Golden Ticket Round 2, FIGHT!!

Oh you know I’m having way too much fun with Golden Ticket thing to just sit idle and pick a winner…beside you really need to earn this baby….it is after all a 20grand trip to New York up for grabs.

If that is motivation enough…well….i’ll treat you to a show over there as well.

But I know proudly bring to you a little trivia contest I like to call:

“So You Think You Know Burg?”

Below are 10 VERY easy Burg questions. Many of the answers I have spoke about, or can be found “around Burgsworld”.

The lowest score at the end of the week, WILL be eliminated off the list.

However…in a my M.Night Shymalan twist…here’s the deal.

If someone who is NOT pre-selected for a Golden ticket list scores higher than anyone on it, they then qualify to be in the running! *crowd goes oooooooh!*

Submit your answers by commenting, or inbox or message me on any forum you have me.

Ready? GO!

1. What is my favourite sweet/candy?
2. Who is my favourite band?
3. What is my religion?
4. What TV show do I believe was written JUST FOR ME?
5. What is my favourite number?
6. How many tattoos do I have?
7. What nationality/race’s women am I most attracted to?
8. Name 1 thing I collect…
9. What do I call a saying/theory made famous (and true) by me?
10. Who is my favourite actor? (Bonus: if you get my THREE favourite actors, you get immunity for this challenge)


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