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Happy Anniversary! (well. except for the happy part)

June 30, 2011

Anniversary is generally a term that’s used for celebration or a not so subtle reminder that an expensive gift is due. For people like me, the word is used several times a year for a more forlorn purpose.

I always hit a major funk during this second quarter of the year, in fact May, June and July in particular are heavy going.

In May it’s the anniversary of my brother’s death.
In June it’s my late dad’s birthday, and the anniversary of my cousin’s death.
In July it’s my brother’s birthday, and on the exact same day, the anniversary of my Gran’s death.

Sure there are more deaths and anniversaries spread out across the rest of the year, but for these three months, the world seems like one long cruel joke.

It seemingly gets more difficult as the years pass, I think particular because milestones start hitting.

Things like people being dead for longer than you knew them alive for. That’s always a hard one.

Sometimes for a split second I forget what my dad looks like, and that hurts a lot, of course I’ll never actually forget what he looks like, but for that brief moment I’m angry with myself.

I miss my Gran tremendously. She was always the rock that kept the extended family together. In truth I don’t really feel like I have any family anymore, apart from my mom of course. It sad, but it’s a reality. I maybe see certain family members once every few years, but there are no longer family gatherings like there used to be back in the day. True, we’ve all grown up now…well…those of us that are left.

My cousin’s death was a strange one. Particularly based on what the family went through with my brother’s suicide. There are perhaps more unanswered questions to his death than with my brother’s. I will always be thankful that I got to spend time with my cousin in New York. We all know about my desire to get back there. Andre was the only guy who saw how happy I was there and that for me it was perfect contentment. Nobody else has ever seen me that way. I miss him so much because he truly supported my dream and was proud of all my achievements. I’ve never felt anyone else being that proud of me,

I’ve been into detail about my brother’s death before, so I won’t touch on that now, but what I will say is that my brother’s death is what has put my life into the situation it is now. Both good and bad. I’m angry with him and always will be, but I don’t blame him for what he did. I understand, and I do feel him got the better deal outta all this.

Anyways…I know we all have our share of bad days. I guess in this case, it’s just best to fake a smile and waves boys….


The Burgies: And the Winner is…(Part 3)

March 13, 2011

And we’re back for the final part of this year’s 1st annual Burg’s World Awards where the most prestigious awards of the year continue to shock and surprise us.

However, due to time constraints, last night we handed out several award for technical achievements, please join us in congratulation the following award winners –

I Don’t Have The Guts To Ask You Out On A DATE Date Award – Kayan Amira Leung

If I Was Just A Little Bit Younger Award – Farah Barry

I’d Do Pretty Much Anything For You, Even Though You Don’t Know I Exist Award – Kriya Gangiah

You Might Actually Know More Than Me Award – Brennan Babb

Why’d You Have to Go And Get Married Award – Paula Fehrsen

The Impact Award For Outstanding Contributions – Susanne Weber

Best International Friend Award – Gordon Brown

*ad break*

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome our next presenter – Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie – “Hello. There are millions of starving children all around the world, and we are spending time handing out these awards? For every winner tonight, I will adopt and African child…Ok, let’s get this over with. The nominees for the I’m Not So Secretly Attracted To You, And This Freaks You Out Award are”

Ika van der Vyver – There are few people I admire as much as this lady. A true icon in Burg’s World, she continues to set the trend for self empowerment as well as self improvement. How can that not be attractive to a guy? She is pure class.

Loshanee Moodaley – Beauty, ambition, wit and legs that kills. Yup, those boxes are all ticked. Which ironically are the same four boxes that put her WAY outta my league. But a man can dream…and most every night its of her.

Paula Fehrsen – multiple nominee already tonight, I keep thinking to myself….time machine…

Thamashni Naidoo – Gorgeous, pop culture savvy and sexy as hell. Her milkshake truly brings all the boys to the yard…and those boys would all beat the cr@p outta me before they let me close enough to every stand a chance.

Special write in entry Lori Jones – despite history, I will always think she was THE one. End of story.

And, the winner is…Loshanee Moodaley!!!

*ad break*

Please welcome your next presenter…Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson – “This is perhaps the creepiest category known to man….and if anyone knows anything about creepy…it’s me. Hey sugar tits, slow the prompter down so I can keep up. Here are the nominees for the I Know We’ve Never Met, But I Really Like You…A Lot Award

Farah Barry – she is so innocent it blows my mind. In a world where there is so much wrong, she brings a smile to my fave with the way she enjoys the simple things in life. I hope her view on life doesn’t change as she gets older, because she is a breath of fresh air in life.

Romi Moondi – In my dream world…she fits perfectly as the missing piece of my puzzle of perfection. Realistically she is the one person I will never meet in life, which I suppose is for the best as if we did…the world might explode.

Shaheema Barodien – People have told me that the only person I would ever be happy with, is a female version of myself. And hopefully she doesn’t read this and go jump in front of a buss, but she is the closest thing to the female version of myself. I have the utmost respect for her work, and like to poke and prod to test her tolerance, which I think annoys her immensely…but its like when someone pulls your pigtails in nursery school…

Aletia Naidoo – a mystery unto herself. This is what perhaps makes her to so attractive to me. There is so much I will never be able to understand about her, but so much I want to know. I hope I will get the time in this life or the next. Her beauty on the outside is matched only by the beauty of her soul.

Sheetal Magan – I watch her from a distance. Not literally of course…(that’s a different award), but her passion is a flame which will never be extinguished. The relationship she has with the people in her life is pure and honest, as she seems to be.

And the winner is…Shaheema Barodien!!!

*ad break*

Ok folks, here to present the final award of the evening is the man himself…The Burg!

Wow…what an evening it’s been. Thank you to everyone who has endulged me this evening. I love and appreciate having you all in my life no matter how close we are. There are those that don’t even know the impact they have had on me. We may not talk, or hang out, or even see eye to eye. But I am who I am because you are who you are.

Now I’d like to present the final award of the evening. …

The Burg Lifetime Achievement Award

Paul & Angelique Elliott – this two people have seen me at my worst, at my best and at my burgest. They have never judged, always offered a hand and a heart when I never knew how to ask. I am so happy that they seem to be happy in life, and the only reason I don’t know this for sure is because of my own laziness. I will make the effort to be a better friend to both of you.

Simone Ka-Ling Ho – Wow, so much has been said already. I mean every word of it, and now double so. I have turned down many an invite, and you still continue to be such a good friend to me. A lesser person would of walked away a long time ago. Of all the clouds up there in the sky, you are my favourite one.

Natasha & Stephen Prior – From boss, to tennis opponent, to friend. Two of my favourite people in the world. Supportive even at the darkest of times, they always seemed to have faith in me. Through my craziest comments, to my brutal honesty, they never once saw me as anything other than a friend. I cannot wait for you to come home. I need that energy.

And, the winner of the first ever Lifetime Achievement award is….Natasha & Stephen Prior!!!

That’s a wrap folks, congrats to all the winners, and thanks to my celeb friends for helping make this ceremony a success….see you again next year! Or whenever it seems appropriate to do this again.

See you at the Afterparty!

What’s in a name? Well it depends how it’s spelt…

March 9, 2011

It’s safe to say I’m getting progressively crankier in my old age…I don’t deny this. There are a lot of day to day things that irritate me…some more than others, but there is one thing that never fails to get me seething just at the mere sight of it.

My name is Shaun Myburg. (Burg to my friends.)

I’ve always had a big problem with my name being spelt wrong. The most common mistake is Shaun being spelt wrong…or an extra “h” being thrown onto the end of my surname…when people assume I’m Afrikaans.

Sure it happens. It’s no big deal right?

Well, when your entire career (and future career) depends on the cachet of you name…it’s darn important.

Ever since I was a kid, I was lucky enough win competitions on a regular basis, which by proxy, meant my name appeared in magazines or newspapers for the whole country to see. I loved that feeling of seeing my name “in lights”…it always just felt right.

It was a naturally stepping stone for my name being on a byline or in film and TV credits. I was a star in the making…ok…ego aside, who doesn’t get a rush from seeing their name in print? After all, that’s why we all Google ourselves these days.

That being said…every time there was a misprint of my name in the paper, it was equally there for the world to see…

A double edged sword if any.

All through school, when certificates were handed out I loved seeing my name spelt in that almost-old-English-font for achievement in this or that. I cleaned house in primary school with certificates, but as High School came around and my personal life took a tumble, the certificates stopped coming.

In fact, through my 5 years of High School, there was only one certificate I ever got…however it was a big one.

You see, I had the pretty remarkable record of never missing a single day of school. EVER. Despite everything I went through, I always went to school.

So come the end on my 12 year schooling career, I was to be acknowledged for a PERFECT attendance record. Some may be impressed, and others may think it’s the nerdiest thing ever…well newsflash, there were only two of us who got that certificate, and neither of us were anywhere close to nerds.

At the awards evening, when my name was called, it was all slow motion as I walked up on stage to receive this mark of achievement. In my head there was a standing ovation, there were people chanting my name and there was a beautiful girl awaiting to hand me my award. Of course, none of those existed in reality, but there was that piece of paper that made it all worth it.

I collected it, flashed my million dollar smile to the paparazzi and made my way back to my seat.

Then it all came crashing down as I noticed not just my first name, but also my last name were spelt wrong on the certificate.

So my 12 years of schooling is perfectly captured in that incorrectly spelt certificate.

The years that followed had their moments of frustration.

Like this one time when I was working at a computer expo for my late cousin, and the name tag they had printed out for me read

Shawn Mabuna

Every person who came to my stand asked my about my strange surname (especially for a white guy living in South Africa…). Of course I spend the whole time explaining it was a major typo instead of actually getting any business for our company.

As I entered the corporate world, things became even more tense.

From computer login names to my email address, EVERY first day was met with an incorrect spelling of something or the other.

On the first day I starting working at one call centre, they had a digital display board that not just had the stats of how many calls were answered, holding and dropped, but also a welcome message for the new staff…which would have been cool if it didn’t read: “Welcome to new staff members Sahun Myburg”….I was called Sahun for the rest of that day.

When my film, TV and print career eventually took flight, I became even more pedantic about having my name spelt right. This was easier to manage as it’s an expected concern within these fields. And thank you lordy lord, my name is correctly spelt on IMDB!

In my current job, I’ve been here for 5 years, so there’s really no excuse for spelling my name wrong in emails.

It still happens though.
I hate it, and speak up about it, which probably makes people think “geez, relax guy its just a typo”…but after working with someone with 5 years, there’s really no excuse to spelling their name wrong in an email or document…right?

I’m very protective over my name…because one day I do believe it will be a brand. It may just be a pipe dream…but it’s really my most valued asset.

Burgsworld: The Essential Collection – Part 2: The Weird, Whacky And Wise!

February 24, 2011

By the time this blog has been posted, I will have achieved an amazing personal milestone on Burgsworld of 75, 000 views! It’s something I’m very proud of. Sure, most people stumbled across this site by accident, but there are so many loyal readers I’m immensely honored to have visit here on a regular basis.

That’s why now felt like the right time do this retrospective blog.

Today’s “best of” features my best select of the weird and whacky blogs that provide not just the highest traffic to the site, but also helped people understand my humour and creativity. With mostly positive comments and feedback, these provide a true thumbs up collection.

Part 2: The Weird, Whacky And Wise!

The Burg List – 101 Things to Do Before I Expire

Everybody has a bucket list. I, naturally have a Burg List. From the awkwardly honest, to the crazy person goal, to the most outlandish of needs, this list personified what I want to do in life, and made a lot of people blush along the way. If you can help with any…you know where to find me.

The Man Crush

Responsibly for almost a third of my total hits, The Man Crush blog got a huge boost of traffic thanks to the controversies that surround the like of Adam Lambert and Kevin Smith’s airline fiasco. It was just the right blog up at the right time. One of the favourites amongst readers, even those guys who thought me just a tad gayer for writing it.

Seinfeld: The Lost Episode (Part 1)

I went through a phase of what like to call “pop-pseudo-reality”, where I took real life situations going on in my life at that time, and turn them into “fan fiction” pieces of writing around Pop culture.

Scrubs: The Lost Episode

Another beloved blog, that captured the magic of real life love troubles with the quirkiness of an episode of Scrubs.

24: The Lost Episode (based on actual events)

Never before has asking someone you like to the Christmas party been so life threatening. An akward situation turned into an episode of 24.

The Pact!

If we’re both single in 5 years….let’s reread this blog.

Dear Hawk Girl…

An open letter to a member of the Justice League of America? Or a declaration of love? Why should we have to choose.

There’s this guy who works at my BlockBusters…

There are few people I hate in this world…but the guy who works at my Blockbusters is at the very top of that list. Another fan favourite blog.

Dear New York…

An very personal letter to the REAL love of my life….

Those are my picks for my quirkiest and more out there blogs…A bit of fantasy, a lot of humour but always 100% honest. Where there any blogs you feel I left off this list?

Lemme know!

The Art of The Phone Conversation…

January 31, 2011

I’ve often stated than much like other serious responsibilities in this life, i.e. driving, or possessing a firearm, we as human beings should have to obtain a license in order to talk on the phone.

A phone operating license if you will.

Being a telephone hater for many years now has allowed me to look at the process of talking on the phone from a more objective stance, and the self awareness that comes with avoiding telephone conversations is certainly an eye opener.

I’ve already discussed at length why I hate the phone (a blog you will find here), but now I’d like to address why certain people shouldn’t be allowed within a 100 yards of a telephone…(200 yards if on speaker phone). This is why I personally try and avoid speaking on the phone.

There is certain etiquette than comes along with the responsibilities of talking on the phone, and if you’ll indulge me, I’d like to address a few.

One on one conversation – Guy to Girl

This is by far the trickiest of all conversation scenarios. The age old tradition of a guy and girl speaking on the phone is a lost art these days, and many will consider it an ancient form of Facebook poking, but there still a lot to be said about talking to a girl on the phone. If done correctly it can be one of the most satisfying and rewarding things a guy and a girl can do together. (the other of course being playing chess together). All conversations should be kept light, and somewhat flirty, however they should never cross the line into sordid. If the guy and girl are in a relationship/married/ living together, a phone call should never be used to remind one or the other to “bring milk/cat food/toilet paper home”. A text message will do in that case. If the guy and girl are NOT together…well….that presents a whole new set of rules, with only one key rule that should always be observed: DO NOT SPEAK OF A THIRD PARTY YOU HOOKED UP WITH!

One on one conversation – Guy to Guy

Firstly, guys should never phone each other. Period, but I understand we live in a crazy world, and it’s bound to happen. If you are a dude who likes to phone other dudes, well then may I suggest keeping it short and too the point. None of this “so what’s news” chit chat. Never ask another guy what’s going on in his life romantically, unless you have a hot female friend (not necessarily single) you are about to set him up with, there is no reason to address love, sex and romance. Finally, never ever throw in the phrase “I miss you” during the conversation. Even if it’s followed by “dude”.

The “It’s been so long” call

The opening line is always some variation of “do you know who this is?” I hate that. I really don’t have time to go through the name of every person I have known over the course of 30 plus years on this earth. Is it so hard to start off with “this is so and so”? If the last time we chatted was longer than 5-10 years ago, there is a good chance life has changed for at least one of us, so stop holding on to the past, and embrace that is completely possible that one of us is a) at a new job b) married c) is now gay. Of course if all three have happened…it’s going to be a long call.

Conference Calls

These are the bane of my existence. Don’t get be wrong, I enjoy chatting with my international colleagues, and love the collection of cultures, accents and opinions…but…when it comes to work conference calls, the phrase that always comes to mind is “there’s always one…” There’s always one guy that’s louder than everyone. There’s always one heaver breather on the line, there’s always one person chewing, there’s always one person making lame jokes, there’s always one know-it-al, there’s always one who forget he’s on speak phone and of course….there’s always one who does all of the above.

Remember, Telephone Converstaions affect us all!

These are just a few observations…I may return to this blog in the future…I would still like to advise you in the rules for ”Chatting on a Mobile phone”, “Chatting to your parents” and of course “chatting to work colleagues” but feel free to share your scenarios too. Because the more we all know, the safer this world will be for all telephone kind.

My New Tattoo?

November 30, 2009

Of the current tattoos I have, each and everyone of them have such deep and heavy meanings behind them, that sometimes I feel I carry such a weight with me as much as its a reminder of things in my life. However for the next tattoo I’ve decided to do something fun, upbeat and light, to truly give myself some character….excuse the bad pun.

Being a huge comic book geek (admittedly, I’ve dropped off the scene for the last few years), but the one character who still brings me great joy, is the Green Arrow.

I’ve been a life long fan, and have also preferred him over the other more mainstream heroes in the SuperVerse (I just coined that phrase).

Below is the classic Alex Ross imaging of the the Green Arrow which I’m considering getting done before the year is out….what do you think?
Anyone know of a good tattoo artist in South Africa who can do this image justice? (haha now THAT’s a good pun).

“Thank You For Being A Friend…a pal and a confidant”

August 28, 2009

Over the last couple of months I’ve had to say goodbye to two very important people in my life. One was my absolute hero, who still holds the title of the funniest man on the planet, and today was someone I consider one of my best friends.

Now my belief in the word friend and my philosophy behind friendship has been discussed at length with some of you readers out there. Therefore the magnitude of which I use the words “best friends” should not be lost on you. Especially those who didn’t know how close this friend and I really are.

I may not have the 10-15 year history with her, or the having kids and getting married stories other may have to share with you… but I do have this –

When I starting writing this, I thought: Gee, this could be awkward, must hold back some things or can’t reveal too much. Then thankfully, my twisted common sense said “just say what you mean Burg” (yes, my twisted common sense and I are on a first name basis).

I started work at Sony Music 3 years ago, and when you start at a new company the question you get most asked by your outside crew (read: guys) is “Are their any babes there?”

Never being one to shy away from brutally offensive honesty, my answer this time round was “Naa, not really, but there is this one exotic looking chick who’s quite hot”.

Her name was Ilona.

And thus began my (first) work crush at Sony Music.

Over the year that followed I went on a proverbial rollercoaster of trials and tribulations in my personal life, then, a random discussion about a girl I had fallen for sparked a friendship with the exotic beauty I had previously only really said ‘good morning’ to, or had the odd conversation with when she was around my office talking to another friend.

As my personal/love life went down in a ball of flames, my friendship with Ilona became more and more genuine – blossoming into one of trust, honesty and respect.

I became an emotional wreck (far worse than I am now), and confided in her about pain and anguish I was going through, whilst battling the worst depression of my life.

While everyone went on their self righteous “chin up”, “It’s not that bad”, “she doesn’t deserve you” crusades, Ilona was the one who always supported MY decisions, and encouraged me to never give up on what I wanted. Even at my worst, she always allowed me the space to follow what I believed was right, yet still offering words of advice that never once came across as condescending.

In October 2007, at my lowest point, I set out on my birthday for my epic 11 day Into the Wild style road trip.

Alone and broke I drove around the country.

The entire time I was gone, there was one person who constantly checked up on me, with the caring and understanding that nobody else could offer. Always letting me know that there would be one true friend for me to come back to.

I came back a changed man.

With the promise to myself I would never get that point again I began a new journey to love myself.

Once I returned, our friendship was at a new level, and along with our third musketeer we began setting time aside to actually talk with each other.

We became the Coffee Club.

Twice a day, near every day for the last 2 years, we have set time aside for each other. A friendship like I’ve never had before.

Ilona knew the worst about me; she knew the best about me.
She was the one person I trusted above all others.
For pete’s sake…she was the first person I told when I lost virginity! (To all you people who didn’t believe I was a virgin for so long…Ilona knows the details 😉 !).

Fast forward till today.

Our final cup of coffee.
No….let me correct that.

Our final cup of coffee as colleagues, but never in a million years, the last cup as…friends.

I may have held back the tears today (only just), but if I had said the words I’m about to say now….there would have been a flood!

I love you, I thank you, and I am going to miss you more than I could possibly begin to explain.

“All the best in your future endeavors” 😛

Let’s play a Love Game

August 26, 2009

I’ve written a lot of blogs about love and the matters of the heart over the years, so much so that these days, every time I address the subject matter, I feel like I’m stuck on repeat mode.

If you’ve followed my writing prior to this blog, I’m sure you’d agree.
But don’t worry, this isn’t another of my woe is me blogs. (Ed’s note: yes it is)
It’s not even about how I’m in love with the girl I’ll never get. (Ed’s note: yes it is)
In fact, this blog is probably the complete opposite of anything I’ve ever written about love. (Ed’s note: nope… it’s pretty much exactly the same)

Love is, and always will be nothing more than one big high school game.
As friend of mine says. Don’t hate the game.
We like to play though. All of us do, whether you want to admit it or not. Some are good at it, others think they are, some cheat, others change the rules.
Then…there are those of us who can’t even figure out which game piece to play with.

It’s a silly game that always changes when you think you’ve figured it out.

– The good looking players tend to score more often (see the innuendo I used there?)
– The misunderstood genius watches the girl he’s after get the guy she’s after – this happens more than once depending on the degree of genius.
– The good guy keeps missing out on his turn to play because he’s too nice to interrupt everyone else.

It’s the same old story…and the only way to change the outcome of the game, is to
a) not play it
b) wait for someone to get injured, then substitute in at the exact right moment.
c) Cut your losses and get out the game while you still can.

I’ve been playing it for a very long time now….I’ve seen players come and go. I’ve envied them, I’ve hated them, and I’ve outright loved some of them.

How do I change my outcome?
Well, I’ve decided to go for option C.

I may be love’s slave, but no longer am I its victim.

Then again…there’s always secret option D…

…..start you own damn game….
Who wants to play?

(NO! trick question this is how they get you back in….)