Movies Ruined My View On Life

Here’s an old blog I stumbled across…

I wonder if I still feel this way…I think i do, but not as often as I used to
I always knew I was pretty f*cked up.
Nobody goes through what I went through and leads a normal life…
Again…it’s that naivety of mine.

When I lost everyone around me, I found my solace in the movies.
The world they created. That the good guy could save the day. That the nerdy kid could get the prom queen. That tragedy paled in comparison to triumph.

I’m the guy the ladies love because I do amazing things. I’m freaking Indiana Jones.
But you know what…even Indiana didn’t keep the same girl in the next movie….plus he got old….and plus plus…he’s coming back for more.

No matter how bad my life got, I could find a movie to relate to it. No matter how obscure…there was something out there that was my story.

I still love my movies today…but instead of being lost in their fantasy world…I get angry with them…bitter for lying to me. That not how it is….The decent guy gets hacked off first in my world.

He’s the guy who does everything and then turns around and stands on the land mine.

I just can’t seem to find mine.
Why do I keep bouncing back? For another sequel?
Well even die-hard fans got sick of Police Academy after 5 sequels.

I don’t ask for much…I really don’t.
Am I that bad a person that I don’t deserve my happy ending?
Why must I be the one who suffers worse that Annette Bening when she’s up against Hillary Swank at the Oscars.

I’m Tom Hanks…the guy who nobody likes because he’s just too nice, but he makes the most enjoyable movies (I haven’t seen Castaway…so go with me on this analogy).

The worst part about my movies is I can’t push pause…I have to sit through the entire thing until it’s over. Much like the last 30 minutes of Lord of The Rings Return Of The King, I feel I will have to suffer until my final credits.


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2 Responses to “Movies Ruined My View On Life”

  1. Barry Glibb Says:

    you are definitely not alone when it comes to riding out depression periods with the help of movies. it’s interesting to think about how our connections to stories changes as we start to experience more life with age.

  2. Burgsworld: The Essential Collection – Part 1: Rants & Opinions « Burgs World – A guide to cutting through the stupidity of life Says:

    […] Movies Ruined My View On Life I hate movies, but only because I love them. […]

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