The 1st Annual Burg’s World Awards Nominees

Hello Everyone

I thought for a change, instead of talking about me, I’d like to take a moment and talk about my friends, and also my “friends”.

This blog is dedicated to all of those who have had an impact on my life over the last few years, knowingly or unknowingly they have had a direct influence on my day to day life.

So with that, i’d like to announce the first ever nominess for the Burgies. An annual celebration of those who follow me and allow me to follow them back (no i don’t mean on Twitter…although some of my twitter peeps are nomination too!)

I Envy Your Life, Even Though I Know Nothing About it except From What I See On Facebook Award

Andrew Murray
Corinne Lalouette
Mohammed Seedat
Kriya Gangiah
Kayan Amira Leung

I Miss Talking To You Award
Veronique Lalouette
Roxanne Lauren Konkol
Simon Williamson
Thamashni Naidoo
Kimberly Lloyd

You’re My Biggest Fan Award
Michelle Daniels
Simone Ka-Ling Ho
Susanne Weber
Darren Symington
Andre Ulrich George
Annie Naidoo

Friendship Comeback Award
Russel Pieters
Justin Paulsen
Leonardo Borella
Natasha & Stephen Prior
Paula Fehrsen

Did You Ever Know That You’re My Hero Award
Jessica & Leon Byker
Jean Barker
Leigh Lobotomy
Brett Schewitz
Michelle Daniels

You’re Almost As Big A Geek As Me Award
Till Tillman
Robin Pierce
Gordon Brown
Travis Marc
Justin Paulsen

I’m Not So Secretly Attracted To You, And This Freaks You Out Award
Ika van der Vyver
Loshanee Moodaley
Paula Fehrsen
Thamashni Naidoo
special write in entry Lori Jones.

I Know We’ve Never Met, But I Really Like You…alot Award
Farah Barry
Romi Moondi
Shaheema Barodien
Aletia Naidoo
Sheetal Magan

Didn’t We Used to Be better friends than This Award

Brett Schewitz
Claire Ullyett
Benita Enoch
Paul & Angelique Elliot
Nabila Esat

Hey We Could Actually Be Good Friends If We Hung Out More…not that we will Award
Ashley Kleyhans
Warren Harding
Thamashni Naidoo
Jay Cee
Talita Mostert

Let’s Make a Movie Together Award
Jordan Shade
Roland Gaspar
Dan Ger MAc
Morne Du Toit
Sheetal Magan

In A Different Time, A Differnt Place, A Different World Award
Romi Moondi
Paula Fehrsen
Leigh Lobotomy
Kimberly Lloyd
Simon Williamson

Effort Goes A Long Way In My Book Award
Kayan Amira Leung
Simone Ka-Ling Ho
Susanne Weber
Warren Harding
Russel Pieters

The Burg Lifetime Achievement Award
Paul & Angelique Elliott
Simone Ka-Ling Ho
Natasha & Stephen Prior

The Impact Award
This is a viewers choice award and will be voted for on Facebook. It will go to the person who has made the biggest …well…Impact…that was pretty obvious right?

Congrats to all the nominees! Including those lucky enough to pick up multiple noms.
The Winners will be announced this weekend in a star studded ceremony held in my bedroom….(yes i’ll be watching more dvds), and will receive a very special surprise!


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7 Responses to “The 1st Annual Burg’s World Awards Nominees”

  1. Andre Says:

    I made it! Whoop whoop!

  2. -dp- Says:

    I don’t know you…or any of these people…but what a brilliant idea! Love it. Well done. And I’m sure all the people mentioned will get a kick out of it. 🙂

  3. Gordon Brown Says:

    This is awesome.

  4. Jordan Shade Says:

    I’m honoured!! Thanx for the nomination bud!!

  5. michelle Says:

    YAY BURGIES! I am excited!

  6. Kimberly Says:

    I think this is awesome! You made my day with this!!! *hugs* (again)

  7. Warren Says:

    Dude! I am honored… acceptance speech writing underway… how much time do I have before music starts? Also need to practice my, I am disappointed, yet pleased for the winner face, you know, just in case.

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