Burgy Wonka’s Golden Ticket!

I’ve been teasing at this for a while now, and since it’s my bithday today, i can do what i want too and nobody is allowed to complain or tell me it can’t be done.

So, here is the big reveal…

Later this month I was supposed to go to New York for a holiday/research mission, but due to overwhelming circumstances and unexpected expenses that have been well documented throughout my many rants, I was forced to cancel….nay, postpone the trip.

What may surprise you most, is that the trip wasn’t just for me…it was in fact a trip for two.
The other person I was going to take unfortunately did not take it as seriously as they initially promised, and due to severe doubt on my side, i made a hard decision to call it off.

However…now…now things are a bit different.
And this time, I’m going to do it the right way….

In the next 6-8 months, I will be resuming my New York adventure, and will be taking one of you with me! All expenses paid! (ok ok, there are a few fine print details – you need to pay for your visa, and bring your own spending money), but flight and accommodation is on The Burg.

I will cryptically reveal the list of those who all are pre-qualified for this trip, however, people can be added or REMOVED from the list depending our interactions over the next few months. These will be comprised 99.9% of my Friends who have contact with me on Facebook, so if you’ve come to this page via anyplace else, i highly doubt you’ll be in the running.

This is 100% serious, and will help me achieve many goals on my 101 Burg List (yes, if you’re an albino, you’re the current favourite)….

More details to follow in due course, but if you want to get on the list, you must be willing to put up with my scathing wit, depressive moods, and undeniable charm and awkward flirting.

I do this because I can, but you will need to prove worthy of this once in a lifetime opportunity. Life is boring enough as it is, and sometimes you just need to say WTF…and go for it…

I don’t care what your friends, families, husbands, wives, or parents say….that’s for you to worry about

Any questions?


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One Response to “Burgy Wonka’s Golden Ticket!”

  1. michelle Says:

    Wow! That is a very generous! If I was in SA I would def want to be a part of it! One day my little family and i will make my way to New york too.

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