*Ding Dong* – Just a second, I’ll be right there

So that last blog was quite the global phenomenon eh?

Sheesh…I never expected it to explode like it did.

After receiving over 3000 hits thanks to being featured on the freshly pressed section of the WordPress home page, it would seem like my popularity has soared….this is one scary notion.

The Mug Blog now officially enters my Hall of Fame along with The Man Crush blog…which was a doozy in itself.

But seeing my blog crack the number 3 position on the list of Fastest Growing Blogs on WordPress is seemingly a double edged sword.

Suddenly I feel so much pressure as to what my next blog will be.. So please allow me some time and patience to wrap my head around the next one….because clearly the eyes of the world are watching!


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5 Responses to “*Ding Dong* – Just a second, I’ll be right there”

  1. plekast Says:

    Yes the world is indeed watching! Yer blog was the first one I read when I joined. The tale of the office mug made me giggle. Thanx for that ability of yers to make me crack a smile. 🙂

    • The Burg Says:

      oh great…until now i could of pretended the pressure was a figment of my imagination….but not anymore… thanks! 😛

  2. ranchaway Says:

    After the Mug Tale, you’re now on my blog roll. 🙂

  3. REASON Says:

    I write this comment because I havent clicked on the next one… Global phenomenon… OKAY… let me guess that the next one is another bitch and moan session…. Please prove me wrong… PLEASE>

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