I Just Landed in NYC!!! A Look at Love, Sex, and Friendly Relations

It’s been a Debbie Downer of a weekend.

The truth is, if things went according to plan, today I would have landed in New York City for the first time in over 12 years.
The reality is…I’m sitting in my room feeling sorry for myself.

The truth is, I would have been sharing an amazing experience with a pretty cool person who nobody knew I was actually going to be there with.
The reality is…I’m at home trying to stop my dog from humping my cat every 5 minutes.

Yeah, it’s a pretty awesome life I live eh?

Well I guess it could be…if I wasn’t me.

I’ve always been quick to upset people when I say I don’t have friends or a girlfriend, and they always say of course I do, just look how many people post on your Facebook wall.

Of course I know people. Everyone does.

But I don’t have that one person I can call on a whim and say “let’s do something”
Am I too fussy when it comes to friends and lovers? Perhaps…in fact most certainly so.

I find it very rare that I find someone I actually feel gets me.
I’m also a very observant person, so when I notice something that irritates me, there’s no way I can ignore it.
However, the jokes on me…because I am lonely as hell.
But if I’m being honest with you…I’d rather be this lonely, that have an irritating friend for the sake of having a friend.

Maybe that’s why I keep people at such a distance….they’re just going to leave or die anyways.


That’s right, I’ve been alone all my life…so I’ll blame my dad and older brother for dying when I was 11. Yeah! That’s it…all that responsibility, and giving up my life was THEIR fault.

Plus without any male influences in my life I never got to learn about women and relationships…

So when it comes to dating, relationships or sex who did I go to for advice? The movies of course!

Which means I have this distorted image of the great romantic gesture, the nerd getting the hottest girl in school and the ill fated, I don’t deserve love because I’m a tortured soul.

I’ve been single my whole life. No wait, I did have a relationship back in high school, she got a friend to ask me out, then we were an item for the whole of Math period, then during lunch time she broke up with me.

That’s about it.

For every reason I should hate the whole process of “wooing” (yes my favourite word) a girl and the inevitable failure at the end the months long pursuit… but I don’t.

I love flirting, I love trying to do the impossible for girls, huge gestures, making them feel good, or doing something for them that nobody else will. Only to always see them choose someone else…and my heart truly is held together with tape at this stage of my life.

One of the best things about me (and there are a lot), is that I’ve always found something attractive in most every woman I’ve met.

Maybe it’s because I’m a Libra, but being attracted a woman is still the greatest most tortuous feeling in the world.

I often use the words like crushes, and love, and attracted to when I’m talking to girls, and its not because I’m trying to play them or get them into the sack (unless it that annual boy-girl potato sack race – which I will win one day!), It’s because I genuinely mean them. If people add some sort of value to my life I tell them. Life is way to short to play High School games.

From a girl’s point of view, I’m pretty sure they get it from guys so much, which makes it easy to understand why they think I’m only after one thing.

But that’s the furthest from the truth you can get. In fact, (and here’s the ZINGER), I’ve had sex once in my life. And that was about three years ago.

That’s it. The world’s biggest player…has played one game. So there goes your theory out the window.

I’ve had the opportunity on a few occasions to “knock boots” but I guess due to a) self confidence issues, and b) its never really being with the person I was attracted to, there was no real desire to explore anything further.

And while all the guys out there are saying either this guy is not human, or he’s gay. I’ll answer that with this.

There are several people I am madly attracted to -Currently. Whether it be intellectually, sexually or through a combination of both. I speak my mind to these people, and they probably do know how I feel…but if they don’t…they’re about to find out.

Remember, this is coming from the guy who doesn’t believe in the union of marriage, so therefore, some of the people mentioned may be even more shocked….or will they?

Coming up next…a little blog I like to call – The Contenders.


3 Responses to “I Just Landed in NYC!!! A Look at Love, Sex, and Friendly Relations”

  1. leeleegirl4 Says:

    I simply love how you talked about “wooing” in your blog. I thought I was the only one who used random words to talk about love.

  2. Roxy Says:

    I love your honesty. 🙂 it makes you one of the most amazing people i’ve ever met.

  3. Burgsworld: The Essential Collection – Part 3: Surviving Love & Life « Burgs World – A guide to cutting through the stupidity of life Says:

    […] I Just Landed in NYC!!! A Look at Love, Sex, and Friendly Relations Without a male influence in my life, my view on love and sex is somewhat…skewed. […]

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