There’s this guy who works at my BlockBusters…

There’s this guy who works at my Blockbuster video store.
I loathe him.

I think we all have someone like him in our lives, and this saddens me.

Let me tell you a bit about him.

I don’t know his name, and even if he has told it to me, I’d never remember it as I’m so busy trying to focus on anything other than jumping over the counter and drowning him in the slush puppy machine….grape flavour.

This guy represents all that is irritating in this world.

Firstly, he’s one of those people who have to start a conversation with every single person who he can make eye contact with, and even if you are not looking at him, he stares at you until you make the mistake of giving him a glance.

I don’t mind the odd conversation with people, opposite to contrary belief; I’m not a total hermit…yet.

The problem with him is, he always, and I mean ALWAYS tries to be “hip” to what’s going on.

I happen to go to the Blockbuster often to buy cheap 2nd hand dvds, because I love movies. I also however happen to go to the Takeaways either side of the store because I’m fat. This is where a big part of the problem comes in, as he likes to take his smoke break outside the store and happens to catch me sitting on the benches waiting for my food.

Even if I’m staring at the cashier waiting for my food, my Spidey senses immediately start tingling when he steps outside….But by then it’s already too late.

I understand if I enter his domain (Blockbusters), but when I’m at a completely different store there should be boundaries, but its almost like he is always out hunting new prey.

He always finds a reason to try strike up a conversation with me…no matter how far apart we are. What’s worse is, he tries so hard to be relevant that all his conversations are ultimately the same. If I’m wearing the shirt of my favourite football team, it’s a sure bet the first thing I will hear in the distance is “Liverpool…that’s an awesome team hey”…Of course I will then proceed to rip him apart for not actually knowing what’s going on with the team.

Other days he will start with the line “Dude, you look like such a rockstar hey”…..simply because I happen to have cool tattoos on my arms and a mountain man beard. This will then lead into a (one sided) conversation about how he can never look like this or he’ll get fired, and how his colleagues have to tie up their hair. I even have to resort to saying “yes, you’ve told me that before.”

The third topic of conversation is normally about the movie I am buying. He, working at a Blockbuster is of course…a movie buff., which is just cannon fodder for me when he tries to tell me something about the history or making of a certain movie. As those close to me know…I am the human IMDB.

What frustrates me most is at the end of all this, he is just someone who can’t take the hint. No matter how much I ignore him or am mean to him, he ALWAYS tries to strike up conversation.

I loathe him so much…and sometimes I have nightmares that when the apocalypse comes, it will just be the two of us (and new girl – for long time readers) left, and we have to repopulate the Earth.

Is it so hard for two people in this world not to just pass each other by in silence?
That’s the world I want to live in…


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2 Responses to “There’s this guy who works at my BlockBusters…”

  1. Stacey Vee Says:

    Time to be blunt about it, Burg… or… Pretend to be on your phone…

  2. Burgsworld: The Essential Collection – Part 2: The Weird, Whacky And Wise! « Burgs World – A guide to cutting through the stupidity of life Says:

    […] There’s this guy who works at my BlockBusters… There are few people I hate in this world…but the guy who works at my Blockbusters is at the very top of that list. Another fan favourite blog. […]

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