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Meeting Bret “The Hitman” Hart – Part 2: Fate Steps In!

July 12, 2011

During Bret’s 13 years exodus from the WWE, there were many teases about his return in some capacity, but it never happened.

On Pay-Per-View nights, my friend Gordy and I had many conversations about THIS being the perfect angle for The Hitman to return…but he never did…time and time again we were left disappointed.

Then news started to filter about Hart dealing with the WWE again. Over the years DVDs and merchandise were released with Bret’s involvement…but still no on screen appearance.

In 2006, Bret got the much deserved call into the Hall of Fame…it was an epic night for the fans to see Bret get inducted, but Bret left straight afterwards and never made the traditional on stage performance at the following night’s WrestleMania.

Bret again disappeared.

Then…out of nowhere, an angle started up on RAW in December 2009…

WWE were running with a series of “Guest hosts” for RAW…from celebrities to former WWE stars. Vince McMahon teased that Bret Hart would be the one guy who would never guest host.

In a promo with Vince McMahon, Shawn Michaels spoke the prophetic words of – “If you bring Bret Hart back, – good things will happen.”

Then January 4th 2010, Bret The Hitman Hart returned to the WWE. When his signature music hit…and the Hitman walked out after 13 years…I was in tears.

Bret buried the hatchet with longtime enemy Shawn Michaels…I was in tears.

Bret got involved in several storylines leading up to a matchup at Wrestlemania XXVI where Bret was given retribution against Vince McMahon. A good feeling for life long fans. With Hart family members at ringside (and the member of those we lost)…I was in tears.

The WWE played out further storylines with Bret as GM of RAW and eventually being taken out by the Rising youngsters including South Africa’s own Justin Gabriel – NEXUS. Bret was written off tv.

Nobody knew if that was it for Bret’s triumphant return, for months it seemed like it could be.

Then Bret was brought back for Summerslam in 2010, but used minimally. There was a Hitman tribute show on RAW a few weeks later, but by the end of 2010, the Hitman stepped away with his short term contract seemingly done.

Internet reports suggested Bret was done with the WWE.

Earlier this year, I found out the WWE would be returning to South Africa for a series of shows…of course this would involve the current roster of Superstars.

It was officially announced.

Meanwhile, in May 2011, during a PPV match between Hall of Famer, and long time friend/rival Jerry The King Lawler and Michael Cole, the Hitman stunningly made another return to WWE TV, and also appeared the next night on RAW.

I heard mumblings that Bret would be joining the Smackdown tour to South Africa in July! Surely it was just another in the long list of rumours that I’d heard about Hitman in my life.

I went straight to the source and tweeted @BretHart asking if this was true…and he replied IT WAS!

After last seeing the Hitman 15 years ago, I was going to get another chance to see my idol live…Meeting Bret was always a bucket list item for me, and suddenly there was a tiny window of opportunity to achieve this.

My personal struggle with the world over the last decade has been well documented, but the one thing that always kept me going was that I was a dreamer. I believed in the impossible, in beating the odds. However being a 33 year old single guy who still has dreams, and heroes is a weird juxtaposition in this day and age.

For the last few months in particular I had lost faith in the world. I had convinced myself that nothing good exists anymore, and that dreaming only leads to disappointment.

A few months ago, I posted a question on Facebook asking which three people you would love to invite to dinner. Some people went with the usual dead celebs, rocks stars, Nelson Mandela etc. My answer was – Leona Lewis, Johnny Depp and Bret The Hitman Hart.

I was determined to do what it takes to meet The Hitman this time around. Heck, I NEEDED this!

I organized tickets through a good soul, and knew I would see the Hitman in some capacity at the show at least, but I needed that handshake with the Hitman, I needed one conversation with him.

Being in the industry I’m in any knowing the people I know, I had a lot of contacts. Many of them casually promised they’d organize me a meet and great, or back stage passes, etc etc. All those sort of things people randomly say. As the Johannesburg dates grew closer and the Superstars arrived, those promises amounted to nothing.

I knew time was running short and if this was going to happen I needed a) a bit of luck and b) to do it myself.

The promoters had not organized any signings, so that was out.
Then it dawned on me to simply check the website for “superstar appearances”…I did and slowly read

Cape Town – Justin Gabriel and Sin Cara signing at a toy store.
Cool…but damn!
Durban – The Big Show signing at a toy store.
Cool….but damn!
Johannesburg……Bret The Hitman Hart signing at a toy store.
Cool…but damn!

…..wait a second…

Out of all the superstars that could possibly appear at the Johannesburg signing it was the one person I wanted…the Gods of Fate were either smiling upon me…or teasing the hell outta me.

This if course was no guarantee I would even get close to him , I had been to many wrestler signings in the past, and they were mostly disasters.

Marc Mero & Sable – 4 hours in the baking hot sun…no photographs allowed.
Mark Henry – no photos allowed
Rikishi – just say hi and walk on.
JBL and Ivory – this was actually decent, I spoke to JBL for a bit.
Rey Mysterio and Kidman – just walk past and bump knuckles. No autographs or pictures.

I found out about the signing on Friday morning, and it was on Saturday. For the next 24 hours I felt sick to my stomach about everything that could go wrong. I tried to find someone to come with me, but nobody was interested. Story of my life right there.

On Friday night I looked at all my Hitman merchandise and wondered what should I attempt to get signed? Then as I looked at his autobiography it make perfect sense to that that. It was his story, which formed part of my story.

On Saturday I woke up later than I would of liked, and raced through to the shopping centre he was scheduled to appear at. It was a far drive, far enough to allow my mind to get the better of me. Should I turn around and not risk this turning into a bad experience? I don’t think I could handle that. Is the dream better than the reality?

I arrived, got parking, headed to the men’s room to dispose of my energy drink. And made my way to find the “spot”.

With relative ease I found the queue and it looked fairly short…good start!

Then however I noticed everyone in the queue had a “wwe ticket”. I asked what these were for and got told you have to have one to meet The Hitman. However to get a ticket you had to spend R200 at the store sponsoring the signing!

This was not advertised anywhere, and I happen to be someone who NEVER carries money.

I was heartbroken (excuse the pun), and immediately felt defeated. Then…in my George McFly moment, I raised my head up and with great confidence I went to the store and explained some of my story to them. The manager either feeling sympathy or fearing my beard organized me two tickets to go stand in the queue.

As I stood in line I began to wonder what exact I would say to Bret if I did in fact get to speak to him.

Do I tell him about that Battle Royal with Bad News Brown that made me a fan?
Do I quote his line I use almost daily? “Settle Down Anvil, settle down”
Do I tell him how he helped me through tragedy?
Do I ask him how he’s enjoying SA?
Do I just say “sup hitman”?

I thought I’d distract myself by taking some photos….

Which would have been a good idea if my digital camera hadn’t suddenly and inexplicably stopped working!

Panic set in…what was I going to go? The cameras on my phones were fine for close ups, but they would never be good enough for a pic with The Hitman!

Oh great.

They then allowed to queue to move forward right up to the desk where Hitman would be signing. As I looked at the queue I saw a few die-hard fans who were educated about the Hitman, but the crowd was mostly youngsters who were probably born 15 years ago. I knew I was the biggest fan there and smiled to myself thinking this was all just for me and Bret.

I asked the couple in front of me if they could taken a pic of me and Bret if possible and send it to me. They said sure.

Then a dear friend of mine happened to be in the centre and came and joined me. Oh great, nothing like a beautiful woman to see you at your geekiest as you try and justify why you are there. But she was awesome, and even decided to join me to meet him! As we shuffled through the hundred camera phones we tried to find something that would be the best.

The lady on the PA system announced that Bret Hart had arrived, and told us a few rules. No ticket no sign – check
Only one item allowed to be signed – check
You can take photos but can’t go behind the table – awkward but check.

Then, they pumped up some random hard rock music and out came Bret “The Hitman” Hart!!!!

He was wearing the black leather jacket and the sunglasses!!!!!

He got a warm reception. And took his place at the table…

I began to shake from what can only be described as a hybrid of excited and utter fear.

The line moved quickly and before I knew it, it was our turn. I let my friend go first, and took a picture of them with her phone, I felt almost blind though, so I don’t even know how her pic came out!

I saw the couple who was in front of me walk off, so much for them taking a picure and sending it to me!

As I walked up to Bret, 25 years of memories came flashing into my brain, and as I handed over my book in my shaky voice I said to him “Hitman, after 25 years I’ve thought what I would say to you if I ever met you, *he looked up at me*, and all I can think of is….thank you.”

He half smiled and said, “Well thank you for buying my book I appreciate it”

He then asked my name and signed the book to me. I asked for a photo and he extended his hand and shook mine.

At that exact moment my friend got the digital camera working and took the perfect picture of us.

I said thank you and enjoy the rest of the tour.

I didn’t look back, and simply walked off and got onto cloud number 9.

There are so few perfect moments left in life (especially mine). But this was the single greatest day of my life, and it took a series of events to perfectly align for it to happen.

For Bret it was just another of his millions of fans he’s met over the decades, and he won’t think about it for another second.

For me it was everything I needed it to be to believe in dreams again, and remind myself that there is a destiny out there waiting for me.


Meeting Bret “The Hitman” Hart – Part 1: The back story…

July 10, 2011

It’s not easy being a Wrestling fan, even more so as an adult. But I’ve always proudly stood tall as a fan. Not just of the WWE, but wrestling overall. I’m easily the single biggest fan in South Africa, and for me its been a life long passion.

(If you still continue to argue I’m not the biggest fan click here for all the proof)

People always try and rile me into defending it, but I never get goaded into the arguments of the naysayers.

If you ask anyone who knows me well enough, they could probably share a wrestling related story with you. From the early Hogan days, right up to the current roster.

I’ve been a fan since 1986, and I’ve had many favourites over the years. I have a vast knowledge of the history of the business, and I have a memory that remembers ever moment, title change or significant piece of trivia.

Some people may share the stories about the oversized Bret “The Hitman” Hart t-shirt I used to wear as a kid. Or the pink pencil case (space case) I used to use in High School (and believe me it’s hard to justify pink when you’re a guy in High School)…but firmly stuck upon my pink pencil case were my stickers of Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

Noticing a pattern? Yup, my all time favourite superstar was Bret Hart. From the moment Bad New Brown turned on Hitman at the WrestleMania IV Battle Royal, and double crossed him only to have his trophy destroyed by Hart. I was hooked. In that moment Bret turned from “bad guy” to “good guy”/

Bret was one half of The Hart Foundation with brother-in-law Jim The Anvil Kneidhart, one of the greatest tag teams of all time. Back in those days, wrestling wasn’t on every day here in SA. And it was hard to keep track of storylines and matches. Especially since this was long before the invention of the internet. But I mad a plan. I have penpals across the globe who sent me tapes, I found magazines, I kept a scrapbook, I knew what was going on…albeit a few weeks late.

I bought merchandise with every cent I had. Everytime a wrestling video game came out, I was there to buy it on day of release, and of course, The Hitman was the first character I played with.

I had Bret Hart posters, flags, action figures everywhere! (and they still are!)

Wrestling was such a big part of my life that I always found solace in it. When my brother died, I remembered that Bret lost his brother Dean a few years before. When Bret’s brother Own tragically died, it was on the anniversary of my brother’s death. The Hart family went through so much loss and pain, similar to my family, that I felt even more connected to him as time went on. When I felt lost or angry with the world, the Hitman was there to show me how to keep going on.

When the WWE (WWF at the time), toured South Africa for the very first time in 1996, it was a very special moment for me. Leading the tour was Bret The Hitman Hart. He was the WWF champion and leader of the new generation. I did everything I could to try and find a way to meet him, but it never happened. I was however content in the fact that I got to see him in action.

The year that followed was a strange one. Bret went through an amazing feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin, that eventually led to Bret turning heel again (bad guy), and fans HATED him. The Hart foundation reformed, and they generated heat all through the US, but I still supported them.

Towards the end of 1997, Bret was involved in now infamous Montreal Screwjob, which lead to Bret leaving the WWF and headed for WCW.

Bret’s time in the WCW was miserable. And soon, thanks to more tragedy, including a career ending concussion thanks to that doofus Goldberg, Bret faded away into the history books, and stepped away from wrestling.

When I heard news of Bret’s stroke, my heart broke…but in typical Hitman style, he overcame that too. I always hoped he would come back in some way.

Bret swore he would never return to the WWE, and for over a decade the wrestling world was a lesser place without Bret in it.

My dreams of ever meeting my idol had all but faded into the distance…

Little did I know those fateful stars were only just beginning to align…

The Burg List – 101 Things to Do Before I Expire

October 4, 2010

I’m discussed at length over the last few months about how many of my nine lives I’ve used up recently, but it’s never been in a self pitying manner. If anything it simply serves to inspire me to continue this amazing adventure that you all have know to know as Burgs life.

Its in that vain I proudly bring to you

And if legend has its way, that will be on November 11th, next year!

The below list is typically me, and nobody should take offensive to anything I mention. However, that being said, as ludicrous (Luda-WHAT?) as it may sound, these are simply my honest thoughts.

The ranking is not an indication of priority, but simply to keep count.

Are you ready? LET’S GO!

1 – Live and work in New York

2 – Find the world’s greatest cup of coffee, even if I have to try them all

3 – Get involved in a random dance battle

4 – See Aerosmith in concert

5 – Take Leona Lewis out on a date, and woo her.

6 – Visit a forgotten civilization and say “Hey, I remember you!”

7 – Taste a great home made pasta…

8 – Get a six pack (even just for the weekend)

9 – Play strip poker – with other people this time.

10 – Bowl a perfect 300 game at 10pin bowling.

11 – Scuba dive

12 – Have my own custom made jacket that everyone envies

13 – Donate a large some of charity, then mysteriously tell the media that I did it.

14 – Own a ridiculously cool, yet highly impractical fish tank

15 – Take on an Indian lover (preferably female!)

16 – Run This town.

17 – Be a mall security guard for day

18 – Win a political election, and then turn it down.

19 – Meet James Franco, have scones with him, and discuss finance.

20 – Read The Catcher in The Rye

21 – Compete in Ninja Warrior

22 – Pretend to be Abe Froman, Sausage King of Chicago for one day.

23 – Ride a horse into town.

24 – Make out with an albino.

25 – Learn 4 languages, Spanish, Italian, Hindi and whatever they speak in Cape Town

26 – Share a great adventure with someone I’ve never met.

27 – Help someone achieve 1 thing on their bucket list

28 – Slap Steve Martin for remaking Pink Panther

29 – Kick Steve Martin in the nuts for making Pink Panther 2

30 – Ask one city “how the %&@ are you doing tonight?” over a microphone.

31 – Have a cameo on Family Guy

32 – Visit Canada

33 – Get my arms completely tattooed

34 – Have a wild Mexican adventure that I’m not allowed to talk about.

35 – Win an Oscar and propose to someone during my acceptance speech.

36 – Get thrown through a glass window

37 – Take part in a Jackass skit.

38 – Have my own posse that includes a giant, a bald midget and a French lady

39 – Write and publish a fiction book, and complete my autobiography.

40 – Experience a Roman Holiday

41 – Show someone the impossible

42 – Leave someone breathless (with the aid of a plastic bag)

43 – Share a scene with Johnny Depp

44 – Have a GOOD sex tape leaked on line

45 – Feel love reciprocated

46 – Under a pseudonym, become a hated columnist

47 – Tell Ashley Tisdale “I think we’re moving too fast”

48 – Tell Selena Gomez “I think we’re stuck in a rut”

49 – Drink a cocktail in Hawaii, and only there.

50 – Meet the female version of myself

51 – Attend a monkey’s wedding.

52 – Watch an American Football game in person.

53 – Visit Asia

54 – Have my own action figure

55 – Get into a fighting defending someone’s honour

56 – Star in a Bollywood dance scene.

57 – Experience a white Christmas. And then one with snow.

58 – Learn the guitar…for real this time.

59 – Paint a female nude (as in a portrait, not with body paint)

60 – Bring back VCRs

61 – Make one appearance on a WWE televised event.

62 – Organize a music festival called Burg Stock.

63 – Go on a boat cruise.

64 – Wrestle a bear

65 – Attend a parade…that doesn’t have the words “gay” or “pride” in it

66 – Have lazer eye surgery.

67 – Seduce someone with a sexy dance.

68 – Have Jessica Alba and Salma Hayek get into a fight over me

69 – Record a novelty song that makes it to #2 on the UK charts.

70 – Watch a soccer game in every country that plays it professionally.

71 – Tell someone “You sir, are a douchebag”

72 – Complete a game of Sudoku on hard.

73 – Develop and co-host “Burgs of a Feather” – a battle of the sexes type game show

74 – Be mistaken for being 18.

75 – Help someone realize their true beauty

76 – Star in a film set in the days of King Arthur

77 – Grow the world’s coolest beard….again.

78 – Open a 1920’s themed club called “Burgz” – the sign will be in neon lights.

79 – Research & Film a segment for a BBC Wildlife series

80 – Compete in one cage fight.

81 – Own my own grand piano, and force myself to learn by ear.

82 – Attend a function with twins as my plus 1.

83 – Bury a hatchet.

84 – Marry a teenage bride

85 – Have relations with an old high school crush…again.

86 – Ride a tractor on a farm, wearing no shirt.

87 – Own the world’s greatest collection of movies.

88 – Treat someone to a trip to New York so that can understand my passion.

89 – Tell a stranger how beautiful she is, and just keep walking. (she must of course be hot)

90 – Jump off a cliff (hopefully into deep water)

91 – Have a picture taken of me wearing a Park Ranger’s outfit.

92 – Launch an online scavenger hunt show called – Burg Quest

93 – Get home insurance

94 – Visit my mentor in Australia.

95 – Start a hit internet show with a panel of experts analyzing fantasy matchups between pop culture action stars.

96 – Interrupt Kanye.

97 – Reform the Bionic Six….with 5 people.

98 – Compete on Survivor

99 – Attend all 4 tennis majors in my lifetime.

100 – Discover a new fruit

101 – Have a crowd chant my name in unison.

That’s it…for now.
If you can help me achieve any of these…please…put your name forward…you will be helping this boy live his dreams. Give now…and give generously.

Sharlto You are My Hero…

October 1, 2009

I have three passions in my life.
Music, Film & Writing (four if you count my love for the WWE).

There’s not a day that doesn’t go by without me being thankful I work in the music industry as a full time job.

I’m lucky enough to dabble in the film and TV industry when the opportunities present themselves, and truth me told, if I was brave enough I would try being an actor/writer on a full time basis.

Being South African, which is mostly embarrassing at times, it’s very difficult to make a career out of film, for many reasons, of which I won’t go into now. But its also ridiculously disheartened at times. Unless you’re prepared to make a career as a soapie actor or “that guy from that commercial”, film recognition is something that’s reserved for the elite few.

I dream of being a big star. I dream of working with my idols and heroes. I dream of winning an Oscar and making the funniest most heartfelt speech (straight after I make out with Halle Berry).
And 99%, that’s all it will ever amount to. A dream.

But there are times when something happens that motivates me so that I believe wholeheartedly in the ridiculously impossible. They are few and far between.
But today I experienced another one of them.

The first however should be noted. It was that very moment Charlize Theron won the Oscar and made her speech saying she’s bring the Oscar back to South Africa.
I doubt my feeling was one of being proudly South African, I’m not THAT contradictory. It was more of a feeling of “I can do it too!” – no not win best Actress, but rather work my way up there.

The second such moment as I said happened today.

Following on the groundbreaking success of “District 9”, its unknown South African star Sharlto Copley was elevated to that level the rest of us dream of.

He was quickly cast as “Howling Mad” Murdoch in the big screen adaption of an 80s serious I grew up on – The A-Team. (I still have my action figures on my desk to this very day).

Even as the news was rumored and then later confirmed, it’s something that didn’t quite set in.

As I browsed my daily film news sites, I came across this image that literally put me on District cloud 9 and made me believe in the impossible.
Here is a guy who was just walking down the street in SA one day…and is now starring with the likes of Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper and Jessica Biel.

I can’t even imagine how his mind is processing all of this. For me its like a dream.

Is it all about hard work and sticking to the task?
Is it all about the lucky break?
Is it about destiny?

Maybe it’s simply the right combination of all three.

It’s not about chasing the fame. It’s about chasing the dream…..and my friends… I may be the biggest dreamer of them all.

Classic Burg: UK Diary 2003 (Part 4)

September 1, 2009

11 October 2003 – Please Remain Behind The Yellow Line

Sorry for the lack of updates folks, but finally the weekend has arrived!

Today sees the end of my first official week in the UK. Now I know not much has happened this far, but hopefully things will get a little more exciting.

Got a new look these days…think of it as Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates Of The Caribbean.

Tonight we will make out way to the NEC Arena in Birmingham to watch the stars of the WWE Smackdown tour. I am psyched and have my “PASSPORT TO PAIN!” already packed.

Tomorrow of course is my birthday…25 years old…*sigh*

Made our way to TESCO for my first proper English breakfast. Love dem beans.

Oh…by the way….as part of my try new’s item was: English Mustard. It was hot…very hot. Instead of tasting a variety of tastes from my Eggs. Bacon, Sausages, Beans and toast, I was treated to a Mustard breakfast. In fact, the rest of my food for today tasted like Mustard.

Only a few hours till we need to catch the train,so will be back to update later.


(Roughly 4am as I write this folks, and I am 4 hours into my bday.)

So we manged to catch our train trip to Birmingham, the ride was bumpy and at times I honestly believed I may have been Bruce Willis at the beginning of Unbreakable, with some of the noises we heard.

Left at about 5:30pm from Rugby station and arrive at 6:10pm at the Arena.

Great atmosphere as the fans really made the most of it. Was great to see so many ppl dress up like their fave superstars. The UK fans are much better that the SA fans to be honest.The are smarter when it comes to the WWE, that however is probably due to the amount of wrestling broadcast on TV here.

A trip to the merchandise stand saw me get a tour cap, t-shirt and program as well as a Kurt Angle t-shirt. * I can hear my mom now saying how much she hates that man*

Absolutely first class seats right up front.

The show itself was awesome, a few boring matches, but seeing Kurt Angle twice in one year is one of my fave moments.

Won’t bore you with the matches, but it was great, I had an awesome time.Thanks to my cousin Mike for the perfect B-day gift.

After the event ended, we made out way to the station again, where we waiting for the last train of the nite at about 10:50pm. In the meantime I was getting high from the crowd next to me who was smoking their RDA of Hemp.

Now here’s a funny story about the yellow line. You see at a train station, there is a yellow line that you are supposed to stand behind until the train arrives. The station master who was obviously getting annoyed as it was so late and nobody was listening to her requests. “Will passengers on Platform 3, please step behind the yellow line… PLEASE”. As the time wound down she became noticeably irate to the point where she was shouting over the PA system.

40min ride home and then watched two movies on telly which brings me to where I say good-nite for another update.

Today’s DVD Arrivals

August 13, 2009

hey dvd fans

Here’s today’s arrivals…maybe you find something you also want to add to your collection….

Commando: Definitive Edition
What a mission to find a special edition of this…in fact…the only place i could find it was an Australian vendor. But i LOVE these definitive editions, and since the only version South Africa has is the cr@ppy VHS transfer that is essentially the cut version of the movie…this was well worth it. Great Arnie action, and a very young Alyssa Milano. Classic.

Last Action Hero
You know…this is such an underated movie. Although, to be honest, I was disappointed with it like most people when I saw it at the cinema, but have since learned to love it. A ton of inside jokes. Give it another chance. Arnie for life.

I could spend all day watching Stallone movies. This is a sleeper hit in my eyes, a throwback to the disaster movies of the 70s…but the guy who steals the show is Viggo Mortensen.

WWE No Way Out 2006 & SummerSlam 2007
nwo07summerslam 2007
Passion. Obsession.

Ali G, Innit
Replacement DVD, featuring the early genius of Sacha Baron Cohen. The man is a god.

Minority Report: Definitive Edition
Had mixed feelings about this originally, but found the Definitive Edition in a tin for dirt cheap, so thought I’d give it another bash. Plus I’m rediscovering my appreciation for Tom Cruise.

Josie and The Pussycats
Anyone who doesn’t consider this movie brilliantly clever has either a) not seen it or b) is the good looking one in the family – (dont worry, you won’t get my insult). Back door lover.

Gran Torino
Ok ok, I actually got this one on the weekend, but havent watched it yet. Clint Eastwood is the last of the movie icons in my opinion. I would follow him off a cliff he said i’d be ok. Each film he does is another edition to a legacy that is unparalleled.

and Finally….

Land Of The Lost: Complete collections Edition
All three seasons of the classic TV show (which was ultimately bastardized by Will Ferrell)….Cult members only. Yes, that is a lunch box

Ok, that’s it…I gotta go work on a proper piece of writing for my next blog now.

Today’s DVD arrivals

August 3, 2009

After what I consider a cr@p day at work, I’m drowning my sorrows in a packet of jelly babies, a tube of salt & vinegar Pringles and some chocolate cake someone baked just for me (awww on three).

Now, I get the chance to go through my box of DVDs I got delivered today (which is a bumper one…)

Right now I’m watching 8 hours of Macho Man Randy Savage in action, so the evening is turning into pure bliss.

Anyways, now that I’m making a bucket load of cash…pinocchio

I get to feed my DVD obsession again, with new titles, replacement titles (from the great 4 year Burgbusters blow-out sale), and of course filling in the gaps I’ve always been meaning to fill.

With that, I bring to you, my latest additions to my collection (and further proof of my Geek royalty):

Macho Man Randy Savage: The ultimate collection
– 3 discs spanning Macho Man’s WWF/WCW career that brings back some major memories of my childhood. Oooooh Yeah!

How To Be
– ok ok, I’ll admit it…my mom made me do it… Robert Pattinson’s latest quirky movie… I have no idea what it’s about, but my mom asked me not to disturb her while she’s watching it …and then closed her door. (creep out on three)

– I ordered this before MJ’s death, and have since seen it on TV a number of times…very sad to have it delivered now under the circumstances… for fans only I reckon.

Letters From a Killer
– Patrick Swayze as a falsely convicted murderer. It’s Swayze, who cares about the plot.

-Oh cr@p… My desk chair just broke and now seems to have unwillingly been converted to a deck chair…-

The Sea Wolves
– Roger Moore! Gregory Peck! David Niven! Patrick McNee! If these names mean nothing to you… we are done talking.

Around the World With Willy Fog: vol.4
– the continuing adventures of that lovable lion travelling the world…a childhood classic (my vol.3 hasnt arrived yet though mmm)

Queen of The Damned
– a replacement dvd featuring the late Aaliyah as Anne Rice’s Queen Akasha… felt like it was time to give this one another try.

– impulse buy… it was cheap, and it stars Joshua Jackson…but I think it’s yet another US attempt at recreating Jap. Horror. Low expectations for this one.

Return of The Living Dead II:
The final piece in my Return of the Living Dead trilogy, and a one of the last movies I remember watching with my dad.

WWE: No Way Out 2005
– filling in the gaps of my WWE collection.

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory: Special Edition
– Before Burton & Depp, there was the Wilder classic… I can’t wait to watch this with audio commentary from the “Wonka kids”

Soylent Green
– Charlton “the effing man” Heston and that jaw dropping line “It’s people!”

The Hound of The Baskervilles
– Peter Cushing as Sherlock Holmes….Christopher Lee as his nemesis… just like old times

Donnie Brasco
– finally added this Johnny Depp title to my collection. Just a few more to go and I’ll own em all…bwahahahahahahahahah

Notes on a Scandal
– Cate Blanchett – the best actress on God’s Green Earth. No way this can’t be good.

Hart’s War
– replacement.

Exorcist 2: The Heretic
– nowhere near the original. Obviously. But I’m a completist (is that the word pedantic English language friends?).

Not a bad haul indeed…
mmm I wonder if I should list those I got this weekend too…