The Golden Ticket Hunt is on!

Right, so this is the moment you have all been waiting for…

The Burgy Wonka’s Golden ticket hunt is officially on.

Below, is a cryptic list of the first 15 people to qualify for a trip to New York!

I have assessed many of you on different levels and will continue to do so over the next few months.

This list is not final, and you can easily fall off the list…and you can just as easily be added!

This is 100% serious, and as is as much fun for me as im sure it will be for you.

When the time is right, one of you will be asked if you would like to accompany me to NYC, flight and accomodation paid for! You will be given the choice to embark on the adventure of a life time.

Crack the very simple code and see if you’re in the running… no particular order are…

– 20,7
– 19,7
– 12,13
– 18,2
– 18,18
– 10,1
– 1,14
– 11,12
– 3,5
– 19,2
– 6,2
– 23,8
– 20,14
– 22,8
– 9,22

Have you made the list…?


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13 Responses to “The Golden Ticket Hunt is on!”

  1. Ika van der Vyver Says:

    Number 9,22 reporting for duty, Sir!

  2. rochelle Says:

    I don’t get it :/

  3. Leigh Lobotomy! Says:

    no 😦

  4. jules Says:

    20,14 reporting sir

  5. Elza Says:

    exCUSE me, but where the flip is 24,11 or 4, 19 😦

  6. Wazza Says:

    This is like being back at school – the stupid teachers kept putting letters in sums eg. 34X +18Y = 3(X+Y). Now you doing it the other way round… Not Gr8 of u2 do th8.

  7. Wazza Says:

    23 8

  8. roxy Says:

    Lol i’ve only seen this now.. am i 18,18? just wondering?

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