked to death, we are a threat to you becuase we had something better than you would ever have had. You greedy a- holes came and messed up our country and now cry like babies when your own people come back, You so called great countries are itself turning into ISLAMIC 3rd world cespool hell holes, white flight all over the place as you hide in your homes from all the invaders. Your leaders are a bunch of pussies and more corrupt than anything anyone has ever seen, You claim you have freedom but you know just like me a cop will shoot out your brains for walking over a street. You fat ugly scmucks can lick my salty balls, now beat it and go cry to your mommies you gay little keyboard wanking liberal twat-arts. YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVE FOR MESSING IN THINGS YOU SHOULD NOT and you still do like the idios you are, Karma is byting you in the butt, Your big ugly fat asses, Poo and you stink, any self respecting SA women should avoid the dirty.

  109. Zunai Says:

    Mehn,waar was ek during the start of this.A A A.so just because I meaaan because most brothers commenting here are from pistorius side are “skanks,nutshells wat wat you can call them as your jealousy is perpetraiting you.Oh well!here we black and Limpopian for that matter .RSA born and raised till 18 and Proudly NOT of your new South Africa and don’t even Identify.Thank God born there and got me out @18 and Never look back.Yeah Black and 18 migrating via student visa from Wits.Now a graduate of UMUC and UDC.Been at my new home for 19yrs wiped all my parents and siblings to here and we happy as ever and just watch CNN for updates.The rest stays there.And yeah we ain’t coming back.Keep you ANC I guess Trump will come handy because Bushes And Obama did lol.Koopai RSA.

  110. Tsotsi Says:

    Fascinating, wonderfully complex blog! Born and raised in Zimbabwe, left at age 24 to study further in SA, then moved to near London, UK for the next 18 or so years. The gloom, cold and drabness of UK in the long winters eventually rots the soul of any African. It is great at first. Lived in New Zealand for one year and in the Carribean for 6 months. Personally, hated NZ: full of repressed PC people with a massive chip on the shoulder from prolonged isolation. Visited many, many countries. Now back in SA for as long as this place makes sense. And I fear that is not long.
    So sad to read the posts from the youth struggling to escape the stereotype and grow up before their time. Each of you will go far: your ‘friends’ who waste time on drugs, sex, alcohol, trashy magazines, petty crime, gangs, tattoos, stupid music, funny clothes and refuse to study at school/varsity will regret later. Build and educate yourself: no one else will. Travel, travel, travel. Read voraciously. Learn about the rare and precious things in life.
    There is no perfect place. Where you will feel most comfortable depends more on your character and personality than anything else. The vast majority of people are complete arseholes. Or rather complacent sheep. Everywhere. It does not, however, help to point this out too often! Keep your counsel and choose your friends carefully. It is a tremendous advantage to be white, in most of the world. That does not mean you have to apologise for being white, nor does it mean you are condemned if you happen to be black. It means you have to adapt depending on your skin colour, until you have had a chance to suss out your immediate environment. Anyone can give examples of exorbitant white privilege and manipulative black victim hood. Neither lasts long and pisses people off, so avoid both. Just be patient and be yourself – someone will eventually accept you. If no one does: move on, that place is not for you.
    The world as we know it is about to disappear. The signs are everywhere. Exactly how cannot be predicted. Only those who are smart and can think on their feet will survive or prosper.

  111. Pseunition Says:

    This blog consists of the most illogical statements that I have encountered through my years. You’re a biased hypocrite that generalizes all South African civilians and services, along with organizations and cultural traditions.

    Here’s my question:
    Why the FUCK did you not criticize the major governmental and constitutional errors in South Africa? Are you that irrational? Do you have common logic? Oh and for fucks sake, you were self-contradicting yourself when you judged the South African youth.

    The only thing I despise about South Africa is you, and the racist Afrikaans Caucasians.

    Fuck you, you intellectually and socially incompetent waste of space.

  112. Rose Says:

    I really wish we weren’t colonized. I wish we still lived in our “barbaric” ways maybe then we wouldn’t have most of our problems. We live in polluted conditions, why? We never asked for this. We never asked for the technology that has proven to be detrimental to our health. We were better off… the whole world was better off. They should’ve stayed in the North and destroy things for themselves. I don’t hate any race but it seems like we were better off apart…

  113. Rob Story Says:

    What a information of un-ambiguity and preserveness of precious knowledge
    regarding unexpected feelings.

  114. Claire Curtis Says:

    Honestly I live next door to the most arrogant arsewhole white south African ever
    I thought until I read that pile of shit you just wrote whenever. Just when I thought not all south Africans where like
    Him first I had twiddle dee abs now I’ve found tweedle dumb dumb dumb
    Honestly I can now say hand on.hesrt you S.A are the most arrogant nasty people I’ve ever witnessed. My God you even almost present yourself as some.un.cool pedophile
    St one point
    What shudder yuck should I think of you
    Moan groan and go on about the unjust of your own God damn country
    Then move away and brag about how brilliant S.A is. But you won’t go back will you. I have never ever been. Prejudice in my life.i grew up in the USA
    In.the 1960s when whites had one water fountain band the black had theirs. It was disgusting y two best friends were black and I’m pleased my parents didn’t raise me that was
    Sorry for you.

  115. Stevovo Says:

    I love South Africa. Hate it or like it, you cant stop the love I have for Mzansi.

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