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Return Of The Burg – A blog that will enlighten and enrage

June 21, 2011

As a people observer, it’s always fascinating to me to watch how people react to something that’s perceived as out of the norm.

Do they overreact and panic? Do they become more casual than normal? Or do they simply take time to assess what’s going on and react accordingly.

I recently decided to take time away from everything and everyone. The blog, social networks and the cyber world at large I stopped cold turkey.

I didn’t go anywhere…I got up and went to work as per normal. For everyone who saw me on a daily basis, it was business as usual.

However, on the social network’s there was panic!
People were concerned I had done something stupid! I had decide to cash it all in!

There was a flood of emails, wall comments and BBM messages.

In truth nobody picked up a phone to see if I was “ok”, wait I lie…someone did, but they had an old number from before I got hijacked, so they are excused.

There were those that didn’t notice, and those that didn’t care.
It’s ok, people have their own lives. I understand that.

My choice to step away from all things online was a very deliberate choice. Maybe it was a lethal cocktail of burnout, pressure and just being totally sick of the fakeness of it all.

People annoyed me. They still do.
But I’ve all but turned into a hermit, so it’s not unexpected.

I’ve never hidden away from the openness of my life; I’ve always shared everything with you guys. Good, bad and controversial.

However for once, I needed to totally close myself off from opinions and advice.
I needed to take in and deal with the stress of the world, the tragedies I was dealing with and the frustrations that have me hanging on the edge.

There was a lot I could share with everyone to help them understand what was going on. But most of it was not my story to tell…not yet anyways. (when its turned into a thrilling tv land miniseries, then everyone will know)

My work has become my sole focus.
It’s my home away from home.
It’s my substitute of inspiration.
It’s my ticket out of here.

I’m now at a point I’m comfortable in my position and direction at work, that I feel the wheels are in motion for my future.

With that I feel ready to focus on other aspects of my life.

My New York trip will happen. Solo it seems. Unfortunately my “deserving partner” did a disappearing trick of her own and only decided to sms me several months later to see how I am. It always hurts when it feels like i’m chasing after someone to be my friend or to be liked. Taste of my own meds one might say.

I’ve seen the worst of life these last few months, I’ve taken a beating emotionally. I’ve made life harder on myself and I’ve fought the good fight.

However, I do feel ready to step back into life and try something different, because Lord knows the last few years haven’t worked.

My blogs will return to the focus of observing people and the world in complete honesty. I will offer my thoughts on topics most people shy away from, but i’ll always keep it honest, even at the good chance of being completely disliked.

I guess I’m more open to change now. More open to experiencing life. But ultimately more understanding that people will let you down, they will over promise, they will say things just because they think it’s the right thing to say, but in the end they do all these things because they are human, who am I to judge them because of that?

….well I am The Burg…and I’m back!


A Tribute to Friendship: For Schwepps

October 22, 2010

You know, there are not many people I’d use the word “friend” for without thinking twice, but there are those rare few people I would immediately associate the word with.

This is blog is a tribute to a good friend of mine. No…he’s not a good friend.

….he’s a true friend.

During the heyday of the Myspace craze…we had new friends on a daily basis. Of course, there was normally a reason for this…either someone was trying to sell you on their new band, or trying to get you into the sack. (I failed at both)…but every 1 in a 100 friends turned out to be something more genuine. A friend who had similar interests, who you could have an honest conversation with and who you felt could actually be the real deal.

Brett Schewitz is such a guy – the real deal. (Schwepps to his friends of course)

We stayed in touch on a regular basis thanks to the ease of Myspace, we were both obsessed with movies and music. It’s what made us tick…

Then on one of my many birthday parties (*snicker*), I invited this guy who I had never met…and he actually turned up. That, for me, was a testament to who Schwepps is.

Brett is the guy who comes to the party.

Over the years that followed, Schwepps saw me at my worst…he witnessed me fall into the dark place first hand. He supported me in my crazy decisions, he was honest with me when he needed to be, but most importantly he was exactly what I needed at that time in my life – a friend.

While I lost friends by the truckload during what I went through, Schwepps stuck around.

We were so close that we spoke on a near daily basis; we hardly ever saw each other, except for the odd movie, or music industry function. But that somehow felt right. We didn’t need to hang to define our friendship.

Schwepps has shared his life stories with me, as much as I have shared mine with you lot. The guy has been through hell, especially in SA…yet he was an amazing ambassador. He is SA music to a lot of people.

After my hijacking in July, Brett told me he had made the decision to leave SA. My immediate thoughts were “nobody deserves a better life than this guy”…and I watched with both envy and admiration as he worked his butt off to make this happen, while still giving absolutely everything to his passion of music.

Now, as Brett prepares to embark on the most amazing journey that will truly define who he is as a person, I wish him nothing but luck and success

There’s a good chance I may not see him before he leaves this country (you lucky sod!), but I know that no matter what distance is between us, we will remain friends for life, and in 30 years, look back to our humble beginnings, our tragic stories, and our amazing triumphs and simply recognize them with a witty retort. (And let’s be honest, to truly know and like Schweppy….you really gotta understand those sarcastic retorts ;))

I don’t have many pictures that have both me AND a friend in it…but i do have this….
The Burg and Schwepps: Day 1

The Golden Ticket Hunt is on!

October 14, 2010

Right, so this is the moment you have all been waiting for…

The Burgy Wonka’s Golden ticket hunt is officially on.

Below, is a cryptic list of the first 15 people to qualify for a trip to New York!

I have assessed many of you on different levels and will continue to do so over the next few months.

This list is not final, and you can easily fall off the list…and you can just as easily be added!

This is 100% serious, and as is as much fun for me as im sure it will be for you.

When the time is right, one of you will be asked if you would like to accompany me to NYC, flight and accomodation paid for! You will be given the choice to embark on the adventure of a life time.

Crack the very simple code and see if you’re in the running… no particular order are…

– 20,7
– 19,7
– 12,13
– 18,2
– 18,18
– 10,1
– 1,14
– 11,12
– 3,5
– 19,2
– 6,2
– 23,8
– 20,14
– 22,8
– 9,22

Have you made the list…?

Classic Burg: The UK Diary 2003 (Part 7)

September 2, 2009

16 October 2003 – London’s Calling and The Walk!

An amazingly refreshing sleep, a hearty breakfast and a good shower saw me set off for London central at about 9:30am.

I took my walk up to Seven Oaks station and purchased my Travel Card for the day, which i would spend site seeing and in the late afternoon make my way to Wimbledon to spend a few days with a good friend Matthew.

Got on the train and made my way to Charring Cross. As I emerged from the underground I was in absolute awe of the sites I witnessed as London came to life in that split second. Like the proverbial “Kid In A Candy Store” I raced from one end to another, one after another the sites came and went.

Trafalgar Square,Nelson’s Column (whats black and slides down Nelson’s Column? – Winnie Mandela….aah…love that Office joke),Downing Street, Westminster Abbey, The Cabinet War Rooms, The Queens Guard (where I caught the changing of the guard”, London’s Eye, Piccadilly Circus, Carnaby Street and of course Hamleys Toy Store.
Now I must be honest, I was disappointed by Hamleys, everyone said I would love it, and yet I was not impressed. Sure it was 6 floors, but bare in mind, it was basically a floor for each age group. There was nothing of interest there, so all I came away with was lunch, 2 sausage rolls to be exact (oh and a Pink Panther PEZ dispenser)

Some shopping at curio shops and a few more sights and sounds followed. I did a time check as i wanted to be in Wimbledon at 5pm. It was only just on 1pm. Plenty of time.

As I put my cellphone in my pocket I realized I had squashed my travel card rather badly, so badly in fact that every time I had to catch a train I needed to get someone to let me into the station as the card was now invalid. Most people where rather helpful but I got tired of asking all the time.

Made my way to Leicester Square. Considered catching a theater show but was way too early for that, so decided on a movie instead. Cabin Fever was the movie of my choosing at the Odeon cinema. An amazing movie experience. A world class cinema, perfect seating, which gave me a chance to rest up and put all my bags down. The movie itself was fantastic. With an amazingly talented young cast, it broke the mould for me in terms of teen horror/slasher flicks. I recommend it when it opens in SA.

Came out the movie just after 3pm and decided to head off to Wimbledon for the rest of the day.

Made it to Earl’s Court which would give me access to the connecting train to Wimbledon. I decided to phone Matthew to confirm which train i needed to take. Dialed his number and… Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

The number was 2 digits too short!!!!

Despite this…I remained calm…confident I could make it there all the same and just find his address without any major hassles. I have a natural born instinct for finding places.

5 incorrect attempts and 2 and 1/2 hours later I eventually reached Wimbledon station at about 5pm. My body was broken…my mind was spent.

As I walked out the station darkness began to set in as well. I need to either take my chances and go left or right. I chose left.

About 20min down the way I asked a man and the bus stop where to find Richmond avenue. I should have gone right according to him, to his credit he gave me the best possible advice he could and I turned around and made my way back.

6pm came I was still lost.

7pm came…I was still lost

8pm came I was still lost.

I decided ok…need help. So I sms’d Rory back home and my cousin to log onto MSN and try and contact Matthew via MSN to get him to find me. My cousin was at dog school…erm…with his dog of course, so he took a while to reply

9pm came…I was still lost. Rory,in an attempt to save my life, managed to sign in but no luck, no Matt online

*This message was sponsored by Saint Dragon, visit us online at *

My cousin phoned me at about 9:30pm and sent me directions to Richmond avenue via sms. The 6 part sms guided me through until 10pm.

Bumped into a South African who tried to guide me as far as he could.

Then I spoke to a tram line security guard on a dark dodgy road, who also tried to help me, but was more interested in discussing the upcoming Rugby on the weekend once he realized I was South African.

At about 10:10pm…I found Richmond avenue! After over 12 hours of walking, 5 of which had taken place in Wimbledon, I literally ran to number 7 and frantically rang the doorbell. Lights came on, footsteps were heard, then… they opened!!!

A semi-irate old lady informed me there was no Matthew there.
Ever seen those Daffy Duck cartoons where his jaw literally drops and hits the floor? That was me.

After I said I was from South Africa…she said oh… you want the South Africans…They down at number 18.

My mind was baffled a little bit…then I realized number 7 was the number of the house I was staying at with my cousin, I had indeed written down number 18 on my notepad. I sheepishly apologized…and ran down to number 18.

Matthew’s roommate welcomed me and went to wake Matthew who had assumed I wasn’t coming and went to bed.

He woke up and welcomed me, we then went out and got some food and caught up 3 years in a couple of hours until I passed out on the floor from pure exhaustion…

New Slambang trailer

July 29, 2009

hey gang

here is the latest trailer for SlamBang…due out….one day

Interview with our director

July 22, 2009

hey SlamBang fans

here’s a cool interview with Mark the director of SlamBang that took place at the festival the movie premiered at, towards the end you’ll get what you’ve been craving for…. some footage of me.

You’re welcome.