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A Tribute to Stephen J. Cannell

October 3, 2010

We live in a new world where the news of a celebrity death spreads almost instantaneously. So quick in fact, that it becomes a trend…until the next “I love Justin Bieber” comment is posted.

I guess I’ve come to accept this, but what really gets to me is how the impact of certain deaths is all but lost.

This week we lost someone who has been a major influence in my life.

Those who know me better know I’m always watching a classic TV series at any given time. More often than not it’s a series that was created by the great Stephen J. Cannell.

Growing up in such turmoil I found so much solace in the world of movies and TV…I found escapism and I found heroes.

Stephen J. Cannell was responsible for more good memories growing up than any friend or family member I ever had, and for that reason he was a mentor of sorts to me.

So many days went by that were like nightmares, but come 7pm on a particular evening, for one hour at least, life was perfect.

Now the obvious show to idolize at the time was The A-team. In fact, whilst I’m typing this column, I’m staring at my original A-Team figures on display…its quite surreal.

As a kid, the A-team was larger than life, long before Mike Tyson coined the phrase, BA Baracus was the baddest man on the planet. Murdock was crazy cool. Face was like your own older brother who got the girls, and Hannibal, well he was “the man” when he was on the jazz. All these characters were so perfectly written that they achieved iconic status.

Nowadays I appreciate the humour and the writing in the series more than I did as a kid. Back then, it was all about the explosions and disguises (remember Hannibal’s alligator suit? Epic.)

I had seen most of Cannell’s shows in part of the years, but as I grew older, I began to identify his style and relate to it.

He was a guy’s guy. He made strong male role models. Guys who had morals but weren’t afraid to break the rules to help out someone in need. Much like me.

The TV show that had the single greatest influence on me – until the horrendous final season- , was 21 Jump Street.

It oozed cool. It oozed class.
And it oozed Johnny Depp.

Of course we won’t go into my man crush for Depp (you all know about that already), but the show was my first “mature” show. If my memory serves me correctly, it was always on in later time slot…about 9pm. As a school kid, I had to beg endlessly to stay up late to watch it.

I watch the DVDs on a regular basis, and find that the show as way ahead of its time. It dealt with harsh subject matters, which even today some shows dare not tackle.

It’s first few seasons had some of the best writing I had ever seen.

The same can be said for the uneven spinoff Booker, which Cannell co-created. It had its moments, but after only lasting a season, it came and went.

RipTide made me a fan of robots, cool cars and choppers.

Renegade made me a fan of Harley’s, Native American Indians and sawed off shotguns.

His list of created shows were seemingly endless, and whilst I respected shows like Wiseguy, Stingray, Baretta, Tenspeed and Brown Shoe, and even Harcastle and McCormick, I can admit I never gave them the attention they deserve. Something I’ll always be thankful that DVD can help rectify.

Such is the case with classic shows like The Rockford Files, and The Greatest American Hero. Two shows I had only known about in legend, but only experienced later in life.

I didn’t see Cannell’s recent appearances on Castle, and I’m sure I will at some stage, but I do know that every time I see Cannell on screen and at the end of the credits flipping his piece of paper from the typewriter, I will fondly remember, that a big part of the reason I consider myself a writer is because of Mr. Stephen J. Cannell.


Classic Burg: UK Diary 2003 (Part 4)

September 1, 2009

11 October 2003 – Please Remain Behind The Yellow Line

Sorry for the lack of updates folks, but finally the weekend has arrived!

Today sees the end of my first official week in the UK. Now I know not much has happened this far, but hopefully things will get a little more exciting.

Got a new look these days…think of it as Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates Of The Caribbean.

Tonight we will make out way to the NEC Arena in Birmingham to watch the stars of the WWE Smackdown tour. I am psyched and have my “PASSPORT TO PAIN!” already packed.

Tomorrow of course is my birthday…25 years old…*sigh*

Made our way to TESCO for my first proper English breakfast. Love dem beans.

Oh…by the way….as part of my try new’s item was: English Mustard. It was hot…very hot. Instead of tasting a variety of tastes from my Eggs. Bacon, Sausages, Beans and toast, I was treated to a Mustard breakfast. In fact, the rest of my food for today tasted like Mustard.

Only a few hours till we need to catch the train,so will be back to update later.


(Roughly 4am as I write this folks, and I am 4 hours into my bday.)

So we manged to catch our train trip to Birmingham, the ride was bumpy and at times I honestly believed I may have been Bruce Willis at the beginning of Unbreakable, with some of the noises we heard.

Left at about 5:30pm from Rugby station and arrive at 6:10pm at the Arena.

Great atmosphere as the fans really made the most of it. Was great to see so many ppl dress up like their fave superstars. The UK fans are much better that the SA fans to be honest.The are smarter when it comes to the WWE, that however is probably due to the amount of wrestling broadcast on TV here.

A trip to the merchandise stand saw me get a tour cap, t-shirt and program as well as a Kurt Angle t-shirt. * I can hear my mom now saying how much she hates that man*

Absolutely first class seats right up front.

The show itself was awesome, a few boring matches, but seeing Kurt Angle twice in one year is one of my fave moments.

Won’t bore you with the matches, but it was great, I had an awesome time.Thanks to my cousin Mike for the perfect B-day gift.

After the event ended, we made out way to the station again, where we waiting for the last train of the nite at about 10:50pm. In the meantime I was getting high from the crowd next to me who was smoking their RDA of Hemp.

Now here’s a funny story about the yellow line. You see at a train station, there is a yellow line that you are supposed to stand behind until the train arrives. The station master who was obviously getting annoyed as it was so late and nobody was listening to her requests. “Will passengers on Platform 3, please step behind the yellow line… PLEASE”. As the time wound down she became noticeably irate to the point where she was shouting over the PA system.

40min ride home and then watched two movies on telly which brings me to where I say good-nite for another update.

The Man Crush

August 4, 2009

Let me get this on record and off my chest.

–         I love women…

–         I have never been involved in homosexual activities

–         I believe in each to their own

Now, can someone please help me define the official rules of a “Man Crush”?

Any guy who is not man enough to admit they have a man crush on a male celeb is either lying or quite simple a closet case gay dude.

I’ve been known on occasion to say stupid things for the sake of a response, but I’ve never denied my honesty in those statements.

For me, my biggest (yes there are more than one) man crush has and will always be Sir Johnny Depp.

The reasons? His essence of cool. His swagger. His view on life and career. His body of work. His glistening body (ok, the last one was a test to see if you freaked out)

For many a years Johnny Depp has been my idol, in every sense of the word. I want to be him. I want to be his friend. I want to be the guy who stands outside in the rain staring at his through his window. These are the dreams I have.

I do believe I would probably become a bumbling idiot if I ever were to meet him in person. Much like when a cute girl talks to you and the only word you can muster out is, “gooblahdee”.

If I were to make out with a dude in a movie, I’m pretty sure Johnny would be the only guy I could see myself with.

But I know I’m not the only heterosexual (that’s the one that means liking the opposite sex right?) who desires a famous male.

Kevin Smith

Heck even writer/director/”actor” Kevin Smith would wax lyrical about his man crush on Ben Affleck all day if you asked him about it.

However… there are some flaws in my man crush theory

1-     What happens when you have more than one guy crush? Because lets be honest… Ryan Reynolds is reason enough to question your lifestyle choice. Cool, funny, abs you would kill to have (even if just for the weekend), the guy is also a demi god. Is there a cut off number of guy crushes you can have before you are forced out of the closet due to space issues?

2-     What’s the rule of thumb (bad pun?) about have a man crush on a guy who is already openly gay? Adam Lambert gives me that funny feeling like when I used to climb the rope in gym class (copyright Waynes World). I had a “thing” for him during the very early stages of American Idol, before he became cool. Those I’ve chatted to know this for a fact. Now that he is about to become a SUPERSTAR, will he forget about me?…um…wait…he doesn’t know I exist right?

All this being said…would I realistically act upon a guy crush if the opportunity presented itself? Probably not… maybe…It’s not like it would make me gay right?

Sometimes I really wish I lived in ancient Greece or Egypt where there was no need to decide *sigh*

Haha….how uncomfortable are you the reader feeling right now? On a scale of 1-10

Now I know what some of you are thinking…but no, I do not need to find Jesus….

I’d love to hear opinions from you no matter how manly you are, or how limp wristed you may be.

I happen to have a plethora of very close gay friends who I’m sure would love to give their 2 cents.

Go on…indulge me.

PS. The movie Bruno was a masterclass is what i’m trying to say here

Today’s DVD arrivals

August 3, 2009

After what I consider a cr@p day at work, I’m drowning my sorrows in a packet of jelly babies, a tube of salt & vinegar Pringles and some chocolate cake someone baked just for me (awww on three).

Now, I get the chance to go through my box of DVDs I got delivered today (which is a bumper one…)

Right now I’m watching 8 hours of Macho Man Randy Savage in action, so the evening is turning into pure bliss.

Anyways, now that I’m making a bucket load of cash…pinocchio

I get to feed my DVD obsession again, with new titles, replacement titles (from the great 4 year Burgbusters blow-out sale), and of course filling in the gaps I’ve always been meaning to fill.

With that, I bring to you, my latest additions to my collection (and further proof of my Geek royalty):

Macho Man Randy Savage: The ultimate collection
– 3 discs spanning Macho Man’s WWF/WCW career that brings back some major memories of my childhood. Oooooh Yeah!

How To Be
– ok ok, I’ll admit it…my mom made me do it… Robert Pattinson’s latest quirky movie… I have no idea what it’s about, but my mom asked me not to disturb her while she’s watching it …and then closed her door. (creep out on three)

– I ordered this before MJ’s death, and have since seen it on TV a number of times…very sad to have it delivered now under the circumstances… for fans only I reckon.

Letters From a Killer
– Patrick Swayze as a falsely convicted murderer. It’s Swayze, who cares about the plot.

-Oh cr@p… My desk chair just broke and now seems to have unwillingly been converted to a deck chair…-

The Sea Wolves
– Roger Moore! Gregory Peck! David Niven! Patrick McNee! If these names mean nothing to you… we are done talking.

Around the World With Willy Fog: vol.4
– the continuing adventures of that lovable lion travelling the world…a childhood classic (my vol.3 hasnt arrived yet though mmm)

Queen of The Damned
– a replacement dvd featuring the late Aaliyah as Anne Rice’s Queen Akasha… felt like it was time to give this one another try.

– impulse buy… it was cheap, and it stars Joshua Jackson…but I think it’s yet another US attempt at recreating Jap. Horror. Low expectations for this one.

Return of The Living Dead II:
The final piece in my Return of the Living Dead trilogy, and a one of the last movies I remember watching with my dad.

WWE: No Way Out 2005
– filling in the gaps of my WWE collection.

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory: Special Edition
– Before Burton & Depp, there was the Wilder classic… I can’t wait to watch this with audio commentary from the “Wonka kids”

Soylent Green
– Charlton “the effing man” Heston and that jaw dropping line “It’s people!”

The Hound of The Baskervilles
– Peter Cushing as Sherlock Holmes….Christopher Lee as his nemesis… just like old times

Donnie Brasco
– finally added this Johnny Depp title to my collection. Just a few more to go and I’ll own em all…bwahahahahahahahahah

Notes on a Scandal
– Cate Blanchett – the best actress on God’s Green Earth. No way this can’t be good.

Hart’s War
– replacement.

Exorcist 2: The Heretic
– nowhere near the original. Obviously. But I’m a completist (is that the word pedantic English language friends?).

Not a bad haul indeed…
mmm I wonder if I should list those I got this weekend too…