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A Burg Never Forgets

April 7, 2011

I’ve always been cursed (blessed) with having a ridiculously good memory.

I retain EVERYTHING…sure its good for trivia and movie facts, but it also means I relive everything as if it was yesterday but simply thinking about it. This is particularly hard when it comes to bad memories.

I’m always so amazed when I talk to friends and say “hey remember that time…” And they often reply with “mmm. No I don’t”. Or worse yet, they think they do and proceed to give completely the wrong account of the incident.

Since I’ve been on a “making lists” train as of late, I thought I’d share with you 50 obscure memories of my childhood.

1) The first word I was able to read was “hi-fi”…it was in a newspaper.
2) The movie on TV the day my brother died was Top Gun. The night before was Moscow On The Hudson.
3) In grade two, we went to the zoo on a field trip. A group of us got hidings from Miss Du Plessis for stretching too far over the crocodile wall.
4) A bunch of friends once rode to my house on their bicycles, one of them called out “shaunie, fatty, come out and play”…my mom raced ahead of me a ripped into the kid and proceeded to tell him how fat his whole family was. I didn’t get to play with them.
5) I won our church fundraiser darts competition when I was just 12. I beat out the adults too.
6) The first book I bought with my own pocket money was the book adaptation of Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome
7) I fell off the goal posts and broke my arm in std 5. I hid it for a few days, but when I had to glue a project together in class, everyone found out.
8 ) The opening line to my headboy speech in Std 5 was “Where we are going, we will no longer be a Big fish in a small pond, we will now be small fishes in big ponds”
9) During our Cape Town tour of 1990, I bought a nudie pen. You know the one you turn upside down the clothes fall off the girl on the pen. I sold it before the tour ended.
10) On the first day of that same tour, some kid through my old buck gin hat into the toilet. It was so embarassing I didn’t wear it for the rest of the tour.
11) My first best friend was named Ryan.
12) In std 1, I took gift bags to school for my birthday. My mom made me give the girls she didn’t like the worst toys. I remember having to give someone a …thimble.
13) During school holidays I would move my mattress to the lounge and watch Ghostbusters at midnight.
14) I once had a Tarzan doll. I rolled over it one night while sleeping and broke it.
15) My late uncle bought me a comic book to cheer me up after my brother’s death – Captain Atom issue #19
16) When I was named headboy in primary school, I got kisses from all the previous year’s female heads and deputy heads. Older women score!
17) In std5 we made perspex knives. Why I have no idea.
18) The first time I had a wet dream was after I saw The Doors…lotsa nekkidness there!
19) The first valentines day card I got in grade 1 was from a girl named Natalie. The last one I got was in std 6 from a girl named Lauren.
20) In Std 1, I earning praise from my teacher Mrs Holgate because I knew that Margaret Thatcher was called The Iron Lady.
21) I had a hampster named Flash. He could read. My mom left him out in the sun and he died. It was the first time my heart broke.
22) In 1990 I begged my brother to let me take his soccer ball to school. My mom made him say yes. That afternoon it was stolen from outside the library. I got a whippin at home.
23) When I got my first A+ in high school (for accounting no less), my mom bought me Terminator 2 on VHS.
24) I bought a scrooge Mcduck stained glass ornament and a dennis the menace puzzle at a school jumble sale in 1988.
25) In Std 6 I did the most awesome project on dracula and horror icons.
26) The guy who first got me interested in my lifelong love for tennis was a guy named Stephen Budge. Possibly related to Don Budge.
27) I bought a toy from the tv show Popples, but kept it hidden because my dad thought it was too girly.
28) Every birthday I would rent either the friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm street movies.
29) One of our end of terms movies during primary school was The Secret of Nimh
30) We once had a fun fair at our primary school. I got sick on the spinning teacups because I had a whole packet of sherbet before I went on.
31) The first song I slow danced to was “sacrifice” by Elton John.
32) The first person I spoke to on the first day of High School was a guy named Ronald. Don’t think we spoke much after that.
33) There was nothing better than spaghetti bolognaise from the tuck shop in primary school.
34) After our school athletics day in 1989, we stopped at the shop and bought six pack of Jumping Jack cooldrink. Tutti Frutti flavour.
35) KTV premiered Dino Riders at 4pm on my 10th birthday.
36) When a girl named louise had her birthday party, we watched Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.
37) During leadership camp in Std 4, the song we all had to rehearse to was “We all stand together” …also known as the frog song.
38) At that same leadership camp, a boy named stephen snuck a drag off a teachers cigarette when he left it balancing on a chair.
39) My first ever “date” was to the ice rink.
40) The first time I went to Sun City was 1991. The movie on the TV was Fletch. It was stuck in a loop and I saw the first 20 minutes six times.
41) I used to have Street Hawk pyjamas, and a Bionic Six bed spread.
42) I cried like a baby when I was announced as head boy. A guy named Allan asked me a few weeks later if I cried because my dad wasn’t there or if I was happy. To this day I still don’t know the answer.
43) At a birthday party I won a dance competition. It was legit judging too, because the host’s older sister and her friends judged. Older women score #2!
44) The last cassette tape I bought was the Jurassic Park soundtrack.
45) I was the tins in the bin champion for 2 years running. Tins in the bin is exactly was it sounds like.
46) With my first ever school holiday job, I used the paycheck to by the Empire Records soundtrack.
47) The first time my name was in the paper was in the Sunday Times magazine for winning a hamper of horror balls.
48) In std 5 we once has to wear togas to a roman theme function. I flashed two girls. I know who they are, but I’m sure they don’t remember. Guess I made zero impression!
49) I got punched in the face by a bully from a visiting school in 1991. I didn’t drop…but I did take a martial arts stance immediately afterwards ….even though I never had a single lesson.
50) The last thing my dad and I ever watched together was the Royal Rumble 1989. He died a few hours after that.

Can you remember obscure things from your childhood? Or have you hidden them away?


Thank you Leslie Nielsen! (The Don’t Call Me Shirley edition)

November 29, 2010

I hate having to write these sorta blogs, because it means that the person who has been such an influence on my pop culture life has left this world , yet when I do, so many good memories come flooding back.

It was probably about a week ago that a friend and I were having a debate about the value of The Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult. Just an ordinary discussion in my life. The end result is that we both praised Mr. Leslie Nielsen, regardless of our thoughts on the movie.

For the record. I was against it.

Yet, in truth, I am one of the biggest Leslie Nielsen fans around. Yes, I subjected myself to purchasing Superhero Movie, Scary Movie 3,4 AND Dracula: Dead & Loving It simply because Leslie was in them.

That’s the kind of adoration he instilled on his fans. He could do no wrong, because after all, surely we couldn’t hate his movies.

No we couldn’t. But stop calling us Shirley.

As most people know my favourite kind of TV shows are 70s cop shows. I nurtured myself on them. Their formula was perfect. The I stumbled across a short lived TV series called Police Squad! Starring Leslie Nielsen and Alan North in the ultimate 70s cop show spoof. Its dead pan humour and wit was like nothing I had seen before.

It was an instant classic!

Soon thereafter the Naked Gun movies started, and when it dawned on me that it was a film version of the TV show, I was practically the first one at the cinema. I always went with my mom to watch them, and despite any problems that existed between us, Frank Drebin made them disappear by the time the police car credits started.

I still quote Frank Drebin and Airplane daily. His quips have become part of my vocabulary.

My love affair with Leslie continued for the rest of my life.

I watched his work in the cult classic Forbidden Planet – which is on TCM almost every night!, his cameo appearance on The Love Boat, Due South, Hotel, Fantasy Island (all of which I stumbled across on VHS and DVD) .

There seemed to be a Leslie spoof every year, from Spy Hard to Wrongfully Accused. None of them ever came close to Airplane! or The Naked Guns, but Leslie could still make a fart joke funny.

A few weeks ago, I came across a gem of a movie called Big Fat Important Movie, and it pleased my heart that Leslie was still making movies. It made me go back and watch my collection of Nielsen classics, including the much forgotten Bad Golf Made Easier and Bad Golf My Way.

Below is something I’ll treasure forever. During my autograph hunting days, Leslie was at the top of my “want” list…..

And I got him…

Thank you Leslie Nielsen for making this world brighter for 6 decades, I can only hope there are a lot of nice beavers where you are now.

This blog could (and should) be so much longer…but Leslie’s work will forever speak for itself.

Tonight, I’ll curl up with a great autobiography….even if it is all made up.

Movies Ruined My View On Life

October 31, 2010

Here’s an old blog I stumbled across…

I wonder if I still feel this way…I think i do, but not as often as I used to
I always knew I was pretty f*cked up.
Nobody goes through what I went through and leads a normal life…
Again…it’s that naivety of mine.

When I lost everyone around me, I found my solace in the movies.
The world they created. That the good guy could save the day. That the nerdy kid could get the prom queen. That tragedy paled in comparison to triumph.

I’m the guy the ladies love because I do amazing things. I’m freaking Indiana Jones.
But you know what…even Indiana didn’t keep the same girl in the next movie….plus he got old….and plus plus…he’s coming back for more.

No matter how bad my life got, I could find a movie to relate to it. No matter how obscure…there was something out there that was my story.

I still love my movies today…but instead of being lost in their fantasy world…I get angry with them…bitter for lying to me. That not how it is….The decent guy gets hacked off first in my world.

He’s the guy who does everything and then turns around and stands on the land mine.

I just can’t seem to find mine.
Why do I keep bouncing back? For another sequel?
Well even die-hard fans got sick of Police Academy after 5 sequels.

I don’t ask for much…I really don’t.
Am I that bad a person that I don’t deserve my happy ending?
Why must I be the one who suffers worse that Annette Bening when she’s up against Hillary Swank at the Oscars.

I’m Tom Hanks…the guy who nobody likes because he’s just too nice, but he makes the most enjoyable movies (I haven’t seen Castaway…so go with me on this analogy).

The worst part about my movies is I can’t push pause…I have to sit through the entire thing until it’s over. Much like the last 30 minutes of Lord of The Rings Return Of The King, I feel I will have to suffer until my final credits.

10 Reasons I Hate Going to The Movie Theatre-Slash-Cinema

October 28, 2010

Ah man
The smell of the popcorn!
The giant slush!
The forthcoming attractions!
The opening scene of a movie!

Who doesn’t love going to the cinema!


I used to. I used to go a couple of times a week, even a couple of shows a day! My old friend Danielle could back me up on that. We were the king and queen of movies. (me being King…obviously)

Then, somewhere along the line I became this cranky old man who found the whole cinema going experience one of the most frustrating things a human being can do.
Maybe it’s because I’m constantly going alone that I observe more of what’s going on around me.

These days however, I only go to the LATE show, because 9/10 times, I’m the only one there.

Let me explain, in a little piece I like to call – 10 Reasons I hate going to the Movie Theatre-slash-Cinema.

1 – Is there anything more irritating than a group of people who stand around looking at posters of upcoming movies? There’s always one person who thinks he knows more about the movie than anyone else on the planet – who then proceeds to spew out facts that he read online as if he were the one who documented the making of the movie.

2 – The casual movie fans. Now yes, I understand that not everyone can be a human IMDB like me. But why engage in a conversation about movies with fellow casual fans when neither of you know anything. Their conversations normally proceed as follows “Um, you know that guy who starred in the movie with the guy in the robot suit…darnit…what’s his name again”…”oh you mean that black guy who won the Oscar for that one movie?”…”yes, him…no wait sorry…I’m thinking of that other guy, with the dark hair. He married that one from the TV show…what’s her name…”

3 – That damn Salt & Vinegar flavoring salt. There is no way any mortal man can resist piling heaps and heaps on that stuff onto their box of popcorn. Only to almost choke to death on the very first piece of popcorn thereafter.

4 – People who laugh during bad unfunny commercials JUST because they are with a group of friends. If you don’t laugh at the on the TV at home, don’t laugh at them at the cinema.

5 – Later comers who fail to adjust their speech audio levels after they pass the “giant doors”. For example – “…AND DUDE SHE WAS LIKE 15!…” …then off course, the rest of the friends proceed to laugh.

6 – “Rebellious” teenagers who don’t really want to watch a movie, but just want to be out unsupervised. They make rude noises, throw popcorn and try embarrassing their own friends jackass style.

7 – People who constantly reply to text messages, check the time on their phone display, or even TAKE a phone call during the movie, only to say “I can’t talk I’m in a movie”. IF they wanted your phone in the movie…they’d have put it there. Those damn cell phone lights are distracting as //%&.

8 – 40 plus cinema goers (mostly parents) who have been making the same jokes for the last two decades. Example: Wife –“Gosh it’s full tonight; I hope we don’t have to sit right in front!” Lame Husband – “Ag babes, then we get to see the movie first” Lamer wife – “hahahaha”.

9 – The guy/girl who can’t hold their bladder and refused to pee before the movie. Inevitably when they return, they ask “what I miss?” I always like to throw in a ludicrous answer.

10 – The uneducated response while walking out after the movie – Example: After walking out the FIRST Lord of The Rings movie “Dude, what a k@k ending”. Example 2: After walking out Disaster Movie/ Epic Movie/ Dance Flick or any other recent spoof flick “Dude, how funny was that! Classic!”

Gosh I actually have way more than 10. but have I missed anything out? Are these irritations specific to South African cinemas or do you all experience this in some form or another? I wanna know.

Sharlto You are My Hero…

October 1, 2009

I have three passions in my life.
Music, Film & Writing (four if you count my love for the WWE).

There’s not a day that doesn’t go by without me being thankful I work in the music industry as a full time job.

I’m lucky enough to dabble in the film and TV industry when the opportunities present themselves, and truth me told, if I was brave enough I would try being an actor/writer on a full time basis.

Being South African, which is mostly embarrassing at times, it’s very difficult to make a career out of film, for many reasons, of which I won’t go into now. But its also ridiculously disheartened at times. Unless you’re prepared to make a career as a soapie actor or “that guy from that commercial”, film recognition is something that’s reserved for the elite few.

I dream of being a big star. I dream of working with my idols and heroes. I dream of winning an Oscar and making the funniest most heartfelt speech (straight after I make out with Halle Berry).
And 99%, that’s all it will ever amount to. A dream.

But there are times when something happens that motivates me so that I believe wholeheartedly in the ridiculously impossible. They are few and far between.
But today I experienced another one of them.

The first however should be noted. It was that very moment Charlize Theron won the Oscar and made her speech saying she’s bring the Oscar back to South Africa.
I doubt my feeling was one of being proudly South African, I’m not THAT contradictory. It was more of a feeling of “I can do it too!” – no not win best Actress, but rather work my way up there.

The second such moment as I said happened today.

Following on the groundbreaking success of “District 9”, its unknown South African star Sharlto Copley was elevated to that level the rest of us dream of.

He was quickly cast as “Howling Mad” Murdoch in the big screen adaption of an 80s serious I grew up on – The A-Team. (I still have my action figures on my desk to this very day).

Even as the news was rumored and then later confirmed, it’s something that didn’t quite set in.

As I browsed my daily film news sites, I came across this image that literally put me on District cloud 9 and made me believe in the impossible.
Here is a guy who was just walking down the street in SA one day…and is now starring with the likes of Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper and Jessica Biel.

I can’t even imagine how his mind is processing all of this. For me its like a dream.

Is it all about hard work and sticking to the task?
Is it all about the lucky break?
Is it about destiny?

Maybe it’s simply the right combination of all three.

It’s not about chasing the fame. It’s about chasing the dream…..and my friends… I may be the biggest dreamer of them all.

RIP Patrick Swayze…(My 50th Blog is for you)

September 15, 2009


This past Friday night I said to my mom, I need to order Roadhouse on DVD…because I have a feeling Patrick Swayze is going to pass away this weekend and I don’t want to be the guy who orders his movies after he dies.

In fact, over the last few months I had been increasing my Swayze movie collection exponentially. The man was a movie Icon to me… a symbol of my youth and the epitome of wanting to be cool…except Swayze oozed it, while the rest of us simply just tried in vain.

Back in 1987 my love for movies was taking off, at just 10 years old life was good. Then Dirty Dancing came out. Coolness supreme. In fact, Dirty Dancing stands as the ONLY movie my mom has ever seen more than once at the cinema (3 times to be exact). She dragged me along on two of those occasions. And I secretly loved this chick flick that made me want to be Swayze.

Later that year I begged my mom to buy me the very first issue of a magazine called Top40 because it had Swayze on the cover. I didn’t care what else was in it, I wanted to know more about Johnny Castle.

My mom, being my mom, bought the wrong magazine, and instead picked up another magazine with Swayze on this cover. This was to be my first ever Movie magazine. The article in this magazine talked about Swayze filming his latest movie in Namibia. It was called Steel Dawn, and as far as I knew, that was just up the road!….My parents soon corrected my poor geography and brought me back down to earth.

While all this was going on, South Africans were treated to more Swayze than you could shake a stick at in the form of one Mr. Orry Main. The confederate soldier with a swagger for the ages in the epic Civil War series “North & South”. Of course, I’d later learn that the swagger was in fact a trademark limp.

Youngblood – (yes, South Africa was a bit behind the times), with a slightly younger Swayze playing an Ice hockey player alongside heartthrob of the decade Rob Lowe. I became an Ice Hockey fan. So much so that I bought Ice Hockey magazines, games and dreamed of becoming an Ice Hockey star….just like Swayze.

Red Dawn – Iconic. With the remake that’s currently being filmed, I couldn’t help but wish The Sway would get himself a cameo to justify the remakes existence. But sadly this is not to be.

I caught up with older films as the years passed, but this was difficult living in a pre-Amazon era. It was however the new releases that were the big events.

Road House – Patrick Swayze as a bouncer, Sam Elliot as his mentor and a cameo by wrestling legend Terry Funk. OMG.

Next of Kin – (A movie I revisited just a one month ago on DVD) Swayze rocks the shiz as Truman Gates. A hillbilly detective that teams up with his family to revenge the death of two of this brothers! Featuring Liam Neeson, Bill Paxton and Ben Stiller!

Then, as 1990/1991 ripped my family in half with the deaths of my dad and brother in quick succession, my dependency on the world of movies soared. The safe haven I found losing my self in movies was at fever pitch. My 80s icons of Arnie, Stallone, Bruce Willis, Van Damme and Mel Gibson were keeping me afloat with their over the top action flicks, but Swayze was the one who was mixing it up in all genres.

Point Break – If you weren’t a Swayze fan by now, Point Break was the movie that gave you your induction into the Patrick Swayze fan club. Bohdi was the guru of rebellious cool.

Ghost – My love for Demi Moore was also at its pinnacle. So when she teamed up with Patrick on this iconic tragedy of love flick, the world’s hearts broke and we followed the endless love of Sam and Molly. And secretly all wanted to sign up for pottery classes.

As Swayze’s movies became more and more of a mixed bag, I found myself waning from his movies. City of Joy, Father Hood, To Wong Foo, Black Dog, Waking Up In Reno….they all disappointed. A Few years ago I came across his Chippendales’ skit with Chris Farley on the SNL: Best of Chris Farley DVD…and bowed before the greatness that was Swayze once again.

I currently have a movie called “One Last Dance” on its way to me, which is going to be wrought with irony when in arrives…

Over the years Swayze made the occasional AWESOME performance, such as Donnie Darko, but Swayze never quit hit the mark again.
Then in 2004 he made a cameo in old friend Whoopi Goldberg’s series “Whoopi”, and I was in shock. He looked frail, haggard and the shell of a man who once vowed never to let Baby be put in a corner.

The years passed and Swayze all but dropped off the radar. Then when his recent cancel battles, the world’s heart broke once again.

When I told my mom the news at 3am this morning. She burst into tears and cried as if we had lost a member of our family.
Perhaps we had.

Swayze could kick your ass, steal your woman, then dance the night away with her.
He was a man’s man.
He was an Icon.
He was The Sway
RIP Patrick Swayze

I’m so in love with…

August 24, 2009

I’m writing this as I watch Liverpool try and make a come back from 0-2 down at Anfield, so please excuses any outburst of anger and hate it what should otherwise be considered an upbeat blog.

Last Friday was our second of a two day “seminar” designed to bring work colleagues closer together. Despite the initial grunts and groans that usually follow events like that, the 2 days were pleasant and good natured.

The first day was a pretty standard “moving forward together” type effort, but the events of day 2 were kept a mystery which of course led to understandable fears of having to participate in a three legged egg whilst wearing a sack and blindfold.
Thankfully, this was not the case.
Upon arriving at the venue, we were all split up in two teams, I was decidedly happy seeing the names of some of my favourite people aligned with mine.
Off to a good start.
All was then revealed, thanks to an over eager presenter, that would make any children’s show host cringe with embarrassment, and all of us in the room tense up with irritation.

We were fortunate enough to be given the task of making movies.
Each team would be given a camera and the brief of making a 90sec movie depicting what music meant to us (because were are a record company…duh).

I immediately lit up. This was all my passions rolled up into one!

*YES!!!! TORRES YOU BEAUTY!!! 1-2!!!!!*

What followed was the creative process which I thrive off of.
The brainstorming of a script, roles being assigned, crew duties, and the eternal question of “how do we film this sum’beech”
Pure bliss!

As the time ticked away, the ideas flowed, our team gelled off each other brilliantly, and it was nothing short of a pleasure to be in their company.


By the end of the time allocated, we had put together something really special, and were damn proud of it.

As we watched our movie being put together in the editing process, I realized two things.

1. This was my passion… making movies, no matter how short or how small, was something that was like a drug to me. When I’m doing it, I am the happiest person alive; and when I’m not involved in it at all…I’m just in a permanent state of withdrawal. I crave making movies. I’ve been involved in 7 movies now, from small ones like this, the full length features that have been at the cinema.
2. I actually don’t think I can reveal the second thing here, it would probably ultimately be a bit selfish to do so. But it has to do with what inspires me and makes me want to be successful. All I can really say is while making that 90sec movie I fell head over heels in love. I remembered what it was like to have – Passion. Desire. Belief.

Anyways, the movies were screened for everyone to watch, and ours was a thing of beauty. (have I mentioned that already?)

The other team’s effort was a poor one. I blame new girl for that…

An awards ceremony followed, which in the end turned out to be one of those “we are all winners” affairs, and to avoid seething irritation, I’ll just say I’m happy with the awards we got (hey Simon, I got another Best Script!)

I now know what brings me happiness. I know who brings me happiness.
And it’s about time I surround myself with such things.

But don’t you worry… I still have enough anger and hate in me to keep the blogs you love to read going…


My Top 60 Soundtracks (Part 5)

August 24, 2009

20. Wayne’s World 2
– I own the first movie soundtrack on Cassette, and really need to upgrade it to CD… so by default WW2 gets this slot.
Fave tracks: “Dude Looks Like a Lady” – Aerosmith,”Out There” – Dinosaur Jr., “Idiot Summer” – Gin Blossoms & “Frankenstein” – Edgar Winter

19. Twilight
– Sure the movie is divided into those who a) love it, b) hate it. But anyone who knows anything about music cannot doubt the strength of the soundtrack.
Fave Tracks: “Supermassive Black Hole” – Muse, “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” -Iron & Wine, “Eyes on Fire” – Blue Foundation & “Tremble for My Beloved”- Collective Soul.

18. From Dusk Till Dawn
– The movie may be an over the top Mexican-liquor fuelled Vampire flick, and i don’t mean that in a bad way, but the soundtrack is equally down and dirty,i mean that in a good way.
Fave Tracks: “Dark Night” – The Blasters, “After Dark” – Tito & Tarantula, “Dengue Woman Blues” -Jimmie Vaughan.

17. Desperado
– Along with QT, Robert Rodriguez can do no wrong when it comes to movies & Music in my eyes. Desperado was cool, dirty and sexy as hell, as was the soundtrack.
Fave Tracks: “Strange Face of Love” & “Back To The House That Love Build” – Tito & Tarantula, & “Six Blade Knife” – Dire Straits

16. Juno
– One of the quirkiest, best written movies to have graced our screens in the last 10 years. The soundtrack offered nothing less that something of equal offering.
Fave Tracks: “All I Want Is You” – Barry Louis Polisar, “A Well Respected Man” – The Kinks, “Anyone Else But You” – The Moldy Peaches & all of Kimya Dawson’s songs.

15. Grind
– The ultimate buddy movie. Unfortunately I don’t really have any, so I live vicariously through the soundtrack.
Fave Tracks: “Fly From The Inside” – Shinedown, “These Walls” – Trapt,”I’m Just a Kid” – Simple Plan & “BOOM” – P.O.D.

14. Reservoir Dogs
– Quentin Tarantino’s first offering of Violence, brilliant storytelling and pace perfect music was served up in the form of Reservoir Dogs.
Fave Tracks: “Hooked on a Feeling” – Blue Swede, “Fool For Love”- Sandy Rogers, “Little Green Bag” – George Baker and of course “Stuck In The Middle With You” – Stealers Wheel.

13. Jackie Brown
jackie brown ost
– Considered one of Tarantino’s weakest films, (only because Reservoir Dogs & Pulp Fiction preceded it), Jackie Brown delivered a typically brilliant soundtrack.
Fave Tracks: “Tenessee Stud” – Johnny Cash,”Didn’t I Blow Your Mind This Time” – The Delphonics,”Across 110th Street” – Bobby Womack, “Street Life” – Randy Crawford

12. City of Angels
– I’m a sap for this movie. I’m man enough to admit the tears doth flow everytime… I mean come on…he gives up his wings for love and she dies!
Fave Tracks: “Feelin Love” – Paula Cole, “If God Will Send His Angels” – U2, “Iris” – Goo Goo Dolls & “Red House” – Jimi Hendrix

11. Garden State
– I don’t rave about this movie as much as most people do. I don’t connect as well to the visuals I think. But the OST is something specially. An award winning selection by Zach Braff here.
Fave tracks: “In The Waiting Line” – Zero 7, “Let Go” – Frou Frou, “New Slang”- The Shins, “Such Great Heights” – Iron & Wine, “One of These Things First” – Nick Drake, “The Only Living Boy In New York” – Simon & Garfunkel.

That’s it folks, Just 10 left….can you guess what they are???

My Top 60 Soundtracks

August 14, 2009

Since my early days of buying music (cassettes & LPs), one of favourite treats, was always finding a soundtrack of movies I loved.

Of course, nowadays, soundtracks are a dime a dozen, and everyone tries to cash in on it as part of the merchandising.

And I, like any good consumer sheep, oblige by buying every soundtrack I come across…shamelessly, even before seeing the movie or knowing what’s on the album.

Which means… I own a helluva lotta cr@p.
That being said… I own a truckload of cool stuff too. Which brings me to the reason for this blog.

I’ve always had a general idea of my 50 favourite movie soundtracks…but I’ve never actually taken to time to put that list to paper (MS word counts right?).

So now, I proudly bring to you my countdown of my Top 50 soundtracks. (The only rule to my list is I have to actually own the album, so if there may be the occasional title not on this list).

But why have a Top 50….when we can do a Top 60! (yes, there were 10 others I just had to include).

60. Airheads
My mom bought me this album straight after we saw the movie because I loved the it so much…I didn’t realize it would give me a taste for the heavier stuff.
Fave Tracks: “Born To Raise Hell”- Ice T, Whitfield Crane & Lemmy, and “Feed The Gods” – White Zombie

59. Coyote Ugly
This would be higher up on my list if it didn’t become so commercial. A fun movie, with a fun soundtrack. Simple equation really.
Fave Track: “Unbelievable” EMF (laugh and I’ll smack you….or at least hire someone to)

58. Disturbing Behavior

Picked this up when I was in New York, oh so many years ago…during the rebirth of Teen horror movies. Great tracklist!
Fave Tracks: “Monsterside” – Addict, “Got You Where I Want You” – The Flys, “Every Little Thing Counts” – Janus Stark

57. Daredevil
Another album that should have been higher – if certain songs didn’t fall victim to the dreaded overexposure curse. Huge modern rock selection.
Fave Tracks: “The Man Without Fear” – Drowning Pool with Rob Zombie….and yes…the Evanescence tracks.

56. The Faculty
The first of many entries from Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino. A moody effective rock album that suits the movie to a T.
Fave Tracks: “Resuscitation” – Sheryl Crow, “Maybe Someday” – Flick, “Medication” – Garbage

55. Blue Crush
There is just a coolness about this movie and the music. Almost every track takes me away an puts me in chilled little spot away from the world.
Fave Tracks: Nikka Costa – “Everybody Got Their something” & the song that introduced me to Zero 7 – “Destiny”

54. Batman Forever
Forget about the up and down spiral of the Batman movies of the 90s, they sure did produce some awesome soundtracks.
Fave Tracks: “Kiss From a Rose” – Seal (admit it you liked it too), “One Time Too Many” – PJ Harvey & “Hold me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” – U2.

53. Angus
Man this is a movie that needs to be on DVD. Angus gave fat kids everyone hope of scoring the girl.
Fave Tracks: “JAR” – Green Day, “Jack Names The Planets” – Ash, “Am I Wrong” – Love Split Love

52. Blaze of Glory (Young Guns II) Bon Jovi
Sure, its basically a Bon Jovi album, but come on….how perfect does the music work in the movie? I could listen to this all day because it reminds of scenes in the movie.
Fave Tracks: Blaze of Glory, Billy Get Your Gun.

51. Jerry Maguire
Jerry Maguire - Soundtrack
I like most of these songs individually, but for some reason the running order on this album annoys me, and that’s the only reason its not higher up.
Fave Tracks: “Secret Garden” – Bruce Springsteen, “World on a String” – Neil Young

That my first 10!
Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon….

Today’s DVD Arrivals

August 13, 2009

hey dvd fans

Here’s today’s arrivals…maybe you find something you also want to add to your collection….

Commando: Definitive Edition
What a mission to find a special edition of this…in fact…the only place i could find it was an Australian vendor. But i LOVE these definitive editions, and since the only version South Africa has is the cr@ppy VHS transfer that is essentially the cut version of the movie…this was well worth it. Great Arnie action, and a very young Alyssa Milano. Classic.

Last Action Hero
You know…this is such an underated movie. Although, to be honest, I was disappointed with it like most people when I saw it at the cinema, but have since learned to love it. A ton of inside jokes. Give it another chance. Arnie for life.

I could spend all day watching Stallone movies. This is a sleeper hit in my eyes, a throwback to the disaster movies of the 70s…but the guy who steals the show is Viggo Mortensen.

WWE No Way Out 2006 & SummerSlam 2007
nwo07summerslam 2007
Passion. Obsession.

Ali G, Innit
Replacement DVD, featuring the early genius of Sacha Baron Cohen. The man is a god.

Minority Report: Definitive Edition
Had mixed feelings about this originally, but found the Definitive Edition in a tin for dirt cheap, so thought I’d give it another bash. Plus I’m rediscovering my appreciation for Tom Cruise.

Josie and The Pussycats
Anyone who doesn’t consider this movie brilliantly clever has either a) not seen it or b) is the good looking one in the family – (dont worry, you won’t get my insult). Back door lover.

Gran Torino
Ok ok, I actually got this one on the weekend, but havent watched it yet. Clint Eastwood is the last of the movie icons in my opinion. I would follow him off a cliff he said i’d be ok. Each film he does is another edition to a legacy that is unparalleled.

and Finally….

Land Of The Lost: Complete collections Edition
All three seasons of the classic TV show (which was ultimately bastardized by Will Ferrell)….Cult members only. Yes, that is a lunch box

Ok, that’s it…I gotta go work on a proper piece of writing for my next blog now.