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My New Tattoo?

November 30, 2009

Of the current tattoos I have, each and everyone of them have such deep and heavy meanings behind them, that sometimes I feel I carry such a weight with me as much as its a reminder of things in my life. However for the next tattoo I’ve decided to do something fun, upbeat and light, to truly give myself some character….excuse the bad pun.

Being a huge comic book geek (admittedly, I’ve dropped off the scene for the last few years), but the one character who still brings me great joy, is the Green Arrow.

I’ve been a life long fan, and have also preferred him over the other more mainstream heroes in the SuperVerse (I just coined that phrase).

Below is the classic Alex Ross imaging of the the Green Arrow which I’m considering getting done before the year is out….what do you think?
Anyone know of a good tattoo artist in South Africa who can do this image justice? (haha now THAT’s a good pun).