The Contenders – Take A little piece of my heart now baby…

After the semi-vent that was my previous blog, here comes the big reveal of the current individuals who hold my attention – in more ways than one.

While this list may indeed make certain friendships 100x more uncomfortable, ie. certain parties will avoid speaking to me, the intention is written from a point of affection and thankfulness that I do indeed know them.

I want it known that while I have mentioned I don’t respect the union of marriage, I respect the fact that those on the list believe in it. And I cannot be called as a witness in any divorce proceedings.

I’ve always been proud of the fact that I don’t see race, religion or age when it comes to my attraction to women, and while that may sound like a good thing, its often the exact reason nothing would probably ever happen between us, as for some people are strong in certain beliefs. (Also please note there are no albinos on this list….which saddens me.)

Seeing as though this is ME we are talking about, none of the below are likely to ever be something more than what they currently are, but that won’t ever stop me from feeling the way I do. That’s left for the restraining order to take care of.

This list is written cryptically, it’s pun induced, but for the smart ones out there…you will know EXACTLY if and when your name is listed – because I’m a friggen genius at writing like this.

Ok…ready to be outed? HERE WE GO!

The Original Crush
Much like the tagline of a product that will always be first choice – The original crush. It sure ain’t 1999 anymore… it’s a different time now. And she’s a different person. Family first. Me I’m still the same person I was back then. It’s back and forth. And never in the middle. I’m always testing waters. She’s never swimming. But she’s still my password. She will always be lovely.

The Colt
This lady is a colt. In so many ways. A brave email sparked a genuine friendship. Far beyond the usual smiley faces and “Lols”. There is something there. Maybe its not something for today. Or tomorrow. But there is something there. I hope we both feel it. The story has many chapters to be written. We just need to be in the same place to write it. When though? We dream the same dreams, we live the same frustrations. Now THAT’s a connection. Plus she’s a bit of a nerd. Which I love. . yes. I used the L word. Which im sure she gets a lot. Might as well call her Miss. L.

The Columnist
I’m pretty sure I irritate the hades out of her. Although its only because we both live and breathe pop culture. I try encourage things with her…she never bites though. Damn columnists. Love and trust her recommendations. Sure she’s recommending to the whole world, but I like to think it’s just for me. Yeah. I definitely irritate the hades out of her. She’d rather be watching a TV series or movie than listen to how I have a crush on her. She really should be on the list. Why didn’t she respond *sigh*

The Muse
She is the muse. Once in a lifetime we meet someone that meets EVERY requirement on the list. Damn Canadians are like that. So nice and perfect. Will we ever meet? I wish, but I doubt. So busy all the time. Damn writers are like that. I wish we were facebook friends. It would make her beauty seem real. Damn Indians are like that. She’s lucky she spoke to me this weekend…or I’d never write half the stuff I write. Damn muses are like that.

The Entrepreneur
Will never be sure how she feels. She knows I like her…a lot…but we’ve never met. That could possible be a problem…and she definitely has enough problems as it is. Wish I was in a position to help her. I will be one day. That’s what I do though. I’m scared that if we meet in person all my fears will be realized. I believe in her. Wish she would too…after all she moved her whole life up here.

The Traveller
Thought I was on to something special here. All my beliefs and understandings of who I am seem to be justified with her. But it all came too quickly. She might of panicked…and ended it before truths were revealed. Gorgeous. Passionate. Come to think of it…totally out of my league. But in the end not even a packet of milk bottles could save this. It’s as if disaster was written in the stars. The one that surrounds our planet that is…not this one.

The Girl
Maybe too young? –I wouldn’t know…since I don’t know her age But seems smart as a whip. Good taste in music too. That’s rare…but doesn’t really know I exist – that’s good for her. Studies can keep one distracted I guess. These are the growing years? You know what show I really liked? Charlie’s Angels – Loved that girl with the hair…now what was her name again.

The Inspiration
Inspiring. Does what she believes is right. Society has their rules, she has her – and will power of note. Seen on the rare occasion, but each of those occasions leaves me reeling for days. We don’t chat like we used to. Damn career girls. But she has someone who makes her happy, and he seemingly beats me to every punch. Will always be in the front of the queue. Because that’s Ayoba.

The Heart & Soul
I’ve blown it so many times with her because of my ego and pride. She still remains one of my best friends. Even is psycho X had it in for me. And current beau is awesome to her. She deserves it. I wanted to be the guy who could give all that to her…but I always found a way to give her grief instead. Maybe her honesty is what made her bad for me, as well as good. Add. Remove.Add.

The Unexpected
She’s the kind of woman who walks into a meeting, and there’s no possibly way you can even focus on what the meetings about. I know…I’ve done that often. A recent resident on Burg’s world, but seemingly went right to the front of the guy when I we were handing out passports. I wish there was something there from her side…despite the obvious. Mmm…guess she could always provide refreshments.

The High School Crush
The old school crush. Back then I’d walk miles just to risk randomly bumped into her in the old street. Its been so long, we seem to blow hot and cold at times, and I’m never sure if I’m seeing something that’s their or not. She has national pride and Baby Jesus… I don’t…that would always come between us me thinks. I’m better off watching Chariots of Fire…which I always thought was the right spelling. I was wrong.

The One That Got Away
If only she told me sooner…before it was too late. Its my biggest regret…and no matter how much we promise each other, the odds of even seeing each other again grow worse by the day. If we do indeed meet up, the heat would be so intense, it would make for a good news story…which she could read to the listeners every Sunday. I miss the emails, and even the phone calls…which we all know I hate.

The Musician
Her musical talent is what first got my attention. And her beauty is what the whole country’s attention. Her heart belonged to someone long before the attention began, and I’m pretty sure it will stay that way. I saw her earlier this year after many months, and was truly honored to be seen in her presence, even if I was pushed to the edge of the line for most of the night. Girls like her are in short supply.

The Newbie
This film student captured my attention with her air of uniqueness. Inspiring in her belief of her talent, the few times we have spoken have been nothing short of special. While she will soon leave these parts, I feel saddened that this was perhaps a friendship that started all too late, and will sadly end all too soon. Maybe the beaches of Brazil are where I should head.

The Secret Friend
This lady is perhaps where my heart really got damaged. I offered her the world, she seemed interested…then suddenly it seemed like we were only allowed to have a secret friendship. Her ticket was booked, but she drifted away. I think about her daily, and she is still my first choice to get a boarding pass…if only she’d speak to me again…and own up to a bad decision. I miss her…but perhaps know that she knows I was really falling for her…she may indeed remove all traces of my existence. I hope for the opposite…because you need to risk it to get the biscuit.

Thats it…those are the Secret Loves of The Burg.
I like all these ladies for different reasons…but at the end of the day…while im sure they will recognize themselves in these descriptions…i doubt they will ever acknowledge it…which is a shame, because I hope they do….who knows…


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