Back then we called it Charming. Today they call it Stalking

I’ve always had a…shall we call it, a special talent.

Since I was young I always been very smart.

Ok ok, so it’s not quite the big reveal you were expecting, but nonetheless, I’ve always been able to find out what I wanted to, or simply been smart enough know how to get the answers I needed.

Now way before the days of the internet, this meant a lot more when it came to romance.

If you were interested in a girl, you went to great lengths to try and find out her phone number or where she lived, what her hobbies were, or where you were likely to “bump into her”. It was all in good spirit and showed a genuine interest.

In our younger days, it was all somewhat charming, and I think we lived in a different time where nothing was really considered creepy, or underhanded. I still remember some of the great ways I managed to find out and remember things. (im sure my old friend Russell will smile to himself thinking about “tosso” or 2070)

I miss those days.

Anyways, as the world changed, and we were introduced to things like the internet, google, and catch 22’s such as Facebook, the charming appeal of going to great lengths to show your interest in a girl quickly became easier….far too easy in fact. To the point where everything you needed to know was RIGHT THERE. Where she lived, worked, and hung out.

This has made life a bit harder for people like me, as we’re sorta stuck between two worlds.

I enjoy the old school “chase” when it comes to a girl. Now everything comes too quickly, and it scares people off, creeps then out, and earns you “blocked” status.

Another thing I was always good at (brilliant in fact), was being able to bring people into my life.

Let me explain that a bit more.

If I saw a girl in a crowd, on TV, in a magazine, or even a random picture in someone’s office, and there was an immediate attraction from my end, I was always able to find out who they are, and change my destiny in order to meet up with them or get in contact somehow.

As a result of this, I’ve made a lot of good friends (and scared off some “famous people”). If you’re a hot girl and we’re friends, there’s probably a good chance we met under pretty random circumstances….but believe you me; a lot of effort went into making sure the stars aligned for that random meeting.

Now, if I happen to stumble across someone who catches my eye, it’s a simple “Add as friend”, and within hours, you’re already at risk of being considered a freak. Even more so if you’re honest.

Today’s youth may read this blog and think that this is all “stalker like”, and maybe it is. Maybe I was just ahead of my time when it came to stalking.

I guess the difference to me in the end, was that everything was always so fleeting. There was always a hope there may be something more there, but nothing ever lead to more, so few people are willing to take chances in life, that they want everything done so by the book before they believe it could be something special.

As for me, I was just born in the wrong time…


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2 Responses to “Back then we called it Charming. Today they call it Stalking”

  1. leeleegirl4 Says:

    Funny but true

  2. mariahilldublin Says:

    I once went out with a guy for about a year that I thought I had randomly met on the bus one eveneing. Turns out he knew me through my sister, knew where I worked and had been getting on buses in the area at about finishing time – in the hopes of meeting me.

    Ruined the it was our Destiny to Meet kind of thing. But very sweet non the less.

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