2 Dudes Talk About a Girl

Dude, I met this girl.

Dude, is she hot?

Dude, its not even like that, but yeah she is.

Dude, did you score?

Dude, I told you, she’s different….

Dude, you’ve gone soft

Dude, she’s like nobody iv ever met before

Dude, where did you meet her?

Dude, we…well…we haven’t actually “met”

Dude, did you make up an imaginary girl?

Dude, sometimes I think so…

Dude, what do you mean?

Dude, I met her online…

Dude, that’s trouble, what if she’s a 300pound dude?

Dude, she’s not a dude…

Dude, I’m just saying…

Dude, she makes me feel so good…like she brings out the best part of who I am…

Dude, are you crazy??!??

Dude, you just can’t understand….

Dude, then enlighten me…

Dude, first thing I think of in the morning is her, last thing I think of is her…she inspires me live each day to its fullest. She believes in me, she….

Dude, if you say she “completes you”, I’m going to smack you…

Dude, look, I don’t know, I’m not sure how she even thinks about me…I could just be some online guy she chats to…

Dude, is she even in the same country as you?

Dude, no….

Dude, then move on…this is not a good idea, you know how you fall for the craziest people…

Dude, not a chance….its different this time. She’s far too special to just be an online friend..

Dude, you sound like you’ve got a serious crush on this girl? Do you even know what she looks like?

Dude, there’s no way she can’t be beautiful to me.

Dude, you sound a bit gay….

Dude, yes. Yes I am happy.


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3 Responses to “2 Dudes Talk About a Girl”

  1. middleagedcrazywoman Says:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA! You know what makes this funny – It happens! And better – women do the same damn thing!! BWAHAHAHAHA!



  2. kevinmorente Says:


  3. Sumeshnee Says:


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