50 Primary School Memories – Especially for my BAPS clique

A while back i wrote a blog called ” A Burg Never Forgets, where i looked back at 50 childhood memories. What proved most popular was the memories from Primary School. Birch Acres Primary School in fact. It was the best time of our lives. I would like to revisit it here…the first 23 items are taken directly from that previous blog for those who missed it, and then i’ve added a bunch more…I guess this really is for that group of us that remember those days…I hope some of the below things stir up some memories (mostly good!).

Birch Acres is, the dearest name
The School that we love best.
We learn to work, with zeal and zest
and strive to do our best…
(ok it went something like that)

1) In grade two, we went to the zoo on a field trip. A group of us got hidings from Miss Du Plessis for stretching too far over the crocodile wall.
2) A bunch of friends once rode to my house on their bicycles, one of them called out “shaunie, fatty, come out and play”…my mom raced ahead of me a ripped into the kid and proceeded to tell him how fat his whole family was. I didn’t get to play with them.
3) I won our church fundraiser darts competition when I was just 12. I beat out the adults too.
4) I fell off the goal posts and broke my arm in std 5. I hid it for a few days, but when I had to glue a project together in class, everyone found out.
5 ) The opening line to my headboy speech in Std 5 was “Where we are going, we will no longer be a Big fish in a small pond, we will now be small fishes in big ponds”
6) During our Cape Town tour of 1990, I bought a nudie pen. You know the one you turn upside down the clothes fall off the girl on the pen. I sold it before the tour ended.
7) On the first day of that same tour, some kid through my old buck gin hat into the toilet. It was so embarassing I didn’t wear it for the rest of the tour.
8) My first best friend was named Ryan.
9) In std 1, I took gift bags to school for my birthday. My mom made me give the girls she didn’t like the worst toys. I remember having to give someone a …thimble.)
10) When I was named headboy in primary school, I got kisses from all the previous year’s female heads and deputy heads. Older women score!
11) In std5 we made perspex knives. Why I have no idea.
12) In Std 1, I earning praise from my teacher Mrs Holgate because I knew that Margaret Thatcher was called The Iron Lady.
13) The guy who first got me interested in my lifelong love for tennis was a guy named Stephen Budge. Possibly related to Don Budge.
14) One of our end of terms movies during primary school was The Secret of Nimh
15) We once had a fun fair at our primary school. I got sick on the spinning teacups because I had a whole packet of sherbet before I went on.
16) There was nothing better than spaghetti bolognaise from the tuck shop in primary school.
17) During leadership camp in Std 4, the song we all had to rehearse to was “We all stand together” …also known as the frog song.
18) At that same leadership camp, a boy named stephen snuck a drag off a teachers cigarette when he left it balancing on a chair.
19) I cried like a baby when I was announced as head boy. A guy named Allan asked me a few weeks later if I cried because my dad wasn’t there or if I was happy. To this day I still don’t know the answer.
20) At a birthday party I won a dance competition. It was legit judging too, because the host’s older sister and her friends judged. Older women score #2!
21) I was the tins in the bin champion for 2 years running. Tins in the bin is exactly was it sounds like.
22) In std 5 we once has to wear togas to a roman theme function. I flashed two girls. I know who they are, but I’m sure they don’t remember. Guess I made zero impression!
23) I got punched in the face by a bully from a visiting school in 1991. I didn’t drop…but I did take a martial arts stance immediately afterwards ….even though I never had a single lesson.
24) During night time functions, a few of use head prefects and prefect would disappear behind the school (close to the netball courts) and make out behind the building. I strangely always volunteered to be the lookout.
25) My friend David and I completed the longest long division sum known to man mind.
26) I was once so sick with hepatitis that I threw up on the corridor
27) We use to do crazy stuff like try and jump as many stairs as possible, or swing from the roof and try and catch onto the next roof railing
28) We once had “tunnel of horror” underneath our school stage during a fete one year. I scare a kid with a werewolf mask and she kicked me in the shins.
29) A guy named Richard once brought a nudie mag to school. Best. Day. Ever.
30) One day I didn’t do my homework and the teacher got made with me and asked me why. I simply said “because my dad died last night”. He came and picked me up and carried me to the office while I wept like a baby.
31) There was this other guy named Richard who always used to threaten to jump off the balcony whenever he was in a bad mood or someone teased him.
32) We used to get Yo Yo experts and mini soccer ball experts come to a display for us, then every one would try and do tricks for like the next month.
33) My friend Ryan’s mom had the coolest job in the world. She used to work for Beacon sweets, and he’d always bring the most amazing sweets to school.
34) King Stingers used to be the most awesome lunch time sport ever.
35) We all went to Gold Reef City once, but I don’t seem to remember much working. I did fall off a Penny Farthing though.
36) My cousin came to our school for about a year. During our sports day, we were so busy talking we didn’t hear the gun go off for our race, and when the told us, we just started running on the side lines.
37) Happy Acres was the most fun ever.
38) There was an awesome game the boys played, I forget the name, where we used to try kick each other’s feet, and if connected the guy was out, if you missed you had to stay in that stance. It was all very technical.
39) There were only two mail Library prefects in Std 4. I was one of them. I loved the library.
40) I used to love high jump practice, shot put, and long jump.
41) Marbles was a huge craze for us, and we used to try knock down pyramids, play eyenies and all sorts of bizarre games…schoolyard rules applied.
42) I still have the book prizes I won, they were the most awesome books ever.
43) I used to hate choir practice, but always loved the school plays. I of course played a wrestler one year. I wore a speedo and painted my face like The Ultimate Warriors
44) Sometimes the most fun you could have was just rolling down the embankments.
45) A guy named Scott was on TV in the advert for the opening of Pick n Pay Steeledale, he road up to the empty warehouse on his bicycle. Everyone thought he was cool after that.
46) The aforementioned guy named David had he parents appear on a game show called Telly Fun Quiz…
47) Sometimes at break I would play Gummy Bears with Paula and JoAnne and we’d bounce around like gummy bears.
48) In grade one there was a cute girl with the longest blonde hair id ever seen, and she had thoroughbred shaggy dogs…I wonder what ever happened to her…anyone remember the name?
49) The best part of being a prefect was getting to sit on the chair on the side of the hall or outside while assembly was going on.
50) I still see my primary school friends as the best friends I ever had. There was something magical about our year and the year before us.

and a special mention to when the school nurse used to visit and the boys and girls were seperated and sent to the sick room. We had to strip down to our underwear, and turn and cough.

*awkward silence*


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2 Responses to “50 Primary School Memories – Especially for my BAPS clique”

  1. Terry-Leigh Austin Says:

    You brought back lots of happy memories! Those were the days! Thanks Shaun.

  2. simon lyus (one of the twins) Says:

    Stumbled into this, brought back a few memories. Thanks

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