To All Things An End – My Final Blog

Over three years of my life
Over 150 posts
Over 500 comments
Over 130,000 views.

Not bad for a guy sitting in his room in Kempton Park, South Africa, writing his little blog.

I say these stats with pride, because I worked hard at the blog, I tried to make it something different to what’s out there, and I hope I achieved that in some small way.

I’ve shared EVERYTHING. Good and bad, tragic and triumphant. I’ve made enemies, I’ve lost friends, and I’ve gained respect and thanks. All because of the words I chose to use.

I’ve always said I was blogging before blogging was a word, which is partly the reason I have decided to call it a day as far as being a blogger is concerned. I have shared every aspect of my life with people, left no stone unturned, and this was bound to lead me to this point. Where I feel I have nothing left to write about. This is not a sudden decision,  as the thought has been in my head for a while to end it. I think my birthday last week left me with a sense of its ok to let it go.

After each blog I was left more and more drained, and the pressure I put on myself to come up with something new to write about was immense, and it should never be that way.

I love being a writer. It’s what I am. However, now I feel like it is time to let go of this blog and move onto other types of writing. More creative story telling I guess, I will certainly maintain my style in other projects I pursue, and will always look back fondly at this blog as something that added so much value to my life (and maybe yours).

I thank the loyal readers, I thank the haters, I thank everyone that took time to message me publically or privately with their thoughts, concerns, complaints or whatever emotion my blog brought out in you. That was always the intention.

And unlike the 5th season of 21 Jump Street, I will not stay around longer than I’m welcome; I will not get stuck in a mode of repetition. I will leave this blog with my head held high, with a feeling of I came, I saw, I conquered.

October has been a very telling month for me personally and I’ve decided to close a lot of chapters in my life,  ironically November has the makings of being a game changer for me. I hope it leads to inspiration, confidence and a push in the right direction as the writer I am meant to be. I will continue to be inspired by an elite few, those who I love, those who I cannot be with, and those who I strive to prove wrong.

So thanks for being part of Burgs World…I hope you come back and revisit some of the many stories I have shared with you over the last three years or so, they will forever be part of my body of work, and if you’d like to follow what I do next…well, hopefully my work will find you.




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4 Responses to “To All Things An End – My Final Blog”

  1. Kerry Wroe Says:

    Hi Shaun
    Just read your last blog and very sad to hear there will be no more!! I have loved reading your blogs, you are a great writer, and hope it will be a book out next. Keep doing what you do so well.
    Keep well
    Kerry porter (birch acres)

  2. Rory Says:

    Haha you came…

  3. Sumeshnee Says:

    Mixed feels have dwelled within me for days now. Confusion and clutter and me screaming for silence and air. And now I am greatly sadden to read this blog. I have made it a daily activity for the last month to read a random post of yours, each one drawing my breath swallow and slower, clammy hands clench into fists and release as I allow these emotions to invade my mind and body.

    I wish you luck with all that you do and desire. You deserve sweet warm happiness, yellow in colour like tickling rays of sun-light and trinklets of dew.

    Goodbye Mr.Burg,
    (((Big Hugs)))
    Sumeshnee Sïmoné Govender

    The desire to write grows with writing. — Desiderius Erasmus

  4. Donna Says:

    You are just taking another fork in the road, we all have to decide. Sometimes it is heartbreaking because you believe you have to meet everyone else’s expectation but when it becomes that way, you are not doing it for the right reason. The hardest part is letting it go, but it is even harder when you have to let the people to expect to tell you wtf, but you need to continue your own journey.
    That is what life is anyway. Don’t let the chains bind you. You will be in a new place and with time all things are new, better, until the next fork is placed in front of you. It is hard to learn to follow your heart when your head is telling you something else. Best of luck.
    The road is rocky but it is worth the work in the end.

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