A Tribute to Friendship: For Schwepps

You know, there are not many people I’d use the word “friend” for without thinking twice, but there are those rare few people I would immediately associate the word with.

This is blog is a tribute to a good friend of mine. No…he’s not a good friend.

….he’s a true friend.

During the heyday of the Myspace craze…we had new friends on a daily basis. Of course, there was normally a reason for this…either someone was trying to sell you on their new band, or trying to get you into the sack. (I failed at both)…but every 1 in a 100 friends turned out to be something more genuine. A friend who had similar interests, who you could have an honest conversation with and who you felt could actually be the real deal.

Brett Schewitz is such a guy – the real deal. (Schwepps to his friends of course)

We stayed in touch on a regular basis thanks to the ease of Myspace, we were both obsessed with movies and music. It’s what made us tick…

Then on one of my many birthday parties (*snicker*), I invited this guy who I had never met…and he actually turned up. That, for me, was a testament to who Schwepps is.

Brett is the guy who comes to the party.

Over the years that followed, Schwepps saw me at my worst…he witnessed me fall into the dark place first hand. He supported me in my crazy decisions, he was honest with me when he needed to be, but most importantly he was exactly what I needed at that time in my life – a friend.

While I lost friends by the truckload during what I went through, Schwepps stuck around.

We were so close that we spoke on a near daily basis; we hardly ever saw each other, except for the odd movie, or music industry function. But that somehow felt right. We didn’t need to hang to define our friendship.

Schwepps has shared his life stories with me, as much as I have shared mine with you lot. The guy has been through hell, especially in SA…yet he was an amazing ambassador. He is SA music to a lot of people.

After my hijacking in July, Brett told me he had made the decision to leave SA. My immediate thoughts were “nobody deserves a better life than this guy”…and I watched with both envy and admiration as he worked his butt off to make this happen, while still giving absolutely everything to his passion of music.

Now, as Brett prepares to embark on the most amazing journey that will truly define who he is as a person, I wish him nothing but luck and success

There’s a good chance I may not see him before he leaves this country (you lucky sod!), but I know that no matter what distance is between us, we will remain friends for life, and in 30 years, look back to our humble beginnings, our tragic stories, and our amazing triumphs and simply recognize them with a witty retort. (And let’s be honest, to truly know and like Schweppy….you really gotta understand those sarcastic retorts ;))

I don’t have many pictures that have both me AND a friend in it…but i do have this….
The Burg and Schwepps: Day 1


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